Thursday, August 08, 2013

La Vie en Rose

  • I loved Rachel Khoo's 'Ingredient of the month' post and painted her cherries but made them pink.
  • Today I walked out the door and there was a hot pink/rose secretary chair. Just what I need. 
  • The rest of the day was a succession of hot pinks...
  • The Tuilleries gardens carney is going at full speed
  • Always a bit of a surprise on elegant rue de Rivoli...
  • But then Paris is kids town.
  • Terrifying twirling rides
  • In hot pink too
  • Little girls in their pink summer dresses...
  • And the guys too unless they both work at the carney...
  • I bought a black backpack today for carrying art supplies in Giverny and elsewhere. I wish I'd got hot pink....
  • The rest of the Tuilleries are peaceful
  • And bucolic. We've been very lucky with the weather - breezy and mild of late.
  • I went into Swatch in the Louvre planning to get a new band and walked out with a pink watch to match my new chair. Go figure ;))

    1. Nothing says Summer like Hot Pink. Love your Rachel's cherries.

    2. Beware of Pink! (Just kidding)

      Lovely, lovely paintings. And it was about time someone painted the town, er, cherries pink!

    3. I remember my first Swatch..wish I still had it~
      Some things you keep..and why?
      Others you don't..and WHY?:)

      So save the black one for rainy days and buy the pink for sunshine:)
      I am in the midst of preparing a pink post..little girl.. pink Anemones..
      ..being surrounded by boys now....which I love....but they seldom wear pink..I snapped up an occasion at Lucas' party to snap pinks:)
      How sweet is that Blonde girl in white w/ the pink runners?
      Almost as cute as your aquarelle(I bought more cerises today too..)..and your new artist's studio w/ chaise rose.

    4. Good to see Bear has a comfy place to rest! (I like the desk in that shot, too.)
      I'm glad that the weather is pleasant.....
      I haven't seen pink here - let's see if the trend gets to New England.

    5. Oh, I love it - a pink watch to match your pink chair. How could you resist?! (I think you should get the pink backpack, too!)

      Love those shots of the Tuileries. Brings back so many wonderful memories of wandering through Paris. And, of course, you know that I love the shot of Bear! Looks like he's meditating - perhaps planning his next watercolour painting?

    6. Anonymous7:31 PM

      we went to Ikea last weekend. There was this couple with a little girl all in pink. We were going through the adult office section and there was a pink desk and chair that she ran right up to and sat at. It was so cute. I even pointed it out to Brenda. The kid knew what matched. Would have been a great photo for you.
      Rick Tulka

    7. Just like you to sit at your screen looking absolutely fabulous!

    8. Love your pink chair and Swatch, Carol! Have a TERRIFIC WEEKEND! XX

    9. Love Rachel Khoo. You deserve a pink backpack just because.

    10. Viva pink. It is definitely a color to embrace.

      What luck to find that chair! On my homeward ride tonight on the R train, the doors opened at 23rd Street, and a tall young man wheeled a comfy, sturdy looing office chair into the car. He remained standing, for the next stops until I got off at Times Square. Of course, this being NYC, his chair was black.

      Thank you for reminding me to sample some 2013 cherries very soon.


      1. Ha! I've seen peep get on the NY subway with chairs and sit on them for the duration ;)

    11. I love this post. I love pink! and you FOUND the chair for free? Wish someone would leave something fun by my door. :) Love your desk area you have to paint at. The little peek of the open window makes it feel like Paris. Love how you captured the ride swirling around perfectly. Go exchange your black bag for the pink! Pink is a happy color. :)

      1. Bonnie idee
        I'm going to try and exchange it
        In France that's like climbing Mt. Everest
        Wish me luck

    12. Wonderful post and beautiful paintings!
      Thanks, Carol!

    13. HOt pink makes me happy -- so do cerises!

    14. Anonymous3:38 PM

      I read every detail of Paris Breakfast. Tres charmante!
      I'm visiting Paris in September and have memorized What 2 Wear. XO Sarah

    15. Anonymous3:40 PM

      I love the pink chair..fab...

    16. Love your cerises, Carol--wonderful. Sounds like a perfect pink day. I can't wait to see what yo do at Giverny!

    17. Carol,
      I love your new studio. Looks cozy.

    18. That is the PERFECT pink! Lovely!

    19. Aha pretty in pink. Daughter just bought a new pencil case saying she loved pink too. But wonders if it's more to do with the singer than the colour. Love the look of your workstation. Always have. Makes me feel tidy. You going pink?


    Love hearing from you