Sunday, February 27, 2022

Salon de l'Agriculture 2022


I’ve been going to Le Salon de l'Agriculture every February since 2013.held at convention center Porte de Versailles (ligne 12). Here is my haul (minus a 1/2 dz. oysters). Open Feb 26 - March 6.

I only got into Hall 3. 
Just 2 hours in the pavilion for Produits et Saveurs de France and I was toast. Yesterday was opening day so I went late arriving at 4:00, thinking it would be quieter by then.
Ha! No way. All the Kids (university and grade school) are on vacance and enjoying every minute. The Biere and..
Champagne were flowing. 
When the French drink (upper right). They sing. They sing loud. And they put their hands in the air and clap 👏 a lot.
This overview plan gives you an idea of the regions possible to visit. No way did I make it to all of them. I never even found Bretagne 🦪
But I was very happy to find fresh oysters 🦪 from Normandie. 
Along with the regional restaurants lining the walls of the pavilion if you want to sit down and eat,
There are plenty of regional specialties (Alsacian here)
To munch on…
As you walk about. So much temptation but I held onto my €€ for goodies to take home.
This gent was at a regional information station (there are many for people planning their summer vacations) for seafood from le Nord. No tastes of Lemon Sole on offer. Just paper flyers. 
Pretty displays of Normandy produce and products. Cooked potato samples (free) were around the corner.
I did buy plenty at the Normandy fromage stand (see 1st picture). Such sweet boxes! 📦 
I was tempted by the Burgundy escargots. Most restaurants serve Polish-raised snails…
And big bottles of strawberry nectar and yummy black truffles from Perigord.
I did buy a box of authentique Champignon de Paris from Marianne as I’ve done in the past.but the first time they were completely unwashed. Every bit of fabulous French sand and dirt clinging to them!

A new-comer this year was a Monet-Giverny pop-ip stand. Mostly souvenirs…his straw hat etc. 
Like everyone I’ve been glued following the Ukraine invasion. PBS Frontline series on youtube has Russian pundits from The Putin Files worth listening to. These are not new and they are long but full of history.  
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  1. Are you one of the cheese making Gillot's of Normandy? One "t"but...
    I love expositions like this for the aromas, the languages and food enthusiasms. Thank you. Sally

    1. Anonymous8:33 AM

      Yes! I love & collect that cheese ❤️ Sharp eyes 👍

    2. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Yes! That’s moi 👍

  2. What an exciting event…crowds, food, drinks. “Nothing could be finer”!
    Your energy & zest for life is inspiring. Keep going Carol.❤️🗼

    1. Anonymous8:34 AM

      Aww…Thanks Ga. I HAVE to go right? Pas’s choice 🤷‍♀️

  3. Mais oui bien sur Sally
    I am definitely a distant decendent of le Normands de Gillot !
    I collect their boxes too. So pretty. I should really drop in some day and say Hi !

  4. Dorrie1:32 PM

    Ooohh…I almost cried…I want to be there SO much…all that yummo food!
    Looks like you had choucroute…and then oysters??

    1. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Yes, yes and YES!

  5. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Bonjour, Carol - What a wonderful outing! Can you tell me what the baked goods are in the photo immediately above "Choucroute Mamie"? It looks like they might be from Bretagne, made with fromage et lardons. I tried unsuccessfully to find the recipe, but i might have more luck if i knew what they are. Merci!

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      I’m guessing but I believe those are Alsacien pretzels loaded with Emmental cheese and lardon bacon

  6. Next year will be your 10th Anniversary as a Salon d’Agriculture fair goer. You will have to do something extra special. Spend the week? Set up your own booth?? Fun possibilities, Carol. Thanks for bringing us along with you to the Salon.

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Yes I will camp ⛺️ out 24/7 Brill idea 👍

  7. Bonjour Carol, what a spectacular outing, I hope it helps people get away from the sad news for a little while and give them something to enjoy. I'm a sucker for pretty/adorable packaging, still have my little boxes that held Fraises de Bois 25 years ago. Please keep sending lovely images and adventures our way, we need them more than ever at this moment!

    1. Anonymous8:36 AM

      That is my job 👍☺️

  8. Oh, Carol, so much fun, so much food- you manage those so well - would love to be with you there. Can't wait to see the aquarelles you do of the day.

  9. Hi Anonymous
    They are simply Alsacian PRETZELS!
    With cheese and lardon thrown on top! Easy peasy.
    If I go back I will ask what cheese…maybe emmentale rapée (shredded)

    SUKI If you come in end of Feb you too can go! I wish you would.
    The weather is fine 👏👏👏

    Ga…after 2 hrs I am toast, though yesterday was better, but so much cheese at the Salon du Fromage!!

    Bonnie, I didnt eat the choucrute or anything except oysters. Keeping it clean :))


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