Thursday, July 08, 2021

Boutique du Conseil Constitutionnel, Palais-Royal, Luxembourg Chair


Monday morning I went back to Palais-Royal again.

An opening of a new pocket boutique, 

Situated in the Palais-Royal courtyard at 24 galerie du Chartres. 
Anyone can bring back touristic mini Eiffel Towers or Mona Lisa socks.

But this is a new specially designed collection of witty, sophisticated gifts that will definitely impress your French friends back home or for yourself. 

Message socks/chaussettes saying, “You are free to come and go”. Isabelle, who has an online luxury journal, tried to explained to me how the Conseil works. An individual citizen can approach and request an injustice be addressed but don’t quote me. French government and the 5th republic is way outside my limited areas of expertise (mainly art and pastry).
Anyway the tricolor 🇫🇷 collection of socks, notebooks, and umbrella are stunning and have playful puns based on words of the law.

We met the designer, 
Pascale Brun d'Arre, who specializes in museum products and has worked with the National Assembly and Louvre museum. The National Assembly has a fabulous boutique for anything tricolor 🇫🇷.

If constitutional message socks (7,50€) are not your thing, you could go all out on a handsome LIP watch (245€) the French government gave this to Churchill in 1948.

I went all out on these embroidered red pencils (20€) from Macon and Lesquoy I could not resist. I passed on the embroidered pigeon. Why didn’t I get a green Apilco cup😟

I put it on immediately of course. My pin collection is growing. *Chanel staff treat me nicely when they see the Karl pin.

I believe they said they will have classy message baseball caps in the Fall, though I could be wrong…

The boutique had the mini version of the Luxembourg chair we are all so crazy about. I was crazy enough to buy it (they gave us a nice discount). 

I found out today from Fermob you can not buy that shade of Luxembourg green 🎨.
 It is proprietary. You can own it, if you buy one of my watercolors on etsy lucky PBers. 

On the way out of the park I passed the classic Paris Cafe Nemours but envelopes were calling. Later in the day the Guarde Republicain passed down my street in full regalia. Were they practicing for Bastille Day or going off to meet the President of Italy? There’s always something exciting happening in Paris. Come back soon svp ☺️🐻🇫🇷🤸🏾‍♀️


  1. Ha! That pencil was meant for me: Conseil des Sages/Council of Elders…parfait! I saw on Macon & Lesquoy’s website that they have a baguette and camembert pin…another “must have”! You bring us the best discoveries, Carol. Paris has so much more to offer than mini Eiffel Towers and snow globes, 😉

  2. Mais oui! This boutique will be on my list this fall. Thanks for the tip, Carol.

  3. Carol this is a great post and I LOVE that Churchill watch. That said, this new provider you have ( is not user friendly. I had to figure out how to make the letter fill out in its usual gorgeous form by scrolling down and finding a very vague button - not as clear and simply obvious as before. You changed vendors for some reason and it might be helpful to explain to your fans why and how to re-navigate.

    That said - I will click on several of these sites and might order that watch for my husband's next birthday - he LOVES France (studied architecture in his year abroad) and loves Churchill.

    Merci, ma cher!

  4. Palais Royale a favorite place of mine!
    Merci for the reminder.

  5. Kimk I did explain as soon it happened.
    We were abandoned by Feedburner, left in the lurch, given the boot so to speak.
    We all had to find our own email providers. Not something I would have chosen to do.
    It has been a nightmare.
    If you have a better email service to recommend please do tell. There is always the blog if you want bigger pictures. I don’t know exactly what it is you want…
    Things change. One has to adjust.
    They do deliver the posts to you within 30 minutes instead of 6-12+ hours which I like.
    C’est la vie.

  6. This new boutique just went on my list - my desk definitely needs that mini chair ( it is really adorable)

  7. Palais-Royal is a lovely place JG and within 7 minutes by metro, yet I often forget it is there…

  8. PS Kimk,
    I doubt they do mail order. In Frqnce it is uncommon to ship overseas. I’m sure they have their reasons…

  9. Carol, you and I are kindred spirits…denim jacket and pins!
    What a fun new shop in one of my beloved locations.❤️

  10. The pin pencil and Karl and bee⭐️⭐️⭐️

  11. Barbara8:44 AM

    I am interested in your watercolor of the
    Luxembourg garden chairs.
    Is it possible to send one of model chairs like you purchased? I LOVE that little chair and what an charming vignette to place the chair near the (framed) watercolor!
    Let me know ~ it never hurts to ask!

  12. You’re in great luck Barbara,
    They not only speak English but ship worldwide!
    Very unusual for a Fr company!

    Bonne chance


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