Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paris Baguette

 When you come to New York to see the Met's Stein's Collect show you must go to Paris Baguette on 6W.32nd st. open everyday 8am-10pm in Koreatown.
 I only discovered Paris Baguette on Saturday! I wonder if Sweet Freak has been?
 Tons of Fr handwriting on the walls, which Connie said is the key to authentic French bakeries.

 I got a 'Twist Pie' and it was OMG delish.
 I did not get a Berry & Choux tarte...
 Or la Cheesecake.
 Or a chocolate butter(?) cake - all too big. 
 A dozen macarons was just too many for a gouter/snack.
 I did get one canele ($1.50).
 Tres caramelized outside.
 And properly pudding-like inside (though a bit larger than her French sisters).
 Charmante hot chocolate cups.
 Malheuresement the PB Bear is no longer available. I asked, traitor that I am.
 But you can buy a PB delivery truck.
I went back to PB on Monday to make sure everything was as delish as my 1st visit. It was. While you're munching on your caneles you can watch France2 News 3X a day. Oui, at 8h, 13h and 20h online here. Excellent for practicing your French. Then run up and down the stairs 10X for the caneles,ahem.



Deborah said...

I went to Paris Baguette in China ;-) Didn't look french at all but it was very nice ! And chinese seems to loooove it !

Abby said...

I love Paris Baguette! So many good treats and so cheap! It's hard not to buy way too much. I drew a comic on them a while ago.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Please sit down. I am about to commit a heresy.
Forget the pastries; I want the CHINA!!!!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

wat china?
That's a paper cup...hmmm

some of the pastries are very French and others not at all like sesame balls etc.
The names of the pastries are a giggle like 'chocolate butter cake'
They need to get a francophile onboard IMHO

French Heart said...

Noted how crisply turned-out the people look on line. Love France2 News-thanks for the link. That's funny Carol. I love looking at the offerings, but also prefer one canele, or the occasional plain fruit tart. What a charming place!

Christel said...

Lovely pictures:) I get lots of inspirations making miniatures when visiting your blog:)

Lucinda said...

a sweet not lost in translation of a French patisserie

Amy said...

I wonder how far that truck would to North Mankato, Minnesota? I'd slip him $20 for gas...

Today's Treasure by Jen said...

Caro, I too discovered a Paris Baguette here in CA and am very happy I did. Lovely pastries and bread- their macarons are ok too (just ok). If you pick and choose carefully you can come away with some very nice authentic French goodies! Fun post- thanks.

A Brush with Color said...

God, I used to make French baguettes all the time--I still have my curved pans and sometimes think about making more, but then I remember that they make 4 loaves, and I know I'll want to sit and slather butter over them fresh from the oven, and eat them all right away...maybe not...maybe I'll just drool over your images instead.

Merisi said...

Yummecious! :-)

A third run to make sure that the pastries taste as delicious as the first two times would consume three times as many calories, I'm sure! ;-)

Nikon said...

Wow, glad that you discovered it!
If you showed me the interior shot & told me it was Paris, I'd believe you by the looks and fashions of the customers :)
You wanted to buy a bear - OMG, Carol........

Parisbreakfasts said...

I know I'm bad :(

A Bear Adulteress!

Nancy said...

I fell into it after a trip to the Met, too! Loved it but now I have to take another route to Penn Station or my wait for trains will be as big as my waist.

K and S said...

I think that France 2 caster is so good looking :)

Diane in Kansas said...

I remember the golden days of Fr2 news on TV in Kansas City everynight at 6 PM with Eng subtitles running across the bottom of the screen.
Then TimeWarner moved the Fr2 news to the top tier of programming + $150 to our cable bill + many unwanted stations.
I used to be able to impress my husband's Fr customers with questions and comments about Fr news, en français, bien sûr.

My question:
Are you aware of a website where I can watch Fr news w/ subtitles?
Je vous remercie de votre blog.

Parisbreakfasts said...

How well I remember the day too Dianne when we had it on Fr2 news on TV with subtitles.
I only found Fr2 again yesterday. The online version used to have a pop-up window w/ a translation of the subjects but no more.
I have turned on Google Translation so I can at least read la Figaro easily and other online formats (but not all) by simply highlighting a paragraph = up will pop a 'bad' translation thanks to Google.
If my pointer is on one word- that word only will be translated.
That's the best I have to offer at the moment, but don't forget Netflix French movies with subtitles!
Bon Chance

Paris Rendez-vous said...

It all looks scrumptious Carol....and I've just realised that your post about the Stein's Collection was in New York..not Paris. Never mind...I'm sure there will be other wonderful exhibitions in Paris.

dkshopgirl said...

yumm... i just live vicariously through these posts... it will be a while before Julia Creek has it's own Paris Baguette... ;-)

Anonymous said...

According to their website they are a Korean company. Which would explain the sesame balls.

Jerri-Ann said...

Would love to see the Stein collection & get a pick-me-up pastry after at Paris Baguette too! thankfully, Carol, you bring a bit of it to me.
Perhaps Bear would secretly like a sib?

Jin said...

omg, je suis coreenne et je me souviens de paris baguette!! :) la coree me manque. marci pour votre blog!