Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Alber Elbaz / Lanvin Manifeste

A wonderful show of  photos of  the creative process of couture designer Alber Elbaz/Lanvin is on through end of October at MAISON EUROPEENNE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE, 5/7 rue de Fourcy 75004
I'm a long-time fan of Alber Elbaz.,artistic director of Lanvin.
His 'mission statement' hits home perfectly.
I can completely identify with his work station. I need an extension for my work table to put more stuff. Elbaz uses the floor like a shelf as I do, though his is more orderly...somewhat.
His toiles/muslins on display compliment the photos. They are simply mind-blowing. Toiles are the preparatory draping of the fabric usually on a fitting model or tailors dummy.
Many look like complex modern sculptures. So austere.
What goes on back in any designers fitting rooms is on view at MEP, not just photos.
This wrapped structured gauzy gown-to-be
Looks like this wrapped creamy pastry from Angelina. Is the pastry chef looking at Vogue or vice versa?
Blowups of Elbaz's loose, inky drawings line the walls
As a backdrop for the photos.
These are works in progress. How does a dress get created?
From sketch doodle to draping on the fitting model. An amazing transition. from line on paper to fabric.
Much like Jeanne Lanvin of the maison, draping directly on the model.
Bolts of silk lie on the floor like in any couture atelier. The walls display the actual paper patterns for the garments. This exhibit is any design students dream.
Photos of the finished pieces. What I love about Elbaz' designs are their purity. Strong color, inventive shapes, amazing fabrics.
He doesn't follow the latest trends nor is influenced by anything but the form, the fabric, the color.
Absolute artistry.
Alber Elbaz watches the collection from backstage hidden, pondering...
Triple videos are displayed of backstage chaos before the models swan out onto the runway like goddesses.
*You can catch my snippet of film on Flickr. Enjoy!


  1. Very fashion...interesting to see his work table and floor..

    I still love those big poufs upper shoulder:)
    No shoulder pads though..wore too many at one point in my life..what were we thinking?:)

  2. Truly a designer I really covet!!!! Even his name has a great sound to it.. albear...and as a veteran stack-maker who must see my stacks to remember to do whatever I'm doing with them, I lost a lot of ground the day that Teddy came into my life....the floor is now dog territory, and I have an incredible mess on every available surface above the floor in my "studio"!

    1. I covet too as a piece of sculpture maybe or wall object..

  3. Allie C.6:45 AM

    Absolutely terrific post on Alber Elbax!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Leslie H.12:11 PM

    Such a surprise this morning...just marvelous!

  5. A simply wonderful post! Thank you, Carol.

  6. Leslie in Oregon5:36 PM

    You make everything so interesting!! Thank you, Leslie

  7. So sad he is leaving Lanvin but we are lucky to have this exhibit/window into his creative life


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