Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stripe Training 2

 Stripe training begins at infancy for the French.
 Stripes in the bassinet are de rigueur. What is a bassinet anyway?
 Striped onesie with the touch of the marinere.
 Moving right along to striped accessories - hat + socks.
 Matching your parents more or less head-to-toe is a continuation of essential French training.
 Petit Bateau is happy to provide matchups for both mother and daughter.
 Till one's daughter can figure it out on her own.
 With a striped onesie of another sort.
 Plus matching striped sac/bag.
 Once married the French girl is happy to match her man stripe-wise.
 They will both swim only at pools (Pontoise) heavily striped
 And walk on zebra crossings together...
 Even if their stripes are hidden, lining their shoes furtively.
 Pierre Herme and Jean-Paul Hevin fill a much needed void providing two-color macarons/Une coque bicolore for the stripe-obsessed.
The resident striped Le Select cat on the counter makes it an A OK place to grab an apero if you're into stripes in a big way or French.


  1. Ha! Striped kitty. I have one of those, too.

    I finally broke down and got past my fear of horizontal stripes and got a navy and white striped t-shirt.

    Now the craving for more stripes is unstoppable! I almost bought a navy and white striped dress with embroidered flowers along the bottom last weekend. Why I didn't, I'll never know.

    1. I would like to follow in yr striped foot steps but alas alack...

  2. My children will be eternally grateful I trained them from their day of birth, having them wear Petit Bateau day and night (one of the few 100% cotton infant garments available at the time).

  3. I love the look of big bold stripes...but fear the look on me!

  4. FINALLY! A French stripe I can wear: inside my shoes!!!! I am so American (read "overweight") that no amount of chasing rabbits will ever permit me to wear those horizontal French stripes!

  5. How astute of you to even show us inside stripes..
    I like stripes..

    Maybe I should wear them plus souvent.
    I'm so plain.
    I love the baby shoes,chaussettes at the top:)

    1. 'Insider' stripes are the best
      You know you're IN but are not flaunting it from the striped rooftops.

  6. See? That proves I have French blood, even if it is Canadian. I love stripes! My favorite shirt looked like a sailor shirt, and the colors were a fanastic purple and white. The only problem now is, stripes emphasize my need to lose 30 pounds. Oh well. My favorite shirt wore out a long time ago anyway.

    1. Lucinda5:09 PM

      WHY French women stay thin!

      To wear demanding horizontal stripes.
      But it takes training from infancy!

  7. I love the striped clothes and the bag - but the cat is my favorite!

  8. I want a striped shirt toute de suite. And I want that cat. (Is it pathetic that I have just put "Pet the cat at Le Select" on my Bucket List?)

  9. Love the striped baby navy suit.
    Hope you're getting orders for painting kidlets

  10. Tania9:04 PM

    thank you for your blog!
    I love it so much and am constantly delighted
    with your "eye" on life and Paris and the way you approach the world.
    You are wonderful!

  11. As I was reading this I looked down at myself and YEP I'm wearing a striped T shirt. Will I do? Ah yes.. love that striped cat. :))

  12. i love the striped wellies! and of course the cat. :)

  13. stripe mania in fashion since last year all over the globe I think !

  14. So Sonia Rykiel has not the monopoly (nor JP Gaultier) on stripes! :-)

  15. The first pic of those tiny striped shoes! Ah! Enough to make me wish I had a little girl to give them to.

  16. I like the stripes, but I ADORE the blues in your previous entry!! I wear my stripes only on a little collection of mugs & bowls.
    Thank you again for the lovely images.

  17. There is nothing more Parisian than a striped shirt (and apparently, striped anything!) Looks like they train them up on this fashion trend from an early age.


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