Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Visiting Ritz le Comptoir, Mado à Paris


I forgot to tell you about my visit to the new Ritz Le Comptoir on July 5, another très elegant joint. 

Its in the back of Hotel Ritz on 38, rue Cambon.

The morning I went there were no lines. Just me and row upon row of lovely 

These glossy, iced 
madeleines are different flavors framboise, caramel etc. but no citron/lemon? 

The 3 formules on offer if you want to stop a while.

These French businessmen were chowing down on palmier while talking shop. And yes that is a chocolate bear inside the glass dome. I thought the light fixtures should be palmier-shaped, but maybe that would be de trop/too much?

There are of course other seasonal pastries…

You can pretend you’re in Paris. Buy a complete set of Ritz Proust tearoom china and play afternoon tea at home. Even wear star chef Francois Perret’s jacket to impress your guests.

Just nextdoor is a little Moet Champagne cafe for a quickie glass of Champagne 🥂🍾  before…

You cross the street and go shopping in 31 rue Cambon at Chanel! Oui Madame.

The windows were hmmm…not very exciting. Premonitions of Fall?

Then I went off to my fav sunny yellow
madeleines shop, the adorable Mado à Paris on Place de la Concorde. 

So convenient for tea if you visit Hotel de la Marine.

Look what I saw today. Ts in Luxembourg chair colors coming out of bottles of dye!
Seen on the bus coming home today, one big gorgeous cloud. Paris has the best clouds. Reason enough to come back to us dear PBers. Thanks for reading Parisbreakfast☺️You can gift 🎁  yourself Paris letters 💌 and maps 🗺 in my Etsy shop. XOXO 🐻☺️🐝🌸🍒🍋💋


  1. That cloud is surreal! So astonishingly beautiful I bet you feel like you were living in a painting just looking at it. Thanks for this Ritz column and the travels in that neighborhood. Hope to be back in 2022.

  2. If only I could paint that damn cloud Kim ! But I’ve been saying that for a year+
    All talk and no action :((
    Its fun to visit these classy Paris joints. Patisseries are easier than haute couture houses…some day I will set foot inside Chanel 🙏 maybe

  3. Mme le Professeur7:12 AM

    The Ritz bakery post….”palmiers”…aren’t those madeleines??

  4. Exquisite looking pastries in a very sleek patisserie! Did you choose one?
    I don’t think BEAR would be happy in a cloche.
    On my first trip to Paris we staying at the Cambon Hotel which then was known as the Family Hotel a few doors down from Chanel.In those days I wouldn’t dare step inside but I would now!
    Oh that last photo is beautiful! What is the bridge?
    🥮☁️🐻 ❤️

  5. Merci buckets Madame le Professeur 👏👏👏
    I stand corrected. How could I make such an error?! Quelle horreur;((

    Dear Ga…Thank you, the Pont is my very own undistinguished Pont Sully.
    Yes of course I got something but sadly did not take a picture. Perret’s croissant au framboise which is really a long tube thing with jam inside.
    And a glazed madeleine, which was a little too sweet even for me. A madeleine is a mouthful or two of nice cake. I dont want to have to think about rinsing out after eating.

  6. Puttin on the Ritz for sure🙂🙂

  7. No citron? That is unacceptable! But all is so gorgeous!

  8. Sybille9:36 AM

    I agree. The light fixtures should be madeleine-shaped.
    Quelle ordinaire.

  9. Lois Bender10:30 AM


  10. It appears Chanel is trying for a long lace version of the Matrix coat!

  11. Hmmm…I hope Perret’s le Comptoir succeeds but r Cambon is such a quiet street…most foot traffic must be for Chanel, and heaven knows their customers aren’t big pastry consumers. 😉

    Madeleines have always struck me as a little bit of something to have with a cuppa…not a pastry “star”, ready to carry a new patisserie. I would much rather have one of those spectacular seasonal pastries M Perret excels at…strewn with berries…now that’s a star.

    The lunch formule is quite reasonable and appealing. Would love to try Monsieur’s marble cake. Then stroll over to Mado to pick up some madeleines to take home? Yummy blog post, Carol!

  12. Your first pic- perfection! love love love it - the girl with chanel bag and shoes - so real and easy and inspiring!
    And the pic of the tee’s - can’t wait to get back there!
    Thank you as always for sending and the smile you bring!

  13. Paris has the best clouds in all the world. I've never been inside Chanel but definitely plan to mosey through on my next trip. Mado just makes me smile with it's lemony yellow goodness.

  14. So Lovely again! I hope to travel Paris some day! <3

  15. Carol, your posts are, as always, inspirational, and just make me so happy. I too, am a fan of citron, the cheerful color, the sweet/tart flavor....and I agree on the ho hum window displays at Chanel, she deserves better! The little citron Mado pushcart reminds me of the pop-up flower stall Chanel had a few years back, so beautiful.


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