Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Vide Grenier, rue des Fossés Saint Bernard et Place Jussieu.


Sunday I tried on this straw boater at the monthly Vide Grenier & it was a little big  

After Solli tried it on and found it a little small

You can always use a hat with a good brim in Paris in the summer. Shade is essential. I bought the boater for 5€ I’ll put a felt ribbon inside to make it fit tighter.

Speaking of shade, we were under beaucoup Linden trees along rue des Fossés Saint Bernard et Place Jussieu

*Note Solli’s Kleenex😳 The pollen count is high all over France now. Red Alert ‼️ I’ve also been sneezing 🤧 beaucoup

We’re always on the lookout for things for each other ☺️ like this wire basket. The vender said, “trés bon pour la pêche”(which means either peach 🍑 or fish 🐟 ). 
Me, being a smart-aleck, said, “oh pas pour les pommes?”🍏 
He said, well really it’s for fish 🐟 but you can use it for anything. Oh 😯

Solli collects baskets 🧺 for her beautiful still life photographs

I think her photographs are atmospheric like Italian Renaissance still life paintings 🧺 This one is a Carravaggio

Meanwhile Solli found me 

bright, shiny adorable watercolor pitcher. Another 5€ well spent.

I was on the lookout for Jill of Mad About Macarons. though she didn’t know it…so much good cookware at the brocante

Have you tried her divinely easy recipes for asparagus clafoutis &
crème brûlée. There was a ton of stuff just waiting for Jill 👍

I like to buy fast & impulsively in true ADHD manner. Then I’m good & don’t need to buy anything else.

Solli is a browser. She takes her time & views the entire marché. Then she comes back for the things she decided on 🤔 
What’s your style of flea market shopping?

We both loved these old French sewing patterns, our moms probably bought in their day.

Mutual agreement on this wonderful old metropolitan sign.

Maybe museum quality Art Déco tea or coffee ☕️ set

I didn’t dare ask the price on this adorable child’s miniature tea 🫖 set & ran away quickly.

It’s funny…Rosemary gave me a wonderful blue cup and yet I’m still browsing blue cups. This was ‘best in show’

There is as much temptation at a vide grenier as in a Paris patisserie. At least no calories 🤸‍♂️It’s a good chance to practice self-control 🙏

You see things that bring back ancient memories. I used to collect French Colonial stamps when I was 11. Was I prepping to move to France 🇫🇷 

In general Paris Brocabrac.fr are loads of fun & they’re free. You’re not compelled to buy anything. Most dealers are happy to let things go for a song 🎵 They want to come home with less stuff! Remember I said to look in cardboard boxes 📦 for buys.

After 2+ hours I left Solli still browsing and headed home. Bouquiniste Brigitte saw the boater hat in my bag and said, “You’ve been to the ‘Broc’(short for brocante) & bought a Canotier 👒” 
We both burst out singing 🎶 ,”Thanks Heaven for little girls” from ‘Gigi’ with Leslie Caron. I mentioned to Brigitte perhaps she should lose her Winter all-black outfit? 🤔
Yesterday she was in white pants, denim jacket & bucket hat. (She says Uggs are the most comfortable shoes & is not giving them up for summer!)
 I called out to her “Bonne Printemps🌸” ☺️
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  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Wonderful post, Carol! and I'm so glad you found that adorable pitcher!

    1. Anonymous4:06 AM

      Thank you! I have Solli to thank for finding it. She loves things with patina..not so shiny. She has a very good eye 👁️

  2. Anonymous5:19 AM

    Love your post about the vide grenier rue des Fosses. Rosemary F.

  3. Anonymous5:29 AM

    CUTE! Brigitte is dressed like a distinctively unique individual (a charming character. Even her booth is charming. LB

    1. Anonymous7:21 AM

      Brigitte is indeed an individual. She shows up & opens her book stand more than any other bouquinistes on the quai.
      She is devoted and reads every book 📚 she sells!

  4. A delightful day of wandering..

    1. Anonymous7:22 AM

      Exactly! A perfect Sunday activity. Flaneuring

  5. Deborah7:04 AM

    I love your brocante posts. More, please! (At least until I fulfill my dream of visiting and finding my own treasures)

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

      Thank you Deborah So happy to hear you enjoyed it ☺️

  6. What a marvelous day you had. I think you look fab in the hat!! It looks like there is one shoe in that box..wonder if anyone bought it! Browsing the bouquinistes is so much fun. I love your water color!!! About that wire basket..I have one almost like it. I put artificial but realistic vegetables in it. 🗼❤️

  7. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I have had a similar wire basket for many years and use it for extra toilet paper rolls in the loo- perfect!

  8. Bonnie L8:28 AM

    Love that hat on you! A broc trésor! And…a wee silver teapot. 👏🏻 I have a round antique wire basket like that one. I line it with moss and put a flowering plant in it. NO fish!!

    Jill Colonna’s clafoutis recipe is my go-to. Haven’t yet tried with asparagus.

    Love seeing your pics of the tables at the brocante…picking out objects to lust over! Happy trésor hunting.

  9. I love vide greniers..I love markets.. Sometimes I buy on the spot..sometimes I look then come back.Our great Canada Wide know Finnigan's Market closed at covid..to never reopen:(So sad.So much changed..I notice it it more and more.Cute collection of silver you are aquiring.Love Solli's work.

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      That is triste M
      Its def not real silver at these prices
      But very shiny & bright 👏

  10. PS you both look great:) And what a friendship:)

  11. Anonymous9:17 AM

    When is vide grenier held at Maubert-Mutualité ? I love that market but have never happened onto the flea… A Taste of Paris/Lori Fangio

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      That’s an irregular marché, only when they put up street signs.

  12. You're adorable, Carol. Love you in that boater - it really suits you and perfect for this incredible weather just now. Yep, I'm not even allergic to pollen yet sneezing and eyes streaming just now. We need some rain! Thanks for the shout-outs to the asparagus recipes. Gosh, these plates are quite unique.
    Didn't know you had a stamp collection. Monsieur C. also has one but his work is so time consuming that helped stamp out his philately :-D

    1. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Pas de temps pour les timbres 😯
      Trop occupée de manga les asparagus!

  13. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Keep the hat and the smile.
    you shine Kirk

    1. Anonymous10:54 AM

      ☺️ 🌸 very sweet

  14. Dorrance12:21 PM

    How lovely to have a friend to brocante with! And, you are so tuned in to each other’s likes/dislikes. Solli’s still life photograph looks just like an oil painting - gorgeous! And your bouquiniste watercolor is beautiful!

  15. Sukicart1:24 PM

    Love that boater on you and the peonie watercolor in the new pitcher is perfect. I shop both ways but never have enough time to loiter in those markets for as long as I’d like.

  16. Très élégante mademoiselle dans votre cannotier et à bon marché

    1. Anonymous12:32 AM

      Big Merci Mary !!❤️

  17. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Your wonderful Parisian Florists arrived today. I was so tickled to receive mail from France, and especially your sketching. Merci beaucoup and I Hope you still got a café out of my donation!

    1. Anonymous12:31 AM

      Oh Thank you so much for letting me know ☺️
      This makes me very happy ❤️
      Most kind of you 🌹

  18. Oh so delightful. I will definitely try the asparagus clafouti!

  19. Sigh. I have fond memories of doing this in Paris. And I'm much like you -- I see it and go while the going is good or else it might be gone. Love the hat!


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