Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Yesterday Bill said,"the toy theater is just wonderful!"
Pollock's Toy museum Perfect segway for me to take you along to London's Covent Garden!
Pollock's Toy museum Where once there was vegetable and fruit sellers, now you'll find antiques and hot chocolate (22 kinds) and...
Pollock's Toy museum.
Pollock's Toy museum Just head upstairs...
Pollock's Toy museum For a treasure trove of toys, miniatures and papercutouts.
So many DIY paper toy theatres...
Reproduced from Victorian designs. Pollock's has been making the best toy theatres for over a hundred years...
Pollock's Toy museum You can still buy everything essential (Pulcinella and Cinderella for just a few pounds) to put together an imaginary paper cutout world.
Pollock's Toy museum Victorian Times , contact, 9" x 11"

Pollock's Toy museum Tiny Mad Hatter's tea party miniatures can perform on your cardboard toy stage...
Pollock's Toy museum Plus Buckingham Palace guards...
Pollock's Toy museum A Bear will attend...
Pollock's Toy museum Wearing a pink clown's hat...
Pollock's Toy museum Victorian noise makers and spinning tops are provided should you get bored during the performance...
Pollock's Toy museum Post-performance hot-mulled wine awaits you in Covent Garden...
And a perfect plate of paella for a fiver.


  1. Awesome Blog today Carol!!
    Very inspiring.
    Thanks for the great work!

  2. Oooh, I love the victorian noise makers! So lovely!

  3. Oh, I always loved cutouts--and your painting is fabulous, Carol! Love it.

    I didn't get a notice that you'd posted today! Had to come see if you did. Glad I did!


  4. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Two wonderful blogs! The Ballet Russe stuff is wonderful, such imagination and so sensuous. Last year during a gruesome dentist's appointment, the assistant distracted me by describing the costumes she had designed and sewn over the years for her daughter the ballerina and the company. Delightful!

  5. The miniatures are great, and I love the bear!
    Your painting is beautiful :)
    You saved the best for last (or I'm just very hungry) that food looks fabulous!

  6. I remember this museum well - My daughter and I enjoyed it about 15 years ago - we were expecting a children's museum like the one in Chicago and NY - this was a surprise - the doll houses were amazing
    and trains

  7. Carol, thank you for taking me back to that toy museum. And also for a glimpse of other Covent Garden tenants, like Hobbs. Once upon a time I got so many shoes and boots from them.

    Wow, memory lane as Christmas nears.


  8. Your post was late today. A wonderful post too. Love the painting and the toy shop. I would love to go browes around there for awhile. :)

  9. I had the pleasure of visiting Covent Garden once. That toy museum looks fabulous. I would love to see those toy theaters in person.

  10. Thank you for this fantastic blog post! I've never grown up, and still love toys. It's a good thing we don't live anywhere near a place like Pollock's. First, I'd buy the Alice in Wonderland tea party (I love fantasy stories), and then . . .

  11. Wish I went there the last time I visited, it looks like so much fun!

  12. Am way behind. Are you in London or was thzt from your last visit?

    Pollocks - oh my goodness - childhood memories of nose pressed up against the window when they used to be in, I think, Charlotte Street, and finally being given one of their theatres for Christmas. I have no idea what happened to it. Probably got lost in one of the family moves, but oh the smell of the Pollocks shop and the smell of the paper.

    All that and Covent Garden thrown in too. Heaven.

    All I need now is some roast chestnuts.

  13. Have you been to the original Pollocks in the old 3 floor, slanted bldg?

  14. Justine7:25 AM

    Lovely Victorian post...
    Very Brit

  15. What theatres and paper dolls these are! Charming Victorian creations. Thanks for your amazing posts, Carol!

  16. I love the spinning tops!

  17. Clare:
    I'm in FREEZING new York instead of FREEZING London!!!

  18. No way! SO cute! And 22 kinds of hot chocolate?? Yes, please!

  19. Dear PB~
    Perfect post at the perfect time!
    so festive and fun....

  20. oooh, I think I can smell the paella!

  21. .. tres charming ... love the little theatres ... I should have bought one at the Paris Opera gift shop last year ... so sad I didn't, but they were tres cher. Thanks for posting

  22. I love this post - we are going to get some "Toys For Tots" to donate and this is oh, so inspiring and cheerful.

  23. Oh that paella is wonderful!! My only regret was that I ordered the small size, not the big one!

  24. Does the Brussels book mean you went to Brussels too?

  25. This is awesome. I just love this post and all the pictures!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome post.
    Great job!


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