Thursday, August 18, 2011

ELLE says...

ELLE Fr says today that for Fall/La Rentree we will all want to wear these yellow shoes...
I'd rather go back in the kitchen and wreak more macarons...

ELLE says we'll want to dress up like registered nurses from WWI this Fall...

I'd rather walk in the rain with or without a parapluie/umbrella...

ELLE says this Fall we'll want to cover it all up...

Whatever happen to the famous French powers of Seduction? ? ?

BEAR, an expert on stripes/rayee...

Says HE would not be caught dead in this French striped sweater/pull - makes you look like a boat non?

I never wear prints, but this Fall French print dress takes the cake, non?

Speaking of cake, PIERRE HERME says get ready for Fall with his new macaron flavors...

I hope M. Herme is getting his US shop ready soon. Will they deliver macarons? Will there be a nice P.Herme macaron truck combing New York's streets?

Moi, je prefer l'Ete/me, I prefer to stick with Summer for as long as we have it.

If YOU'D like to vote on ELLE's 50 best picks for Fall/La Rentree

Au revoir ELLE Fr!


  1. Oh, I always love when the magazines put out their big fall issues. Fun. Makes me want to sketch the models--they always look great. I thought of you at Trader Joe's yesterday when I saw their macarons. They're "OK."..for Trader Joe's. (They're no Laduree, mind you, and they're certainly no M'lle Gillott's, either, for that matter.)

  2. Justine1:23 PM

    These lists are just plain silly.
    I don't see a thing I'd want to wear except for a 'Macaron' sandwich board...
    Hope BEAR will join me.

  3. Brush With Color:

    I haven't tried TJ's macs yet.

    I'm saving myself for a taste test vs. NY Laduree...ahem

  4. I thought Keene's re the shoes:)Because of you:)
    My artist friend has some..

    Hmm..the striped sweater.. well if it was black and white..w/ leggings and flats maybe..beside the fire or on a boat:)

    I'll stick to loving the look of macarons better too.
    We don't even have a TJ:(

  5. I would vote, Carol, but I don't think it would count, 'cause I'd only be doing so for the "Elle" of it.
    (Sounds like a joke George W. Bush
    would make.)

  6. EXCELLENT Bill!

    you made me laugh out loud!! :)

  7. Anna-Maria A.5:44 PM

    That so-called French lingerie looks like HELL ELLE Fr!

    Mon dieu :(

  8. If French women are wearing this stuff this year I am staying home :(
    BEAR has it right.

  9. I doubt if these styles will catch on!

  10. OMG! I am losing it - our TWO Trader Joes have opened and I have shopped and shopped and totally forgot about the macs! I deserve to have to wear that cape with the platform shoes!!!
    Stick with PH for le rentree - at least he seems to have it right!

  11. Yup - those yellow shoes are just what I want to wear - they'll look great with my jeans! ;-)

    Not much longer until Laduree opens their first store in NYC on August 26. Maybe they'll offer a home delivery service.

  12. I am with you, Carol, I vote for endless summer! :-)

  13. Hm, the macarons win hands down over most of these weird fashion items. Is Elle 'avin' a larf wif us?

  14. Those yellow shoes look like you'd fall down in them and need a real nurse to help you recover...

    Love the sassy blue slimming ensemble, though.

  15. Amy, What a potential Dominatrix you are!

    Who knew???

  16. Anonymous3:37 PM

    What a lot of trouble macarons are to make! Just the idea of getting each one to be the correct size puts me off. No wonder they cost! Australia is in the grip of the macaron craze too. French Fantasies in South Yarra, Melbourne make great ones; you can also buy good ones with your coffee in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.
    Those crazy yellow shoes are made for stomping along not for walking in. Gwendoline, Australia

  17. I also can't wait for going to the Pierre Hermé store in NYC!I Paris, new colors "font leur rentrée", burgundy, purple,dark green. waiting for you!


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