Friday, January 26, 2024

Salon les Thermalies 2024 - Carrousel du Louvre

Have you ever been to a spa?

Yesterday I went to Les Thermalies salon at Carrousel du Louvre (the Louvre’s shopping mall).

A 5-day event selling 1-3 week stays at spas all over France🇫🇷, Italy, Tunisia, Maroc. 

For a first day it was crowded. People were signing up in droves.

I visited the salon in 2013 and was fascinated.

January is detox month after the holiday excesses. Time to plan for rejuvenation.

In France, say you have arthritis, diabetes, sciatica 🖐️, migraines, high blood pressure, lower back pain, earaches, MS, Parkinson, fallen arches, depression etc., etc.

You go to the doctor. They write a prescription for a thermal cure at a water spa. You fill out forms. Present them to the national health service. Ét voila! The government will subsidize up to 65% of the cost!

At the Salon I saw discounts of 15-35% off, if you sign up on the spot. No wonder it was so busy. 

As for signing up, there are give-aways offered. Fill in the form, put it in the box & you may win a free spa stay 🤸🏾‍♀️

Along with selling the Spas, are many products to ease your post-holiday angst.Test out Music-Care, a kind of musical hypnosis.

I didn’t buy this illuminated wand (costs 1,500€ at the show, 5,000€ elsewhere) that removes age spots, wrinkles, crow’s feet from Eneo. They offered a test. I was too chicken.

I did try snail rejuvenating cream (59€ 30€) on my hand, but didn’t bring any 🐌 home. It’s called 

I’m always intrigued by the elaborate ‘therapy beds’ at the salon. 

This brave soul was willing to test & loose stress for 14 minutes inside the pod. I got stressed just looking 🫣

Water spas in France have been popular since the 1800s

Who knew Chanel was a ‘water girl’ at Vichy spa in 1906?

It was the Romans who started the water health trend. Have you visited Bath?

Thalassotherapy is practiced exclusively along the coastline, especially Brittany and Normandy, using seawater-based treatments, algae, salt and seafood 🦞 to restore you.

Thermalism spas are located near springs, often in the mountains but the Mediterranean has thermal spas too. Each spring has its own properties, specific minerals, advantages.

Vichy spa is one of the largest spa towns in France, known for its alkaline waters.  Napoleon visited here SIX times. I learned this and other info from Lauren Collin’s story in The New Yorker.

Coming home from Thermalies Salon last night, I was glad I live near water…the Seine…very calming.  I see people sitting on benches gazing at the Seine for hours.
                       🌊 Bonne Friday PBers 🌊 


  1. I have never been to a spa. Looks like it cures many ailments so maybe I should go!
    I am with you when it comes to trying unusual gadgets on my face. You tried snail hand cream and I sheepishly admit to trying a face cream made from sheep urine sold at Neiman Marcus. Did not do a thing but stink!!! My mother was born in Europe and she quite often had doctors scripts to spend time in spas.❤️🗼

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Although I would not mind visiting a spa on doctor’s orders…like maybe today 🙏

  2. Anonymous7:28 AM

    HahHahHaha 🫣 We are silly aren’t we 🙄

  3. Never have I ever.. been to a spa:) I don't even go to a hairdresser now:) Quite a sight;)

    1. Anonymous8:39 AM

      You don’t know what you’re missing M
      Fabulous experience

    2. Im really low maintenance and I dont know if I would be comfy with strangers etc...I am sure massages must feel like a dream.

    3. Anonymous3:36 AM

      It’s about communing with the elements - water & air, not other people.
      Quite a private experience

  4. Bonnie L9:01 AM

    They certainly chose the best time of the year for this Salon. Very tempting to leave the cold and damp of January behind and be pampered for a weekend or a week. The salt water therapies and seafood sound fabulous. 🦞 Love how the French take care of themselves!

  5. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Ooohh…that looks SO tempting…soaking in a warm pool, massage, facials. Sigh, maybe in my next life.

  6. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I’m going to need a spa after this weekend…it’s B’s b’day Sunday. 70! 🥳

  7. This post got my attention as I consider a spa stay and visit to France during these winter months.

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM

      Go someplace warm Gary. The French are expert at Spas

  8. I've been to a spa in Germany in winter, my sister who lives there took me and it was nice (dark outside in the late afternoon but swimming about in the hot water inside). It is always nice being in water, cool water in summer and warm water in winter. She told me they have the same thing as the French with the doctor being able to write you a spa cure. It kind of seems a bit old fashioned and also a bit of a cheeky deal, we wouldn't get that here in Australia! However water is always a good idea - there's a saying 'you never regret a swim'.

    1. Anonymous3:34 AM

      I Didn’t know that one.
      Yes, it’s a long tradition in Europe, going back to the Romans.
      And an appreciation of natural resources & their curative powers.

  9. Anonymous9:16 PM

    This was interesting. Nice they pick up most of the tab. You can’t get me in those pods and close me in. Massage is my speed. Lynne

  10. Anonymous11:54 PM

    The Seine is so mysterious at nite with the subtle lighting. Nice. Just looking at it is calming. Water is scarce here in Arizona. We are lucky to bath everyday. C.

  11. Oh My, Quel luxe!!!!! I would love to have a spa experience, and magical creams...but I could not ever be in a pod. Such fantastic offerings at this salon, & a health care system that understands what cultivating health is about (US insuraance does not).

  12. Anonymous6:57 AM

    PS Sketchbook Wandering again, I loved your history segment.


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