Friday, January 12, 2024

Winter Soldé, Daniel Buren


Tuesday was the 1st day of the big Winter Sales/Soldé. 

You have until February 6 to get in on it. 

Hurry over 👍

You might want to wait a few weeks. Many sales start off at a measly -20% 

There’s a sliding scale. 

The closer you get to the end of the sales, the higher the discount. Probably true everywhere. 

The French think even 5% & 10% is a good deal 😬 

I went to BHV to get a new agenda on the 2nd floor(really the 3rd). Every year I’m late. 

Of course they are NOT on sale staff told me, “Maybe in a few weeks”. I was taken with this horizontal week-at-a-glance style for 15€. But could I ever possibly write ✍️ in a small, orderly fashion 🤔

Especially when you see my 2023 messy full-size agenda. TIM 🫣

The good news is BHV’s 2nd floor is a great source for a variety of stationary brands & art supplies.

It’s the only place you can find these wonderful stick-on paper labels/étiquettes. I’ve looked all over town. 

I once got this sweet mini Winsor & Newton Cottman field paintbox on sale at BHV sales for 28€. 

There is something about little paintboxes. So irresistible. Are you addicted?

I went nutz for this Metro bedside lamp on the 2nd floor, but not on sale

I digress. I discovered the #70 bus a block away, goes to Bon Marché. But No agendas on sale.

Except for agendas that come out in August. Is it for school kids? This is a French thing I haven’t figured out (among others).

Bon Marché has a new artist installation by Daniel Buren called, AUX BEAUX CARRÉS/the beautiful squares. *Note Buren’s signature vertical black & white stripes on the escalators.

The hanging squares are inspired by glass tiles on their roof

You already know the black & white columns at le Palais-Royal by
Daniel Buren.

The special exhibit on the 2nd floor 

Is an immersive experience 

You walk into mirrored boxes. At first I was afraid 😱

Fortunately guides are on hand to explain the artwork, plus a video. The installation is on thru February 18, with a 2nd act in June. Please share PB ☺️
It’s funny. This whole post is about squarish-shaped things. 
All the store’s display windows are simply Buren’s colored squares. STAY WARM DEAR PBers


  1. WOW..great post from start to finish. I must remember to go to BVH on my next trip.I love everything on the 2nd floor!!! The Daniel Buren columns were designed with bear in mind!❤️🗼

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Bear 🐻 definitely had a paw in the design

  2. Bonnie L7:56 AM

    Agree with Ga…great post from start to finish! 👍🏻 Your starting sketches (and photos!) of fashionistas are fabulous. Love seeing stylish Parisiennes. Love stationery! Love wee paint boxes! Love soldes! ❤️

    1. Anonymous8:09 AM

      Thank you! I had a germ of an idea. But I didn’t know where I could go with it..
      Fortunately things surface in this addled brain of mine. Or I remember something from the previous 3,000 PB posts that might add to the story…if I can find it 🙏

  3. Barbara H8:02 AM

    Favorite photo today was of your “agenda.” I’ll bet I’m not the only person who tapped on it and zoomed in to see more detail. I love anything that is a peek behind the veil to see how things are created. (PS. So many “pool” entries! Good for you!!)

    1. Anonymous8:07 AM

      Haha I was afraid of that so I added the pen 🖊️ as a ‘cover up’
      I write down POOL 🏊 a lot & then dont go..
      Now the pool is so close with good hours and warm temps, I have less excuses 😬

  4. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I appreciated the French custom of two sales a year, and that was it. Back now in the US, where everything is "on sale" all the time, it can be hard to figure out the base price of merchandise and whether the sale price is a real discount.

  5. Anonymous8:20 AM

    You bring fun and your special whimsy to every post. Merci! B.

  6. Yes love paintboxes:) YES.And the Metro light:)

  7. Love this post! Agenda looks like mine - all over the place. Love the travel set. Thanks for another trip to Paris on this very rainy Indiana day....

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only messy agenda keeper Jerie 🙏
      I can’t read my own handwriting most of the time 🙄

  8. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Wowww! Thank you so much for this! My 5 minute exciting transport adventure with you. Would I ever love to tag along with you through the shops of Paris! So fun!

  9. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Oh! and...Do you have a "Portable Painter" "micro" paint box? 2.5" X 2" !!

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Yes but more or less useless 🤷‍♀️
      Most of those tiny boxes are for the dollhouse!

  10. What a fun excursion (and joyful memories of BHV's art supplies section!). Love the new Bon Marche installation. It's lovely. I had a hard time finding one I liked this year. I go for inspirational images but was tired of Metropolitian (and other) art museum calendars.

  11. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I've only been to BHV twice.
    Need to go again.
    Need to go anywhere in Paris again. SOON! KK

  12. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Loved this post from start to finish Carol. Love the Metro light and tiny paint box. -Suzanne P.

  13. Sukicart12:55 PM

    I love to wander around BHV's 2nd floor to discover interesting paper for crafts. Bear looks like he is right where he belongs among the Buren columns, which I love.

  14. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I have so many little paint boxes including the round ones that screw into a tower. Some I have used others not, as each one is a work of art.,

    1. Anonymous12:11 AM

      Fortunately I never fell for the round one 🙏
      But I fell for so many others
      You always think “This one will change my life!” And it doesn’t

  15. Anonymous10:35 PM

    What a lovely excursion with you!!

  16. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Hi Carol! Do you remember the mirrored room at the Albright-Knox art gallery in Buffalo (now called the AKG)? It's back as part of the permanent collection.

    1. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Malheureusement I don’t think I have ever been to Buffalo 🦬 😬

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      Wow! I did visit Kusama’s Infinity Mirror room at the musee Beaux Arts in Nancy. Incredible experience

  17. What a fun trip to the Paris sales! I like the week on a page myself but use it for work mostly so its no where as interesting or artistic as yours. Thanks for showing us where to get good stationary. Hope you find an agenda soon (I think Europeans do the agenda/diary starting in August, not just the French? I assume for their school year. When I studied in Europe they did the timetable by the week of the year, which was kind of useful once I figured it out).

  18. Wonderful post- I loved it! I love seeing a slice of life in a different country; thank you! I too always have a calendar/agenda and customize it every year, 8" x 10" is big enough to write in, small enough to jam in my purse. ;-) I currently have one that starts August ( represents the academic year). The "stationary" items made me pine for a large bookstore with lots of papers, pens, etc. Love to shop those!


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