Thursday, February 09, 2012

Adult Time

 Hanging in there still with Pamela Druckerman's Bringing Up Bebe, is the importance of 'adult time' for French parents.

Rituals of upbringing have a specific purpose - so parents can get back to being a loving couple again a toute a suite.

 How appropriate for Valentine's Day.

 Chocolate Hearts
Expat Deborah Ollivier puts it so well,
'Though they love their kids passionately like everyone else, the French generally don't subvert their identities to the lives of their children'.
 'Boundaries, in other words, are good, particularly in protecting the sanctity of parents' private life. (No, Marie-Louise, you may not sleep in mommy and daddy's bed. And yes, Jean-Pierre, you must sit at the table every night for family dinner and eat correctly'.) says Ollivier

 Chocolate Bisous
From Bringing Up Bebe,
"For me, the couple comes before the children," says Virginie, the stay-at-home mom who taught me to "pay attention" to what I eat".
 If you live in Paris you could take a cooking class to prep for your Valentines' dinner at L'Atelier des chefs.
 Or peruse one of many cookbooks for lovers.
 What about a stunning new hot pair of shoes to wow your honey?
 A new red lipstick peut-etre?
What are you doing special for Valentines Day PBers?
Do tell all.


DeeDee said...

Love this post♥

Geri, NJ said...

All we need is this simple truth of the importance of all of our relationships...wisdom that some, unfortunately, may never find. Love your paintings, as usual ~ vive la difference today, too!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog it is so special! What brand are those shoes? I am loving them! Thanks :-)

Parisbreakfasts said...

the shoes were in Saks Fifth Avenue's windows and I should have noted the name..
Brian Atwood I'm guessing and I bet they cost a mint.

La Table De Nana said...

I will try and make beet pasta:) Sunday we will have a little celebration at my daughter's home so I'll bring a cake w/ hearts:)

That's it:)

Quiet.. quiet..
And you?:)
Sweet heart post Carol~

A Brush with Color said...

Love all the charming watercolors here, Carol. Fabulous! Happy almost-Valentine's day...

Jerri-Ann said...

Sunday we're planning a day trip to hike in the mountains & have a picnic.
Love the paintings so much I had my daily bit of Chocolat earlier than usual!

Nikon said...

That opening painting got my attention!
I love all of the watercolors today.
I didn't know that the child rearing principles were also about the importance of the parents' privacy. Great idea!

Merisi said...

"... and I bet they cost a mint."
Carol, you make me smile, merci! :-)

Valentine's Day reminds me that I wanted to name a daughter Valentina. I lost, but one three daughters. ;-)

Merisi said...

Note to myself:
Don't comment when you are already half asleep!
I meant that "I lost, but won three daughters".

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Love your nude watercolor!

William Ternay said...

Yes Carol, the modest nude adds a bit of spice to all those beautiful paintings of chocolate goodies.
And oh my; so many rules to follow to be properly French.

Anonymous said...

I an currently directing a production of Stephen Sondheim's COMPANY and although I have no Valentine in my life, I love my cast so much that I will be making them my homemade French truffles to enjoy. There will be plain chocolate, chocolate-raspberry and chocolate-hazelnut.

saskia said...

I love your blog soooo much... I read it every day and last week I decided.... to book a trip to Paris in April. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!!!!

Monika said...

I adore to read, but first of all to look nice published cookbooks through, to search for the inspiration;)
beautiful entry, as ever!
I am greeting from Poland!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Ah the 'modest' nude is lifted from a famous photo by...his nude has a big S-shape on her back but his name is escaping me at ze moment..

Stephan toss a truffle our way SVP...

Greetings to Poland Monisia. I love your blog!!

Saskia, April is the BEST time to visit Paris!

Andrew said...

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Mathew said...

the pair of shoes on your blog today really are stunning as you note but can anyone really walk in them safely particularly on uneven city streets. However, I’m certain that whoever buys them isn’t planning any long hikes. They do highlight one of the things I really enjoy about going into San Francisco. The creativity and imagination of the world’s designers and window dressers is on display and always make me appreciate their talent.

colleen said...

For Valentines Day we are heading to NY for Westminster Dog Show--our grandson (dog) is competing for best long-haired dachshund and more than that! We will be there from Sunday through Tuesday. I've saved your blogs for places to visit and can't wait. We also love Paris like you do--I worked there years ago--maybe why I enjoy your blog so much. And yes, I am a painter-I worked there years ago--maybe why I enjoy your blog so much.
And yes, I am a painter

Noelle said...

Yes, parents should have couple time. However, I have witness whether it's the husband or wife treat children verbally abusive and the other spouse who is not just ignore it and continue their relationship w. their spouse as nothing has happened. I think people should stick up for their children.

I see American children who know how to do their chores and French teens who expect their laundry done by their mothers or who ever.

We have to drive our kids to activities as the French can walk most places. I've been to enough time in France to know that they have their challenges as well.

Also demographics are huge difference here and there. As a country in the Americas we have higher amount of poverty (shame on us.) Thus, it could also be a socio-economic factors that play here.

It is a vast subject but when it get's reduced to one liners w. cute illustrations it looses something in translation and appears more like comparing apples to oranges.

All said I think I would be happier living in France than here!
And, we enjoy your blog.