Sunday, March 06, 2022

Love Brings Love, Homage À Alber Elbaz, Palais Galliera

Its been really hard to post post this week, but this invasion is not going away. On Friday I saw a preview at Palais Galliera ,an homage to brilliant designer, Alber Elbaz that had me in tears. We lost Alber Elbaz last year in April to Covid.

Last October, Paris Fashion Week closed with a tribute to the late Alber Elbaz,
Organized by AZ Factory, his last company. The show invited 44 of the greatest designers to create a silhouette inspired by his work. 
Palais Galleria transformed this show into an exhibition.
A one-of-a-kind exhibit of extravagant dresses with long trains, ruffles, big bows and dresses printed with Alber’s inimitable image.
“I had a dream to to make a dress, just a simple dress, that can hug a woman. A dress that will hold a woman when you need it.” Alber Elbaz
Some background notes: Albaz was born in Casablanca, Morocco and grew up and studied art and engineering in Israel. 
In 1987 (age 27) he moved to New York with $800 in his pocket. He began his career designing wedding dresses. 
After months of trying to get an interview with Geoffrey Beene, they met and he was hired in 10 minutes. They worked together for 7 years, Till Elbaz moved to Paris in 1996 to design the Guy Laroche collection. 
In 2001 he became creative director at Lanvin, where he worked for 14 years. In January of 2021 he formed a new company, AZ Factory, which is still producing today. 
You can watch the actual runway show here. Those are falling red hears ❤️
I was inspired to sketch some of those gorgeous pieces. The Palais Galliera exhibit is on till July 10, 2022 so you can still catch it. ❤️❤️Bon Dimanche PBers❤️❤️#StandWithUkraine Doctors Without Borders🙏🙏🙏


  1. No, sadly this invasion of Ukraine is not going away…just as Covid is not going away…not for the most vulnerable. We are lucky to have beauty, like that created by Elbaz (and your art), to lift us up and to help us carry on. ❤️

  2. What a beautiful exhibit. It appears that he was so talented at an early age.🗼❤️

  3. Aw…Thanks Bonnie ❤️❤️❤️
    Its hard to act normal and keep doing what one is normally doing in these times❤️

  4. Dorrance7:33 AM

    Beautiful post, Carol!

  5. So talented..My mind is just flooded with images ..and anger:( The people of Ukraine are so brave.We watched War in Winter last night.. the president at the time was given asylum by Putin and still lives there.

  6. What's happening in the world is breaking our hearts right now. My father-in-law was from Lviv (back during WWII it was part of Poland.) I think of him every time I see images of Ukraine, he was a special person. Carol, thank you for continuing to post during these difficult times, it really helps to be reminded of all the beauty and talent we have. M. Elbaz was taken from the fashion world much too soon.

  7. Thank you. We need art. All that most of us can do right now is make sure our legislators assist the Ukrainians, be ready to "sacrifice" at the gas pump, and donate funds to groups that can do more. You have the unique talent to bring all of us art to soothe our turmoil as we do these things

  8. Monique, I watched War In Winter last night too, thanks to SeanPenn’s recc. Someone said that is whenthe war in Ukraine began

    C+Y My father’s father, who I never met, was from, Kiev/Kyiev. We are all connected.

    Thank you Lynne for your kind words. One feels conflicted, yet I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful city and it would be sad not to share it. Tomorrow morning I will see the annual orchid show at Jardins des Plants and I’m looking forward to sharing it.

  9. Thank you - the beauty of fashion and art hits up hard against Ukraine, of which we stand in sad support. Thank you as always

  10. Your blog brings me joy. I understand that it is hard. I am terrified at what is happening to the people of Ukraine, to the land of Ukraine, to the ecology of the earth by this shameless destruction. I think I would be even more so to be closer to the conflict as you are. But know that your efforts are appreciated. I appreciate your blog so much that when you don’t post for a long while I start to worry about you! :)

  11. Beverly12:11 AM

    Carol, love your treks, descriptions and photos. And your excitement is as if you are bringing a visiting friend who is new to Paris along with you.

  12. Thanks for this introduction to Elbaz! I will return to the Palais Galliera for this show when I return in early May for a couple of weeks.


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