Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Maison Christine Ferber

Christine Ferber confiture at Pierre Herme's online storeI remembered that, while browsing the macarons at Pierre Herme, I fell victim to a jar of jam. Christine Ferber jam or confiture to be precise. This is very precise, intensely fruity jam.
Christine Ferber at Laffette Gourmet Her jams are also sold at Lafayette Gourmet. But Maison Ferber makes special flavors in tandem with Pierre Herme's latest collection/obsession. Vanilla was the Fall collection's preferred flavor, so I got apricot with 2 sticks of vanilla sitting inside the jar. Pierre Herme's description: Delicieuse confiture d'abricots legerement parfumée a la vanille de bourbon. And it was VERY delicieuse jam lightly perfumed with Bourbon vanilla.

Petit dejeuner at Cafe Le SelectThat delicieuse you could eat it straight out of the jar. Christine Ferber's jams are so delicieuse they have a habit of disappearing before you know it. Ferber is a 4th generation jammaker/baker and lives in Niedermorschwihr in Alsace. If you love to cook you can try making her recipes,
Mes Confitures: The Jams and Jellies of Christine Ferber.
If your French is good you can read more in this Linternaute interview. If you live in France you can order 12 different Ferber jams online at Pierre Herme. I'll stick with eating the jam straight from the jar - it's a rather small jar anyway.
What's your favorite jam? 
Confiture at Cafe de Flore


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    As if I haven't gained enough weight looking at your chocolate paintings, now you come along with bread and jams! ;-)
    Apricot is my absolute favorite, though a good berry can also make me weak.

  2. Divine.
    I am giving up all sweets for Lent but will have to try this jam afterwards.
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  3. Apricot was always my top favorite too JAN
    Then I met up with the French specialty - 4 red fruits /
    Quatre Fruits Rouge
    This is absolute HEAVEN!

  4. Oh, how lucky you are to be able to purchase Christine Ferber's jams! I made the mistake of trying one of her jams in Paris...sigh. Maybe next trip!

  5. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Our home, we bought 3 years ago, came with a large arbor of Concord grapes. Last August we made jelly for the first time EVER. It was alot of work but Oh My the jelly was wonderful.
    We ventured out to pick wild black berries we have everywhere and I got some white peaches at a produce stand and made jelly from both. I put little toile caps on some and tied them with ribbons .. very French looking...and gave some as gifts. I can see now I need some cool labels. It may not be from Paris, and my last name may not be Ferber, but they were a delicieuse hit. ;-)
    Thank's for more ideas.

  6. Do you have ANY idea what you just did to me...I actually got up, made a cup of coffe and had some bread and fig jam.....

  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    My absolute favorite jam is apricot-I love to toast a bagel, then butter it (well), then slather it (well)with cream cheese and then top the whole thing with apricot jam. Oh, my gosh is that to die for!

  8. Anonymous1:51 PM

    OOPS. I call everything Jelly.. but the peach and blackberries we made were Jam. I love grape Jam or Jelly on scones with Clotted cream. ;-)

  9. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Well 'oops' again. It is RASPBERRY Jam I like on scones with clotted cream. My brain isn't connected today. ;-)

  10. Anonymous6:00 PM

    I only allow me to visit your blog once a week. It's just to good, to sweet, to beautiful. An where do I find some jam now? It's just midnight here in Austria, no open shops ...

  11. I think I have three favorite jams........but i could learn to like all of what you photographed!

  12. Fav jam? Raspberry, without a doubt. Always good, no matter the brand...but ESPECIALLY good when it's homemade. I remember my grandmother in Norway (or some relative in Norway) would always make fresh raspberry jam from their garden.

    Hmmmm...this is bringing back a whole lot of memories!

  13. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Raspberry or cassis jam for me!

  14. Anonymous2:47 AM

    My favorite jam is blackberry or boysenberry. Second to that, raspberry.

    Carol, I love this particular post. It is filled with so many things I love: confitures the colors of jewels in large and small faceted confiture jars, scenes of breakfast and cups recently drained of chocolat chaud.

    I will order Christine Ferber's book Mes Confitures and try her recipes with abandon and delight.

    Thank you again for a wonderful post. I started and ended my day today with Paris Breakfasts.

  15. Sour cherry preserves for me!

  16. Oh I forgot Raspberry jam...
    And my dad used to make home-made strawberry jam...
    Nothing like it...
    But I just discovered sour cherry preserves doing some Russian research...just to die for
    Jam IS full of nostalgia isn't it

  17. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Oh I do like apricot jam on fresh bread, especially the traditional one with almonds.
    My favourite is blackberry though...

    But there are more jams that I love without bread, such as fig or - "mon péché mignon" (= my besetting sin!) - rose petal !!!
    How divine... it would be a real sin to spread it on bread, I think... I eat it straight from the jar ... (most of the time dipping my finger!?!)...blissful !

    (and now I do not have to tour Provençal shops to get it, I can get it from my local supermarket - easier and... cheaper)

  18. Anonymous8:01 AM

    I have an imagined favorite jam. Valérie once told me how her grandmother used to make her apricot jam over the fire, and the smoke flavor would blend into the apricot jam, and that it was the best jam she had ever tasted. And so now I always think about that when I have jam.

    And my mother used to make some wonderful jams, especially a pear-based one that was our favorite. But she hasn't done any canning for a while.


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