Monday, February 26, 2007

Fauchon Pretty in Pink...

Fauchon macarons If you're addicted to pink boxes, you'd like to take you time (hopefully not in rehab) getting over your addiction...

Fauchon mini-pink purse boxes holding 2 chocolates I'd heard last Thursday that Fauchon New York would be closing end of March.
So I headed over On Saturday to start easing off their pink boxes gradually...

Fauchon pink meringues Instead I found a sign on the door that the closing was moved up to Sunday, February 25!

Fauchon hot pink eclairs Panic, angst, trauma quickly set in.
Cold turkey was going to be the sole option open for me...
Fauchon raspberry macarons So did a buying spree...
Pink boxes in so many sizes and shapes.
How to choose?
Fauchon's archetypal pink boxFauchon on Park Avenue has been my weekly Paris fix.
I'd often go on Sundays just to browse and sneak some photos.
Fauchon may have closed on Park Avenue until further notice.
But it's opened a very small branch in Astoria (in my appartment)...


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Jolies, jolies, et gourmandes aquarelles!...

  2. I will have to shed all my black and dress in pink head to toe...
    Missing Fauchon...

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    How sad they closed your favorite haunt. I too shall dress in pink in sympathy with you. ;-)
    Could someone explain, for those of us who have never tasted one, what a macaron tastes like? They don't look like they would taste like a heavy MACROON. The spelling being different.. ARE they something different? I have a visual with out a taste reference. ;-)

  4. Anonymous9:51 AM

    OOPS sorry .. don't know how two got thru. I have trouble getting ONE thru usually.

  5. Oh, poor Carol, you must be heartbroken, I sympathize with you. We should create some form of Betty Ford aka Paris Breakfast Clinic for our shared sweet addictions.
    May I offer you a Venetian Marron Glacé? Cappuccino to go? No need to live a life deprived of too many earthly comforts. Whilst the Devil wears Prada, we wear our losses with style also. And in PINK, if we so choose! Don't we?
    Still missing Venice, but not complaining, La Serenissima is still around, after all.

  6. Anon:
    I cannot help you with a taste desciption of Parisian Macaroons, having myself never had the pleasure of an encounter with any of them. I have some experience with the Viennese variety though: They are as light as meringues, if not lighter, they melt on the tongue like "seafoam" candy (also called divinity in some parts), leaving you with a very intense taste sensation. So far I have tasted pistaccio and hazelnut, they were divine.
    Wishing you one of those round encounters of the divine kind in the near future, from Vienna,

  7. What a loss!!!
    What a pink tradegy!!
    What now....

  8. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Hmmm.. I just checked back and no longer see two of the same comments I saw earlier of mine that I put the oops comment on for...hmmm AND I misspelt Macaroon...forgot the A.. arrgh..NOW, that I have cleared that up..
    Thank you Merisi, I looked up meringue in the dictionary..Along with describing a miringue, it said it can be a dessert shell filled with fruit or cream. ah.. reference material for the visual. ;-) Thanks,

  9. What ever will you do? I worry for you. How far away is Astoria or rather where the hell is Astoria?

  10. Di, the very small branch of Fauchon in Astoria mentioned, is where I live. One look in my kitchen closets and you'd understand perfectly.
    Astoria is exactly 8 minutes from Bloomingdales on the N train...

  11. I love the hues of your
    lovely watercolor!

  12. Anonymous3:51 PM

    May be you actually should open a small branch :-) Combined with selling your water colours.
    I will be a customer as soon as I come to New York.....

  13. Toujours aussi gorgeous !

  14. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Merci beaucoup pour ton message sur mon blog.

  15. Anonymous5:41 PM

    GOOD macarons taste like a slightly crunchy bit of heaven framing a rich and luscious chocolate ganache. Or whatever your favorite flavor is.

    However, I will have to say I prefer Ladurée's. And since I can go in there without wearing a disguise, this is a good thing.

    Still, Fauchon's are pretty darn good. Carol, you ARE torturing me. It's calculated, I just know it.

  16. Woaw, your blog looks really great...all this pictures and paint, very nice! Thank you very much for your comment on my blog, I hope that you have understood the recipe ;-)If not, just tell me, I will translate it.These verrines are cool and cost only 0.2$ each! Are you living in N.Y ? I'm going to come in July...perhaps you could give me some advices what to see or do ? ,-)

    Have a very nice day

  17. Je suis desolee. I was going to go next weekend.

  18. Anonymous9:43 AM

    My Condolences Paris Breakfast! what now? There will be others but not another Fauchon.

  19. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I know exactly how you feel! I would stop there after my french class at FIAF on Saturday's and buy a sandwich, a few macaroons, some chocolat , etc. This past Saturday I was shocked to find them closing on Sunday. I stocked up on some items, OK a very heavy shopping bag full of goodies, and actually went back Sunday for more. I hope they find a new location very soon.
    I love your watercolours and your blog. It's nice to know someone who shares the same passion for Paris.

  20. i actually thought that fauchon really did open up a branch in astoria (my hometown)! i had to read that sentence twice - i have gone to the park ave fauchon once to look for wedding cakes, and all the desserts were just too good to be true. pity that its closing, i wonder why?

  21. Gorgeous gourmet goodies and I love love love to see them all.
    Love Jeanne


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