Friday, February 03, 2012

Unboxing Kindle 3G

 Much as Bear and I love opening pastry boxes.
 We have a BIG problem with anything techie. Some things sit in their boxes unopened for months
 When the new Kindle 3G arrived on Wednesday we looked at the box a lot...
 Finally we decided a post would do the trick. We would have to open it. Ta Da
 Being a tad dyslexic, instructions throw us for a loop. There's a nice video here on opening and setting up your new Kindle. We played it safe and called Amazon 866-321-8851
 Doodly-doodly-do We're uploading
 How come we got the %$#Kindle unboxed and setup?
 Granted we already bought the app for our iPod Touch (which is gathering dust unused in a drawer).
 The Kindle seems a LOT EASIER :)
 Should we have gotten the Kindle Fire for color?
 We'll manage. It's the useful info we want. Less visual temptations won't hurt a bit.
 And we're loving the 'Daily Deals'
Bon Week-End!


La Table De Nana said...

Bear is so cute!

You will have so much pleasure with this..:) I had the Fire for a few days the color was fab..but as you's oa no go in Canada..
I find the reg Kindle reads better at the beach..but then the Fire reads at night:) Can't ahve everything..

My friend cracked me up..she is an AVID reader and when she goes to a real book now sometimes she just touches the book to make the page turn:)

There are some great books under $3.00 also..I bought Entangled and quite enjoyed it:)

happy for you!
Your DL issue looks wonderful..

Merisi said...

Wishing you lots of fun and useful information with your new baby! :-)

Alas, your watercolor painting beats any Kindle or iWhatever!

sue said...

I have the kindle on my ipad. Enjoy!

Love this watercolor, Carol

Nikon said...

With Bear to help, how can you go wrong?
Have fun with it! And have a great weekend!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Good ole bear to the rescue!

Lucinda said...

I HATE opening new equipment too..

The awful Learning Curve = UGH

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh we are so alike.. I HATE opening and setting up new electonic equipment. I have to get in the right frame of mind to do it. And lately the instructions all seem to have to be downloaded onto the computer to read. If you knew how to do that you wouldnt need the blame instruction book. Sigh. lol I do love your new painting tho.

Karena said...


My children got me the Kindle for Christmas and I love it!! I read every single day, usually at bedtime.

Art by Karena

Karen@PasGrande-Chose said...

It's other mail (the dreary bills to pay type) that I leave around unopened, usually to my cost.
I hope the Kindle brings you joy and many new pastry inspirations!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Oh goodie Karena!
do you need a special night lite?

I actually haven't figured out yet how to turn the @#$%thing on & off yet :(
Must read the instructions!!

Unopened bills...hmmm
mais oui :)

cheryl said...

Oh my gosh!!! Loved this post!....I thought I was the only one guilty of this.

Parisbreakfasts said...

THANKS Cheryl!!

Funny I have NO problem opening sent boxes of candy or cookies or immediately diving into them either...
No instructions required :)

argone said...

Enjoy your kindle !! I use my ipad for reading some magazines and books, but not so often.

La Table De Nana said...

Hi's me:) I have the one w/out keyboard..but I think apart from that it's the same thing..
I hate instructions.So here is my way:
you turn it off like you turn it on..Mine is a small rectangle beside the USB port connection If you are looking at your kindle lift it up and look at it as if it was the the side of a French pie:) I don't know that expression..that's where it is..

Anyways if you push once's off but usually still WIFI connected and does use up some battery..But the battery life is AMAZING compared to my Fire..If you push longer..the whole thing turns off..I never turn it all off...I should probably....But I like opening it and seeing.."Well Offed In Vermont~ Which I bought..Vermont..I can't resist..I live next door:)

If I can help with anything in my limited knowledge..let me k now.

Karena said...

You need to charge it and then when I am done reading I push the little button next to the charger slot.

It goes into sleep mode.
You don’t need to have the wireless on when reading either.
I think I read just enough of the instructions to get it going!
Do Not like reading Instruction booklets!

Please come and join my Valentine Giveaway!
It would even be cute to give someone!

Barbara said...

What a cute post! :)

Hope you enjoy your Kindle - I have a Fire, but would like the other version, too. The Fire is a bit heavy to lug around when travelling, but it's great at night.

Aida said...

I would like to wish you, first of all, the greatest year, since so many of your dreams are about to come true and I truly wish you the best, eventhough I do not know you in person; but I guess that when a person decides to share a bit of her life for years with total strangers, and those on the other side decide to follow those flashes willingly, effortlessly and eagerly we kind of become friends. I´m from Portugal, I do not post very often but I follow your blog daily, anticipating with excitment what the news are going to be this time, never disappointing and always revigorated and inspired. Secondly I’d like to thank you for letting a door open for us, so that we could appreciate through the years the way you’ve evolved into someone so inspiring, so creative, so meticulous, so spontaneous, but above all, so genuinely true to yourself. Thank you, for I have also grown with you. I’ll keep on coming here, visiting you, hoping that if you come to my country one day, I’ll have the pleasure of welcoming you personally, opening then the doors of my house to you and hoping that you’ll feel at ease, just like I do, everytime I come to your blog.
Cheers to you!
Keep on being very Happy!

Myrna said...

I love this post ---
I love books,
I love reading,
I love this blog
and I wear glasses ...

William Ternay said...

Love that water color, Carol.
A dear friend just bought me a new Verizon cellphone plus extras when driving, etc, and whatever.
Like peeling back an onion, I'm slowly sneaking up on how to do all the "stuff."
But on a good day I can draw pretty well.

Jerri-Ann said...

I love the painting! Yum!
Enjoy your new Kindle! I hope it suits better than iTouch did!!!!