Sunday, November 21, 2021

Creating the November Noël letter


I usually do an Advent letter for November..but after several futile attempts, 

I gave up and went over to Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche for some inspiration and immersion. Yay! 🤸‍♂️Who doesn’t love❤️ Gingerbread men, women and kids? Granted you will not find them in Paris or all France for that matter. Here honey is the top note😬

I knew I would need a shoppers scene and took people shots outside the store.

Let the sketching ✏️ begin! I LOVE drawing people - the fun part.

Buying some so-called gingermen cookies (really just plain old iced cookies) was essential for complete immersion to take place. Eating them immediately also essential to get into the right spirit of things. Chomp, chomp

So kind of Bon Marché to sprinkle gingerbread all over their Noël catalog, which helped muchly, once I’d eaten my subject matter. Yum yum 

The upper portion of the picture was going to be an inside view of BM’s glorious multi-stairway.  FYI it is covered with icing, not snow. I had to go back for a 2nd look. Research…research.

Thanks to Bon Marché’s catalog edges I had a very nice red and white border readymade 👏👏👏

But how to connect the top half with the bottom half? Hmm…

Fortunately, on the Metro, I remembered the hanging gold glittery, stuff which included GINGERBREAD shapes! 🤸‍♂️

Voila 😊
Paris letter subscriber’s 💌are going into the mail 📮tomorrow. Or you can order a letter on Etsy. They are personalized.  
Bonne Dimanche PBers ❤️ 💋🐻 
And dear WA st. & Western Canadians stay safe 🙏
Below is Bon Marché’s top shopper.


  1. Love the November Noel letter the best ever! Many, many thanks

  2. Your holiday letter is so festive, Carol, a real beauty! Bon Marché (and La Grande Épicerie!) are delightful…that staircase!!

  3. I can sense the excitement of Christmas coming in your lovely letter set in the beautiful Bon Marche. Paris is so magical at this time of year.❤️🗼🎄🛍🎁

  4. Thank you for a beautiful gingerbread post!!

  5. How fun you are!!!

  6. Sylvia1:36 PM

    You are magical!!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful vision and renditions!

  7. tu as drôle. Tu vois la plaisir dans la vie!!

  8. That little dog is adorable

  9. I love my Paris letters! Thanks so much Carol!

  10. The finished art looks beautiful !

  11. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Thank you, Carol - wish I could see all those decorations in person, but I can't, so it's so nice of you to bring them to me.

  12. I've been away from blogging for awhile...back again. I so enjoy your posts where you share your process of making the letters & maps! The gingerbread people post is wild!

  13. Thanks for brightening my days with Paris Breakfasts. I'll be back in Paris in May, and your newsletters keep the anticipation going.

  14. Hope the fake gingerbread man biscuit was still tasty! Thanks for the shopping trip, I love the letter and can’t wait to get mine in the post, though I think I need to renew my subscription this month too……love the red scarves on your shoppers!
    Hope you are keeping warm with your feather quilt. I have one for winter here in
    Australia were we don’t have central heating or double glazed windows, so it is cold but not freezing.


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