Thursday, February 15, 2007

Too much champagne...

Cafe du Palais, Reims Yesterday did you drink just a little too much champagne?

Chcolates with titles at the Paris Salon du Chocolat Did you happen to forget to refrain..

Pierre Marcolini, New York From eating just a little too much chocolate?

Pierre Marcolini Earl Grey chocolates, ParisAre you back to eating good, plain,
simple food?

Pierre Marcolini, ParisI don't want to complain,
But I think I'm going to abstain.
At least for just a little while...

Pierre Marcolini, Paris Valentines day drives me just a little insane.
I know I can't blame it on acid rain...

La Petite Chocolatier, Paris Well anyway not until Easter,
Which is coming round the corner like a freight train!


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Unlike the rest,
    I'm all for excess.

    And your chocolate finesse
    Is a wonder to assess.

    It's too easy to obsess
    Or get a bit distressed
    By all this chocolate largesse.

    But for me
    More is more,
    Not less.
    Annie M.

  2. Hey, is this you or Anonymouse?? I'm guessing you. And the answer to your first question is 'yes, I did.'
    And the answer to your last question, is 'yes, I am.''
    Happy Abstemious Day!

  3. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I never noticed being so into Red before, but my eye's keeps going back to the lone red heart nestling into the Pierre chocolate box. It keeps drawing me back to look again and again. Great shot.

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Happy to say we did not drink tooooo much champagne.
    I didn't know that was possible!
    Your message is clever and artistic as usual!

  5. How did you know I had too much champagne? I have the hangover from hell today but those chocolates still tempt me.

  6. Well, yes,
    I confess,
    left of my two "choxie" bars.
    First went three quarters of the fiery chipotle,
    then half the peanut butter pretzle.
    That was yesterday.
    Today: I ate the rest.
    Do the have good chocolate in Venice, I wonder?
    Still raining though.

  7. Oh dear, that's what chocolate does to you? You slim down? From "Merisi" to M.A.?
    That's frighteningly short for a Viennese gal. :-(

  8. Chocolate in Venice...
    Chocolate Gelato absolutely!

  9. Had way too much...

    Great post as always


  10. Anonymous1:21 PM

    This post reminded me of seeing a program on Chocolate recently. An American..forget who.. decided to make chocolate truffles with out the loose coating on the as not to get all over good clothing.. and put champagne in them. Talk about your chocolate finesse.

  11. Oh my heart be still!!Chocolate chocolate! chocolate!...thank you for stopping by nature-trail while I am away.hugs NG

  12. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Always the most delicious pictures! Not a huge chocolate fan but it always looks and smells sooo good!

  13. Every time I see your photos I want to go to France again! They are lovely and so typical!
    Fortunately we live only two hours away from Strasbourg, so I can be there several times in the year!
    Best regards from Germany, Monika

  14. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Do not wait for that train
    Get on the next TGV to Lyon
    and visit Bernachon
    Your trip won't be vain.

    Here is his motto:
    "chocolate is not only a sweet or a treat,
    it is a real dish"

    Carol, go, go, go!
    and have a chocolate feast
    with Maurice...

  15. I love all of your gorgeous photographs and postings!

  16. Marie-Noëlle
    I did visit Bernachon 14(!) years ago.
    But I was too chocolate-naif to comprehend the glories.
    I'll visit the French shop in the 9th that carries his things.
    Bernachon's son is married to Bocuse's daughter& I met them at the M.O.F. lunch in '94...
    Wh knew???

  17. I knew you could wrap but I wasn't aware you could RAP!

  18. Oh, your posts about the beautiful roses, chocolate remind me of Peter Mayle's book "Acquired Taste." These are the expensive little things that we can live without if we can't afford to, but how wonderful it is to see them there...This is truly la vie en rose...


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