Monday, February 12, 2007

Paris Pinks*

Peony, French Candy Box, watercolor
Most Parisian floral shops are no bigger than a small closet.

Parisien real estate prices being what they are.

There's something charmingly endearing about tiny shops.
Cherries and French Pink Candy BoxCherries, French Candy Box, watercolor
Their owners can be quite proud and difficult.
But their selection is divine and worth the trouble.

There was a florist near me on rue Vavin. His flowers stayed fresh a long time.They were well loved. I know everyone gives red roses for Valentines Day.But why not give something pink?
*A pink is a small bud worn in the lapel.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Beautiful...Love the Pink. But I really love the shot of the flowers with the chair in it...Second picture to last...That would be great framed.

  2. Beeeautiful pictures. I love pink peonies (and thank goodness, they bloom around my birthday *g*). For Valentine's, an armful of pink tulips would capture my heart. ;-)

  3. Another watercolor to drive me mad
    Oh Paris you're being bad!

    I will be tres bleu
    Until I get a boite from you

    A cadeau to me from me
    Now another...we'll have to see...

  4. Awww, makes me excited for the spring!

  5. the watercolor paintings are incredible.

  6. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Oops.. noticed the disclaimer about your photos and art works. I was thinking when I said that about framing photo that you could have cards &/or prints...not just your watercolors..for framing...they are SO good.

  7. Yes, I finally broke down and added the copyright info AND the ^%$# capcha nonsense for commenters.
    Just to much spamming going on here at Paris Breakfasts
    Quelle domage :(

  8. Anonymous2:28 PM

    You have the true meaning of,
    "Pretty in Pink!" in your paintings and photos gathered here.
    The second painting looks like the leaf in caressing the chocolate heart!

  9. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Hope the ^%$# capcha stuff works.. as that spaming has been like Graffiti on a beautiful wall. ;-(

  10. Love the pinks in the first picture...the ribbon looks so satiny smooth and the flower looks so soft.

  11. Carol,
    I _really_like these - they may be my favorite ones so far and that's a hard decision! But I love pink so much! These aren't for sale?

  12. The beautiful flowers make me wish for spring.

  13. Beautiful!!!!!!
    What an inspiring post


  14. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Beautiful watercolours and good inspiring pictures to paint more!

    I do not usually THINK pink,
    But I can easily LINK pink !
    Sending you a few web "vitrines"
    that you may be likely to lick !?
    Can you find any single thing
    that you could pick
    or at least click ...
    Help yourself
    from my web shelf !

  15. It is blustery cold and snowing here. I just cae in from shovelig snow. I knew if I checked out your blog I would be greeted with either hot chocolate or something warm. You never fail me. Springtime, flowers in Paris, You miracle worker you!

  16. Anonymous8:25 PM

    OHHHHH I could live in a Paris flower shop...

  17. Sweet watercolors and chocolates!


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