Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tootbus Paris Christmas Lights Tour


You know I’m a big fan of visiting Paris at night. It’s always a good idea. When Bonnie said, “ join us for the Paris at night TOOTbus tour, “(20€) I was game. 

Then I saw they had a Paris Christmas tour (90 minutes-23€) and requested a ticket so I could tell you all about it😊 The meetup point is close to Opera.

We were greeted with a warming cup of hot chocolate. 
If you’re into doughnuts, Besties behind the bear in the window, offered bus tour attendees 3🍩 for the price of 2🍩 🤸‍♂️

A nice map was provided with our route. 

Plus our own ear phones to the perfect French songs background music The Tootbus Christmas playlist link is available here. Also included tidbits of historic info, like who knew the Louvre got its name from a place where dogs were kept to protect against wolves?

Being high up in a double-decker gives you a whole new perspective on Paris monuments like Place Vendôme

We passed the windows near rue de Rivoli and the Tuileries gardens Christmas marché with its flashy ferris wheel. Paris was crowded at 6pm on a Sunday night.

We went up and down the gloriously lit Champs-Elysées. So many Parisiennes out strolling.

Then over to luxe Avenue Montaigne for the haute couture shops, Dior, YSL, etc.

We were lucky to pass under Gustave’s Eiffel just as the twinkling lights ⭐️⭐️⭐️ came on. The highlight of the tour and definitely a ‘Bucket list’ experience. 

Heading back to Opera, 

The ordinary cars, at night, transform into a glowing red ruby necklace.

We passed Galeries Lafayette 

And Printemps windows. Coming home made me appreciate the little lights on trees🌲 near my house all the more. Paris loves ❤️ Christmas lights. I was a guest of TOOT bus. Can I recommend the Tootbus Christmas lights tour? Absolutely OUI! And going by myself was fine. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast. Your support of Parisbreakfastis greatly appreciated and helps me put free Paris 🥐  content into your inbox each week. ❤️💋🐻😊


Charlotte Puckette said...

What a nice post! My brother and his wife were here last week and I wish I had thought of this - will be telling all my cooking class clients!

Sybille said...

Love your night time photos of Paris!
This tour looks wonderful.

Bonnie L said...

I agree, Toot Bus is a lot of fun! Being so high up, in the front seats, definitely gives you a whole different perspective…and a real appreciation for the bus drivers skills with bicycles and motorbikes weaving all around them. Paris is extra beautiful during the holidays. City of Lights on steroids!! ❤️

Parisbreakfasts said...

OMG Yes Bonnie that is so true! The way the driver weaves in and around Paris mad traffic with such ease was a show in itself! I was on the edge of my seat a number of times…but no need.

Dorrance said...

Terrific post, Carol! So glad you had a good time. I used to think the double decker buses were tourist traps. Until we brought the grandsons to Paris and thought they’d be fun for them. Well, we had the most fun of all :))

KD said...

I received your Au Bon Marche Noel letter today and LOVED it. That person on the escalator carrying the large Chanel No. 5 bottle is me!

Laura said...

Thank you for the beautiful share!! So amazing!

Meredith Mullens said...

This sounds fun … for a sparkly night. Is there a special night bus, or did you go on the “last departure” at 5 pm?

Parisbreakfasts said...

The Christmas lights bus departs at 6pm daily
One trip per night I believe :))

Ga From Dekalb said...

Glorious Paris with magnificent Christmas lights & music, too!!
Being beneath the Eiffel Tower just as it’s lights turned on would have been fantastic.
Did you know the the Eiffel Tower has a music salon? I read there will be a concert there on Dec. 25 4:30-6:30. I think the admission was 75Eur plus you get a glass of bubbly. If I were in a tourist in Paris I would go.

Kim said...

Recommending this to my friend in the UK, a great one-day trip to do from there.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Ga from DeKalb,
I will gladly go in your place.
Send ticket. I am dressed and ready 🎶

La Table De Nana said...


sukicart said...

You have so much fun. My first trip to Paris was the weekend before Christmas in 1968 and I fell in love with the city and its' lights, which can't compare to those of today. I'd love to see it today and the bus sounds like so much fun.

BevK said...

Sigh! Beautiful. Thank you

Jeanie said...

The photos are great -- and I'm so glad that as a guest of Tootbus you got to sit on the top deck and take such wonderful views. This is SO much what I would love to do in Paris right now!

Bonnie L said...

Jeanie, you don’t have to be a guest of Toot Bus to sit on the top deck. We took this tour a few nights prior to Carol. We got there 15 minutes prior to departure, as they recommend you do, and the left front row was vacant…YIPPEE! It was great fun, and the top deck is glassed in this time of year so now worries about getting cold. Definitely take the tour!

AWC Catering said...

Love the lights!!!