Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blame it on Paris

Fauchon Tin of Madeleines, watercolor

Last week I just happened to return some books to a different library...

At the library, I just happened to spot a book with an irresistable title,

I'd like to blame to on Paris that I'm obsessed with painting cafe cups, French tins, macarons and chocolates..

Laura FlorandBut author, Laura Florand got there before me and came up with a better reason.

Laura just happened to find an adorable French husband when she walked into Le Relais du Vin and she writes about her Paris adventures with delight and humor.

My shelf of beautiful boxes and tins... On page 37 Laura describes her student dorm room in Paris:

"I only believed in the most essential of expenses, like chocolates from various luxury chocolate houses whose beautiful BOXES and TINS currently decorated two long shelves that circled my tiny room."

Laura is a kindred spirit!
Where Laura met Sébastion Next trip I may just happen to make a small detour from chocolatiers and patisseries.

You never know what might happen...
Laura Florand has an author websitehttp://www.lauraflorand.com/
And a bloghttp://www.lauraflorand.com/blog/
Read her book. You'll be laughing outloud!


  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Wonderful post about
    Blame it on Paris.
    I cannot wait to read it.
    You might sip instead of snack?
    Oh la la ParisBreakfasts...
    Wine and roses!
    As long as you throw in a choclate of two I'll follow you!

  2. Oh I love French tins. I keep coffee in an old French tin that looks like a shop front. More tins please! Can't wait to read that book.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Another fabulous painting today.
    The book sounds wonderful. You should get a percentage for advertising..:-)..you haven't stirred us wrong yet. As soon as I get thru with Rita Konig's book.. which I am enjoying..I will check this one out.

  4. As always a stunning post...would love to read the book

  5. Chris
    I only write about things I really love or spark my curiousity.
    That's percentage enough :)

  6. Once again, a great post. i just left Fauchon on Thursday, though of you and all the things you could paint-it is endless with your talent!

  7. Anonymous12:52 PM

    One more of the reasons why I just have to visit Paris!

  8. Thanks for the tip, when I see this book, I'll get it! And the I'm gonna blame it on you if I don't get anything done because I'm reading...

  9. Toujours aussi sublimes ces dessins. Gorgeous !

  10. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I am a lurker on your blog, so this was a real pleasure to see. Thank you for the gorgeous way you evoked the book! I'm glad you enjoyed Blame It on Paris.

  11. THANK YOU Laura for stopping by !

  12. I may not visit every day, but I still love your blog and your work. Just wanted to leave you a note of encouragement. Keep it up!

  13. Thanks for the recommendation and link.

  14. Excellent review, Carol. You are a wizard with images.

  15. Carol, your blog entry saved my morning. Nothing but a heap of regret about having had to leave Venice last night, that painting of yours sent a ripple of joy through my broken heart. How beautiful, so inspiring. Love it, love it, love it.

  16. Totally beautiful! Got here from Laura's blog, and am loving it.
    I'm reading "Almost French" right now. Had to see what the differences and similarities were between Sarah and Laura. Can't wait to finish it.
    Now though, I really want to get back to Paris and find those chocolatiers. I think I may have missed them the first time I was there...

  17. Would love to read that book. As soon as I had my own place, I found myself decorating it with tons of tins and boxes, like my mom and grandmother had sone before me. Gotta be in the DNA!!

  18. You love everything Paris
    I love everything in your blog
    Right down to your tea cup.
    So soft and Fem.
    I bought a water colour for my daughters pink room when she was a teen
    It had a tea cup, a crousant, grapes, very french , soft colours, How can I buy one of your pieces?


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