Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Florian Bellanger of Fauchon

Fauchon's Charlotte Fruits Rouges Hmmm..well it looks like the wake for deceased, M.I.A. (just temporarily I hope) Fauchon is still going on at Paris Breakfasts...

Fauchon's Fraiser It may go on all week! I'm looking through lots of old Fauchon pictures.
Pictures always taken surreptitiously I might add...

I used to read alot of spy thrillers, so sneaking photos in French patisseries is right up my alley.

Fauchon's Gateaux Tropique - note the smaller verison one shelf down...I was a professional shopper for a short while.
I'd get sent to London for a weekend to spy on new jeans details etc.
So most of my visits to Fauchon were spying trips, except for a few macarons...
I rarely bought or tasted the divine things you see here.

Fauchon's Intense Florian Bellanger was Fauchon's top pastry chef until last September.
He headed a team of 14 pastry chefs to create a plethora of amazing works of art IMO.
I could not resist his Lime Tarte Citron on many occasions I will admit...
Cleverly he offered a smaller "petit four" version of the big gateaux for browsers like me.
I love the way he drops these shiny chocolate puddles on the opaque surface of this cake...

Bellanger's credentials are impeccable!
His training was at Ecole de Paris des Metiers de la Table.
His work experience was at La Maison du Chocolat, Fauchon Paris, Fauchon Qatar and Le Bernardin.
And he counts Pierre Herme as his mentor.
He won many, many prizes in the pastry world.
You can read more about him here.
And watch a video of Bellanger making his chocolate cake, Le Megreve!

Fauchon's Charlotte painted for Di... Where is Florian Bellanger now that Fauchon is shut ?
Cris in Kentucky asked, "What does a real French macaron taste like?"
Soon you should be able to order REAL FRENCH MACARONS from:
Bonne chance Chef Bellanger in your new venture!


  1. Ah my fabulous Charlotte. You seem to be coping very well with your sad loss. Fabulous post, great photos.

  2. THANK YOU Di :)
    Well they say a wake is a chance to rejoice and drink up (champange in this case certainment) for the person/thing you lost...

  3. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Actually it was Cris in OREGON who asked what the Macarons tasted like. And I am happy to hear I might be able to order them soon as you have me VERY curious now. ;-)
    I have been going thru some old VICTORIA magazines, Anyone remember that Magazine ?..It is a now deceased magazine, but one of my all time favorites so I keep them. I found an article on Laudree's Paris Tea salon in the Oct 2000 issue. Beautiful place nice pictures but none so grand as the ones Carol get's on the sly. I would blur every one if I were trying to be quick and sneaky...;-) I hope the NY one isnt closed down forever for you and for us.

    I Also found a small article on Carol in one of the victora issues in Calling Cards with her chef cards.. Aug 1969. page 43. What a wonderful surprise.

  4. Just catching up on your last few posts...

    Bad news that Fauchon is closing its Park Avenue location, I kept meaning to do tea there.

    Did I read correctly - Astoria? Small world.

  5. hi gail,
    i actually also lived in astoria- i moved there to work at fauchon- the 'lab' as we called it was located there. i spent a good hard year there and loved it- learned more there than any other place i worked. most of the time was spent on the entremet (cakes) station... those charlotte pictures make me miss it so! we made about 70 every week. florian was a great boss, very passionate about pastry (and politics for that matter!) your watercolors are absolutely beautiful! i love the one with the macarons!

  6. WELCOME erin
    Thank you for stopping by!
    Gee to have been a fly on the wall so to speak at the Fauchon factory.. and in Astoria too...
    I bet you have good stories to tell.

    Yes gata, this spy lurks in a safehouse in Astoria until a Parisien atelier comes her way...

  7. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Erin's comment was a delightful surprise. Fauchon's in Astoria in more ways that one.
    Your photos of Fauchon's cakes are divine, I could not have just spied! You have amazing will power!

  8. Hola from Panama! Great report...I also LOVE all your watercolors :)


  9. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Oh my gosh! Love your photos-and the painting is delicious! My mouth is watering! So many calories...

  10. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I meant to say in my comments when talking about Laudrees tea salon that I hope FAUCHONS NY not Laudrees isn't shutting down for ever. Laundrees mentioned the macarons in their article is why I mentioned them. They said it takes more then 40 tons a year to satisfy customer cravings. NOW I really have to taste them.

  11. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I've been putting my paintings up in my studio and kitchen trying to decide where they should go. they make me long for Paris in the worst way!

  12. WOW!!!! I'd like to sink my teeth into a few of those pictures!

  13. I can absolutely and totally see why you are mourning!!!!!

  14. I'cant't go to Paris by now, but al least I can savour your tasteful cakes. Thanks.

  15. Heavenly heavenly desserts! Too bad I have been off sugar for a week!! The bathing suit is showing me a lot of {{faults}}...caused by too much chocolate if you know what I mean! Love your watercolor! Would love for you to paint my ~refreshing~ Citronnade post!
    hugs NG

  16. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Those cakes are just sooooo pretty!

  17. Anonymous1:31 AM

    what a gorgeous watercolour! And those desserts look amazing, love to try the one with the strawberries!

  18. Anonymous2:54 AM

    I visited Dessert First's blog and saw that amazing piece of art.You did a fantastic job of watercolor!!I read your blog too.Those amazing pictures are making me drool!!Great blog!!Emmie


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