Saturday, November 13, 2021

Made In France expo, MIF, Samartaine


Can you possibly get more bleu, blanc et rouge🇫🇷?

Thursday was Armistice day, the start of a 4-day bridge/pont holiday 

And 1st day of the annual MIF/Made in France salon at Porte de Versailles. Its on through Sunday. I can tell you from past experience those Nicettes caramels are to die for. I immediately ran the other direction.

I corralled S.F. visitor Ann to come along. Its always fun, interesting and full of new French products from all regions. Jane & Co. has adorable reversible 2-sided silk scarves 🧣’Jane’ is Olivia’s grandmere of course.

I’m still looking for a warm duvet/couette.  I saw only one duvet. It had organic cotton filling. Better than microfil or polyester? Qui sait? Hello, SOS 🆘 When winter comes my chambre de bonne it’s like sleeping outside. Very drafty, old windows…which I know is healthy for some but not pour moi😬

I tried to hammer a seal into a bar of M.Fabre Marsailles savon/soap = too weak! The girl did it so fast and then gave me the slab 🤸‍♂️👏👏
Mauviel 1830 
copper pots probably had deals. There usually are at the salon.

This year the gastronomique section was hidden away in the back and I didnt make it. Fortunately Mulot & Petitjean of Dijon had tons of samples of pain d’epice/honey spice bread. I bought my first nonnettes filled with onion 🧅 jam. Yum!

We were both completely wrecked and dog-tired, but I convinced Ann she must see the new Christmas decorations at Samartaine

The carrot 🥕 on the stick’was tea ☕️ at Paticcerie Cova. But once we got inside Ann was thrilled.

Me too😊 Samartaine’s Advent calendar mirrors the escalators. What’s inside all the little drawers all tightly sealed shut? The bench is a witty design for social distancing. 

There is a new l’Exclusive tea salon with specially designed cakes from Dalloyau on floor -1. Their Büche de Noël is already available (see patterned cake). Most pastry shops don’t have them till late November, early December Grande Epicerie told me today.

Do you love to browse French perfumes (also on floor -1). Pretty new packaging for Noël from Dior. 

Every year its a conundrum. Paris’ Christmas windows and decorations begin as soon as November 5. Its hard to hold back all the goodies till post-Thanksgiving. This year, for a change, I want to kick up my heels 👠 and share the holiday🎄 excitement as soon as I experience it. What do you think 🤔 ?
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  1. Sybille12:55 PM

    Paris is so festive during the holidays! can’t wait till we get there next week!

  2. Wow! What a day you had. my head is spinning from looking at all your photos!
    SAMARITAINE is really decked out for Christmas and that advent calendar is to die for!

  3. How many things did you buy at MIF?
    Loved Bear sitting in the blue cradle.
    The colors were all so vivid.

  4. Only the little cakes and some mirabelle jell candies. I gave them all to Ann :))

  5. Lucky Ann to be kicking up heels with you!
    Ready for all the Christmas festivities that you will share with us.
    My heart is missing Paris🗼❤️

  6. That looks like so much fun - I always try to find MIF items to bring home to everyone. Paris does Christmas so well. When I was young we used to take the train into Chicago for a day to see the Christmas windows at Marshall Fields - always very exciting. Looks like Bear made a new friend. Can't wait to see all the other Christmas decorations you will show us.

  7. This was a lovely intro to the pleasures of the holiday season in Paris! Yes, do more of the same. Lots to see before the end of the year. I hear there will be an ice skating rink in the Tuileries this year!
    IMHO, best couette is 90% down, no matter what you have to pay for it. Be sure to get it wide enough to tuck in well around you, so no air gaps. For instance, if your bed is 140 cm wide, buy a 200 cm wide comforter. Two more suggestions for keeping the cokd at bay: flannel sheets (oooh) and a space heater to add oomph to whatever wall heater or radiator you have!

  8. Seeing those fabulous Paris windows and decor would make me wild.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best advice yet. I was going to get the smaller size. Changing my mind now 👏👏👏

  10. Thanks for the confirmation Judy.
    Posts are always better when they are still fresh in my mind.
    Its so easy to lose momentum when time passes.

  11. Oh Carol! You never stop…if there is something going on in Paris (and there always is), you can be sure Carol & Bear will be there! Ann was fortunate to have you as a tour guide. The Made in France Salon looked fabulous! Enjoy all the holiday festivities!

  12. Never too early for fresh and unusual festive ideas. Inspiring. Thanks Carol.

  13. Also...
    At the time, I tried to buy the metro champagne poster from the company. They said none were available. It is such a good poster and it was nice to see it again.

  14. It’s been such a crappy two years of covid I say have at the holly jolly. Early is ok with me! Lol.

  15. Yes One must have fun. As much as possible!!

  16. I'm so glad that you are able to get and about and really enjoy yourself again - and its terrific for your readers too.

    kind regards Angela

  17. I agree with Kiwi - you cannot beat down - ever, especially with older style windows - so warm and so light and it snuggles around you rather than leaving pockets - yes warm wooly sheets are good. A lot of our housing stock in NZ is older and not double glazed but we have mastered the art of being warm with down.

  18. Goose down duvets are so warm but expensive, or there are some that are a mixture of down and feathers and chinese silk ones, when I win the lottery I will send you a selection! Meanwhile I send love and many thanks.

  19. Sally - My Metro Champagne 🍾 poster?
    It was never available as a poster sadly at any size. Though they have used it over and over for the annual event catalog. I wish I had made a poster at the time..if only my walls would be covered!!
    I do have a small flyer I can send if you email me 😊

  20. Anonymous11:20 PM has some nice, inexpensive sleeping bags, Carol. You know, the ones campers use to sleep in the open.
    I’ve seen my grandson, an US Marine use his at his mother’s house in Chicago, in the dead of winter. Old houses in that area do not have reliable heating sometimes...
    Please take care!
    Happy Holidays!
    Maria Russell

  21. Hahaha Someone said they slept in a TENT in the LR…not that I have a living room..

  22. You mentioned being on the look out for a warm duvet and here’s the website of the one that’s kept me quite warm when the temps drop:

  23. Whoops Not in my paygrade
    Hungarian is fancy!


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