Thursday, August 17, 2023

Les Pieds dans le Sable - Trouville

Trouville is not just about lobster 🦞 

It’s a seaside town loaded with history

Trouville has been a fishing village since Medieval times.

Known as Le Porte de Pêche

Then the artists came, just like in Soho and everything changed. One of the earliest was British watercolorist Richard Parkes Bonington (1882-1828).

 Even Camille Corot (1796-1875) painted fishing boats here.

Eugene Boudin (1824-1898) one of the first French landscape painters to paint outdoors, really put Trouville on the map as THE place to paint. He taught Monet (1840-1926) the joys of ‘pleine air’ painting. Early days they painted together side-by-side.

Malheureusement, you won’t see too many artistes lurking on the beach these days.

I tried yesterday. I need to warm up...I’m rusty.

I walked along les Promenade des planches/boardwalk

Just like visitors have always walked along les planches. The seafront boardwalk was laid in 1867 in Azobé, an exotic wood resistant to heat & cold. It made for an elegant promenade lining the eclectic Victorian villas and chalets.

Not many actual bathers yesterday afternoon, though many sunbathers. 
The tide was way out. The sand is very fine, unlike the hard pebbles on many French beaches.

The fashion for sea-bathing developed rapidly in the 19th century.

You’d have to walk a mile..

To put les pieds dans la mer/your feet in the water

Usually in Trouville, I obsesse over the gastronomie. I had excellent moules marinière 

at Les Vapeurs yesterday 👍 No empty or closed tight shells.

I never paid much attention to the history before but this visit I’m fascinated. 

This morning at the boulangerie I met M., who I haven’t seen in ages. 

We walked along the beach. The tide was in 🤸🏾‍♀️
I put les pieds dans l’eau ☺️ WOW WOW WOW!
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  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Love it all! A gorgeous town and a very welcoming and delightful display. The impressionists are my favourites. This is great as I say good night 🌙

    1. Anonymous4:38 AM

      Mille Merci ❤️

  2. Anonymous2:39 AM

    I love Trouville!! The photo of the boats and houses with the reflections in the water is fabulous! Reds and blues❤️❤️❤️ Have you had lobster yet? Eat one for me, dipped in clarified butter please!

    1. Anonymous4:40 AM

      I put nothing on my lobster 🦞 but my 2 hands.
      The prices are sky-high this year so I’m not sure I will indulge 😭
      On verra bien 🙏

  3. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Love the art history and sense of place

    1. Anonymous4:41 AM

      Thanks! I never paid much attention to the history before and there is so much of it 👏

  4. Anonymous6:16 AM

    I always loved the little tourist maps and posters. Maybe one day they'll come back. Meanwhile Thank YOU for all you do. Your posts and watercolors are simply wonderful..and capture those feelings of the heart of France that we who live so far away miss so much. Nina

  5. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Yay! Love those striped cabanes(?)….they are SO picturesque! ❤️ 🏖 Chelmsley

  6. Trouville looks to be a little more relaxed than Deauville where I spent a few days many years ago.Loved it all! Looking forward to seeing a peek at your room and where you have set up your traveling studio. Enjoy.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Trouville is VERY RELAXED compared to Deauville
      They are opposites. One is a truly touristic town.
      The other is very residential, home to wealthy & the horsey set 🐎

  7. Bonnie L7:13 AM

    Wow! That Boudin is beautiful! ❤️

    Being at the seaside is just quintessential ‘summertime’, imho. Walking in the sand, dipping your toes in the water, feeling the warmth from the sun. Sigh.

    Thank you for taking us along on your summer vacation. And, a big thank you for the historical photographs. They are fascinating.

    Bonnes vacances, Carol❣️

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      And Thank you Bonnie ❤️
      For some reason I don’t go away enough?! Then once I do, I am so happy.
      Especially in Trouville 🥰

  8. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Is Trouville the actual seaside town depicted in Á La Recherche du Temps Perdu?

  9. The stripes..the water..the lobsters..the architecture..the marbré with rocher glaze..all looks lovely:)

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Sharp eyes as always Monique 👍
      the marble cake with a glacage rocher 🪨 !

  10. Anonymous8:50 AM

    We have the same right foot! We've been wanting to travel up that way. You've convinced me we should push that visit up the list.

    1. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Please do!
      I wish I had gone sooner

  11. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I am hoping when you said the water is wonderful that you went swimming!! Carolyn

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      No way
      My toes went swimming !

  12. Anonymous10:10 AM

    So 19th century! AWA Catering

  13. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Enjoy those moules, my friend. Have a bowl for me! 🦪

    1. Anonymous11:36 PM

      I did!
      For lunch today again 👍

  14. I love a seaside town with history. I love lobster even more. And I love this post best of all, combining the vintage photos with today and your art. Big smiles.

    1. Anonymous11:35 PM

      Thanks Jeanie ❤️
      Trouville is an inspiring town.

  15. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Boudin has always been my favorite.

  16. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Another truly delightful post!! This area played an important part in the wonderful film Gigi. And it’s a treat to find out more from Paris Breakfast. Thanks!🥰🥰


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