Thursday, August 13, 2009

L'obsédée du Macarons

A post is for the MACARON-obsessed. Others need not apply.
If you google MACARONS you get 893,000 entries here.
Fauchon MACARONS come wrapped tightly first in a clear cellophane bag. Then placed inside a box - so they never get damaged until you eat them. These towering macs were in Fauchon's Paris windows. La Tartine Gourmande has a beautiful Macaron post. For general vicarious wasting of time while dreaming of all things Paris, Macarons try Dessert First's photos on flickr. You can buy this tea set at Lenôtre and have macs every single day.
Or you could go off to Pierre Hermé's pâtisserie school to follow your bliss.Even Wikipedia is obsessed with macarons.Jean-Paul Hévin won again in the chocolate categorie. Ridiculous? No obsédée.
Fauchon 3 Macarons, 2006, watercolor,10" x 12"
my translation of Hermé's macaron,
"Une fine envelope croustillante, une forme rounde, légèrement bombée, de belle couleurs chatoyantes et un coeur moelleux..."  Chatoyante means they caress, chatouille, tickle the eye with their colours. Coeur moelleux means the center (le coeur, le coeur de la planete for example) Au cœur de ce projet, at the center of this project. With all this macaron research I'm almost over my obsession.


  1. j'aime,j'aime!
    va voir mon blog j'ai un beau gâteau fait maison,si tu viens un jour.....


  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I am sick of the macaroon postcards. Try something else, please.

    Arts, fashion, bread, anything!

  3. Hi I just wanted you to know that having lived in Paris for six months and now back in Les Etats Unis, I love receiving your photos and seeing your beautiful watercolors. I too am macaron obsessed. Laduree are the best to me but they are all wonderful.
    thanks for keeping up the pictures!!
    Avec plaisir,

  4. I don't know if I should correct your french. Seems so....
    But here goes: I believe your title should read Obsédée du macaron (sans "s" if singular) and Obsédée des macarons (if plural).
    In this case, I believe it is plural since no one can stop at just one macaron!!!
    Love your blog...and your food shots.
    Montréal, Canada

  5. Greetings to l'obsédée du macaron !
    as for me, i'll never be sick of the macarons...

  6. Marianne12:07 PM

    Why ever did Fauchon have to leave New yORK forever?
    So unfair...sigh...
    Dreaming of Fauchon...

  7. Marie-Laurence12:09 PM

    Ah the mad search for the unobtainable...cookie!
    Forget the unobtainable man or woman of mystery.
    Where is the macacron of my obsessions pray tell?

  8. foodwalker12:12 PM

    those are mini macs if that is a bing cherry!

  9. all French macs are mini.
    it's when Americanos try to make em that they get ginormous :(
    Like Mr. Fr. Laundry - he should stick to ironing shirts.
    There is a larger size it's true but no one buys them...only the desperate end-o-day buyers.

  10. I never tire of macarons - painted or otherwise....xv

  11. Thought you might like to see this pattern.

    Donna Marie

  12. Drool drool and more drool!
    I am a woman obsessed!

  13. Loretta Old2:30 PM

    Those macaron cups are to die for..
    i can drool over those all day long rather than the real thing..

  14. Mon Dieu! Trust me, we will have one of these pyramides de macarons one day in Paris! I can stop dreaming of them....

  15. Oh I wish I could taste them!

  16. I've never had one!!

  17. Ooooh say it isn't so! You're almost over the macaron obsession! JAMAIS!! ;-)


    --daily CHIC news from Paris--

  18. ok...i've had it! I am booking a flight for Paris and first stop will be Laduree :) Your art is lovely.

  19. Je vous en prie - if you ever get over your macaron obsession - DO NOT LET ME KNOW! All of my years of obsessing, observing, desiring...would collapse under the weight of knowing that PB has gone off macarons.

  20. Oh wow i love them so much !
    Its sad it so hard to find ones that even stand up to taste compared to laduree here in America im still looking though

  21. It is rare that a day goes by when I don't think of the French macaron. Your lovely posts keep me inspired and happy - particularly being so far away from France!


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