Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Paris Tout en Rose

Angelina Pink Cup, watercolor,
What is it about Paris and pink?

The French love to tie a pink ribbon around a cake.

Look at this tower of pink power.

 A lushious pink bouquet from AU NOM DE LA ROSE on 50, rue du Cherche Midi 75006 They scatter rose petals at the base - that's their signature.

Afternoon Tea, watercolor
At the Fauchon's Afternoon tea you get pink sand in a tiny minute-glass, so you know when your tea is ready.

 Pink champagne to go with your pink roses.Next Paris trip I'll be looking for all things rose-colored and rose-flavored. Me and Amelie.


  1. I´m not too fond of pink, but I guess I´ll have to change my opinion about pink after seeing your pivs. Wonderful!

  2. If we dropped rose petals around an arrangement it would just look as though the flowers were dying but not in Paris. I love the pink Laduree arrangement on a grey base. And I still can't figure how you do such realistic logos on the cups?????

  3. Anonymous6:13 AM

    These paintings have the kiss of pink! They look like real life not still life! Amazing!

  4. I am always in search of red and pink eye candy this time of year! Thank-you for posting your delightful photos and watercolors!

  5. Is that Laduree boxes painting spoken for? Quelle prix? Layaway?

    So Paris is colorful to say the least...had it not been for a few blogs...I may still be in the dark about it (merci)...One day though (after the kids are up and out of the house)I'm gonna be walking into one of these places and see a girl with a camera and a paint brush and I'm going to tap her shoulder and say, "Carol?" And probably make a huge fool of myself.
    Amelie, huh? A movie?

  6. Anonymous9:43 AM

    I've come from my morning fix and not been's all 'magnific'. ;-)

  7. Anonymous10:44 AM

    OOPS.. Thats I've come FOR my morning early in the morning here. ;-)

  8. Your blog is inspirational. I'm off to paint something with pink!

  9. I'm not Amélie, just an other parisian girl, but I have one or two other rose-flavour things to show you ( to let you taste) when you come!

  10. Anonymous3:09 AM

    not only do your watercolors enchant me they are strong stimuli also. Tonight when my daughter asked me what music I'd like during supper, I answered "Edith Piaf", thinking "Les amants d'un jour" but "La vie en rose" was first and your little pink sand timer popped up in my eye.
    Mille mercis pour tout ce que vous nous offrez chaque jour

  11. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Wonderful photos! Lovely watercolours. i have had Angelina's hot chocolate - ooooh, very rich ! Yum.

  12. Anonymous6:03 AM

    It seems you are sometimes in my head,one of my favourite places was Au nom de la rose vitrine.
    Merci beaucoup for making me remember those days...

  13. I sure hope that I get some of those pink roses for Valentine's day! Lovely.


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