Thursday, July 05, 2018

Lobster Land, Trouville sur mer

For 3 days I've been doing hand-to-claw combat with a lobster. Finally I zeroed in on just painting the claw and capturing that inimitable 'lobster red' in watercolor. I think I nailed it.. There is almost no place I love better than Trouville sur mer en Normandie. Sand, sun, ocean, boardwalks, Victoriana
And lobster, my fav food. Early lobbie thumbnail sketches...
Trouville's Marché de Poissoniere was busy, busy at lunch time...12:15 and every table filled. One hour's wait. Françoise said, Let's have crepes? No way José!
I took my homard de Breton/lobster + plate and cutlery away/pour importer...
It was 90 degrees in Trouville. Hot, hot, hot. Finally a cool, quiet place to plunge into my lobster. In fact quite a few people climbed those steps, wishing me a, "bon appetite!"
The night before I ate classic Normand moules/mussels
At one of the 30 classic bistros serving moules. It doesn't matter where you go. It's all good et pas cher.
At dusk, the obligatory orangie Apero is de rigueur on the boardwalk by the sea.
During daytime Trouville beach may be hot and crammed with tourists, not that I care..
At night temps drop. Bring a jacket. While everyone is off eating moules
Cool your toes in the surf and stroll. So relaxing.
My hotel was OK. FYI, no AC.
Still with temps down in the 60s I could paint comfortably in my room
That perfect isolated beach.
What to wear in Victorian Trouville sur mer?
Ruffles if you like, a long loose skirt with flip flops. Trouville is not a fashion center. Anything goes.
Better yet, shed it all and throw yourself into the cooling surf. Next visit, I'll stay longer. Meanwhile Trouville lobsters are up on Etsy. Get a watercolor among other French goodies 🍒 in your 📮mailbox. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. If you enjoyed this post please share. Cheers Carolg and Bear


  1. Fabulous aquarelles..I have always loved your Maine and here:) It does look chraming..I am smitten w/ your beach scene.It's lovely..that's the paper you adore right?
    I think it does a person so much good to go by la mer:)

    1. Thanks Monique ❤️
      Nothing like breathing in swa air is there.
      And e vista..all the senses are ignited!

  2. What an amazing place! Lobster, mussels & orangie Apero, sounds like you covered all the requirements for a great summer getaway! Love your sketches of the beach in it's quiet solitude.

    1. I love the unpretentiousness of Trouville.
      And all the dogs Woof

  3. Lobster is my favorite too, Carol, and these are perfection. I can practically grab into the painting and put them in the pot! I am completely captivated by the sea!

    1. Thanks Jeanie!
      Who doesnt love the sea...very calming isnt it
      Wish I lived closer to the seaside...

  4. It all looks so captivating - the beach, moules, lobster, Victoriana & to top it off, your perfect watercolors.

    1. Yes living simply..not too much fuss is very appealing..

  5. Lynn C3:15 PM

    The beach scene reminds e of the old water colors. Beautiful. Loved the lobster paintings too. You are a wonderful watercolorist.

  6. Bonnie in CA4:12 PM

    Ahhhhh...I want lobster!
    Yes, you nailed lobster red!
    Are lobsters available in non-hot weather, or seasonal to summer in Trouville?

    1. The Brittany lobsters come from cold atlantic waters so nearly year round me thinks.

  7. Chef Ann4:19 PM

    Beautiful Carol!

    Will certainly plan to visit on my next trip!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences and adventures!

  8. Judi H4:48 AM

    Wow! Yes, your lobster painting made me drool������. Loved your beach scene too! Can tell you were inspired ... emotions travel right through into ones fingers

  9. Judy J4:51 AM

    Carol, those Lobster colors are PERFECT! Just beautiful.

  10. Diane P4:54 AM

    We are up in Castine Maine for 6 weeks!!!
    Working on my lobster watercolors...following your lead!

  11. Love your trips to Trouville Carol! Hope to visit there one day myself. No lobster for me as I'm vegetarian but I love how you ate your lobster in the shade on the steps! Love the orange aperitif though. Bon weekend!

  12. Looked a wonderful trip, Carol. Love the colour of your lobster and that painting of the isolated beach is just lovely.

  13. Piper C1:18 AM

    Loving the way you mat your watercolors with plenty of white all around.

  14. We’re just along the coast near Cabourg at the moment. Haven’t made it to Trouville yet but had my lobster in Deauville yesterday - it was delicious 😋 My husband is drawing and painting like madvthis trip; he’s been so looking forward to it! Love it when your latest blog pops into my inbox.


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