Tuesday, November 16, 2021

La Fontaine de Mars 75007


For years I’ve wanted to eat lunch at La Fontaine de Mars on rue Saint Dominique in the 7th.

Its a terrific example of your classic red checked tablecloth Paris bistro and the ‘Top’ to boot quality-wise. A president had a date night there… I stayed in an apartment around the corner, passed it often and dreamed a little… But going on your own sometimes is daunting. 

I looked over the menu online. Always a good idea. They have a reasonable daily plat du jour/daily special(23€). Bonnie said, when they stayed in the 7th, they would go at noon Sundays and get the chicken. 

Visiter Ann was staying in the 7th.  It didn’t take much arm-twisting to convince Anne we should go for Sunday lunch. La la la la la 🤸‍♂️

I made the reservation. So easy. They were so nice. They asked did we want to sit upstairs or downstairs. Downstairs (street level) I said. They really do prefer you make reservations ahead. Its not a museum. They need to know how many baguettes 🥖  to buy. 

French restaurants open for lunch 
at noon and close at 3pm. They will not let you in, even 1 minute before.  Its so much better to cooperate and play by their rules. Once you cross the threshold, you are in their domaine. 

Being there early means you have the place to yourself and can take a good look around. Take pictures. Nice old-fashioned soap 🧼 dispensers.

When I do go into places alone, usually I know exactly what I want to eat and tell the waiter before they even bring the menu. I want them to know I won’t be causing problems or taking up too much time. Ann noticed t
he couple (spoke English too) next to us made a bit of a fuss ordering. In the end, they got exactly what they saw we were eating - the plat de jour 😊 

On Sundays, Parisians usually arrive for lunch around 
one o’clock 🕐 They like to sleep in on the weekends.

There is a very pleasant convivial feeling to Fontaine de Mars
How was the chicken you ask? We both thought it was the best chicken 🍗  we’d ever eaten.

Thank you for all your wonderful Duvet advice. My iPad (so helpful aren’t they) popped up an ad and I bought it. Yay Hooray 🍾
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Judy said...

This post brings back many fond memories. We have eaten at La Fontaine de Mars several times. It was recommended to us by our daughter-in-law’s cousin who studied in Paris for a year.
The first time we went was with our son and daughter-in-law.
Thanks for the memories.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Don’t know why I waited so long…silly me

Suzanne S said...

Love your red checked tablecloth sketches.

Parisbreakfasts said...

One of My favorite subjects Suzanne ❤️

Peggy said...

We love this restaurant. Their Œufs en meurette are delicious.

Ga From Dekalb said...

All your posts about food are “killing” me! How elated I would be to have a meal in Paris!
Love your water color❤️🗼🍷

KimK said...

I think this is the restaurant that Phil Rosenthal profiled on his wildly popular show a few years ago ("Somebody Feed Phil"). I recognize the awnings and curtains, and certainly the popularity of its famous chicken.

Lucky you, Carol. Maybe next time I'm in Paris I'll splurge!

sukicart said...

Love your aquarelle of the restaurant - it looks so inviting. I can't imagine you being timid about going into any restaurant alone as you exude confidence in everything you do.

Bonnie L said...

Oh my goodness…I LOVE this place…it is everything you would expect “a classic Paris Bistro” to be…dependably good food…friendly staff…atmospheric…and not terribly expensive. There is something special about their Sunday lunches. There are so many French families in attendance, all greeted by the staff as if they were their families. It’s very warm and cozy. Your watercolor of Fontaine’s red checkered table is AMAZING! ❤️

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks Suki for the hardy laugh :))
I do not exude confidence…maybe when sleeping?
Bonnie it does have a friendly atmosphere almost like the regulars are eating at home..

Barbara R said...

I have no problem eating alone in Paris. ..from local bistros to Le Grand Véfour. It’s all in your attitude.
Go for it !

Sybille said...

I couldn’t resist…as soon as I saw it…zoom! You’ve done like 4…5?? of our fav restaurants…I’m adding this to the lineup! Beautiful!

GC said...

This made me quite nostalgic for the Paris of my extreme youth. Paris was the first city that I was allowed to roam in (age 10-11!) and the rue Saint Dominique was part of my regular beat. We lived on rue de l’Université, between Av Bosquet and rue Malar, on the north side. The rue Saint Dominique, parallel, was a natural route to the Champ de Mars and the Invalides. Rue Malar had a rather exotic feel as one moved south. I remember very well the blind man playing a saw with a bow, making a weird, sad sound. That must have been near the corner of the rue Saint Dominique.

Bh said...

Thank you for sharing your talent!!