Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stripe Training 2

 Stripe training begins at infancy for the French.

 Stripes in the bassinet are de rigueur. What is a bassinet anyway?

 Striped onesie with the touch of the marinere.

 Moving right along to striped accessories - hat + socks.

 Matching your parents more or less head-to-toe is a continuation of essential French training.

 Petit Bateau is happy to provide matchups for both mother and daughter.

 Till one's daughter can figure it out on her own.

 With a striped onesie of another sort.

 Plus matching striped sac/bag.

 Once married the French girl is happy to match her man stripe-wise.

 They will both swim only at pools (Pontoise) heavily striped

 And walk on zebra crossings together...

 Even if their stripes are hidden, lining their shoes furtively.

 Pierre Herme and Jean-Paul Hevin fill a much needed void providing two-color macarons/Une coque bicolore for the stripe-obsessed.
The resident striped Le Select cat on the counter makes it an A OK place to grab an apero if you're into stripes in a big way or French.


  1. Ha! Striped kitty. I have one of those, too.

    I finally broke down and got past my fear of horizontal stripes and got a navy and white striped t-shirt.

    Now the craving for more stripes is unstoppable! I almost bought a navy and white striped dress with embroidered flowers along the bottom last weekend. Why I didn't, I'll never know.

    1. I would like to follow in yr striped foot steps but alas alack...

  2. My children will be eternally grateful I trained them from their day of birth, having them wear Petit Bateau day and night (one of the few 100% cotton infant garments available at the time).

  3. I love the look of big bold stripes...but fear the look on me!

  4. FINALLY! A French stripe I can wear: inside my shoes!!!! I am so American (read "overweight") that no amount of chasing rabbits will ever permit me to wear those horizontal French stripes!

  5. How astute of you to even show us inside stripes..
    I like stripes..

    Maybe I should wear them plus souvent.
    I'm so plain.
    I love the baby shoes,chaussettes at the top:)

    1. 'Insider' stripes are the best
      You know you're IN but are not flaunting it from the striped rooftops.

  6. See? That proves I have French blood, even if it is Canadian. I love stripes! My favorite shirt looked like a sailor shirt, and the colors were a fanastic purple and white. The only problem now is, stripes emphasize my need to lose 30 pounds. Oh well. My favorite shirt wore out a long time ago anyway.

    1. Lucinda5:09 PM

      WHY French women stay thin!

      To wear demanding horizontal stripes.
      But it takes training from infancy!

  7. I love the striped clothes and the bag - but the cat is my favorite!

  8. I want a striped shirt toute de suite. And I want that cat. (Is it pathetic that I have just put "Pet the cat at Le Select" on my Bucket List?)

  9. Love the striped baby navy suit.
    Hope you're getting orders for painting kidlets

  10. thank you for your blog!
    I love it so much and am constantly delighted
    with your "eye" on life and Paris and the way you approach the world.
    You are wonderful!

  11. As I was reading this I looked down at myself and YEP I'm wearing a striped T shirt. Will I do? Ah yes.. love that striped cat. :))

  12. i love the striped wellies! and of course the cat. :)

  13. stripe mania in fashion since last year all over the globe I think !

  14. So Sonia Rykiel has not the monopoly (nor JP Gaultier) on stripes! :-)

  15. The first pic of those tiny striped shoes! Ah! Enough to make me wish I had a little girl to give them to.

  16. I like the stripes, but I ADORE the blues in your previous entry!! I wear my stripes only on a little collection of mugs & bowls.
    Thank you again for the lovely images.

  17. There is nothing more Parisian than a striped shirt (and apparently, striped anything!) Looks like they train them up on this fashion trend from an early age.


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