Sunday, July 11, 2021

Damien Hirst « Cerisiers en Fleurs» Cartier Fondation

 A quick escape Wednesday from letters/💌 to visit the newly opened Damien Hurst exhibit at Cartier Fondation. If you’re in Paris before it closes Jan 2, 2022, you should visit too. 

An altogether uplifting pink experience. And who couldn’t use a little more pink 🌸in their lives right now? Along with bee 🐝 yellow of course.

On view are 30 large paintings on 2 floors. 

Selected from 107 painted during the pandemic sans assistants, painted all on his own in a huge unheated hangar. 

The 360 degree view of Hurst studio video is fascinating.

Its been a very long time since Hurst took to paint and canvas, but the results are rewarding, especially if you’re not so mad for skulls, floating sharks or cows in formaldehyde.

There are friendly bi-lingual staff to answer your all questions and daily guided tours.

One gallery aide was kind enough to hold up my April cherry blossom letter for a photo. Hurst was commissioned to do the show 3 years ago so he got to cherry blossoms first ☺️

Interesting that there are no labels/etiquettes by the paintings, so visitors can immerse themselves in the paintings. Its my observation the French are fond of reading lengthy labels before actually looking at the art. Sometimes it seems like they prefer it. Maybe that’s why many Paris museum curators like to place labels at ankle or toe-level? There is a Monet water lily feel to the paintings.
The Fondation Cartier offers evenings of interesting dance and music groups: Les Soirees Nomades. That’s how I found on youtube The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. I wished I’d seen that.

Leaving the museum,  it’s set in jungly surroundings. You can bring a snack and eat outside in the back. 

Outside I was surprised to see wild, hot pink Hollyhocks/
roses trémières growing by the side of the road. I couldn't not try painting them
🙏Please stay cool western PBers🙏
                            🎨🌸Bon Dimanche🌸🎨


  1. Quite an undertaking and very striking presentation.
    With the gallons of paint and brushes were you tempted to take a stroke? Perhaps on that brown chair.
    Lovely hollyhocks.❤️

  2. Very Springy feel to the whole thing..your watercolors included.

  3. I wish they had provided up with cans of paint!
    A Picture from the very nice show catalog.

  4. Noëlle1:12 PM

    Magnificent I would love to have seen this! I’m a big fan of flowers, pink and blue.

  5. Merci beaucoup! I have never seen anything like this. You must have been so immersed…I was immersed just in the photos!

  6. They were quite immersive because of the scale.
    Evidently they are all sold and will go to their owners post-show.
    Not a traveling anywhere!

  7. I see homage to Monet & Van Gogh & yet they all uniquely his. Now I want to know everything about Hirst! Love your Hollyhocks too.

  8. JoAnne2:28 PM

    They are all so beautiful & all a little different.
    Very different for Hurst!

  9. Very interesting - so much work to paint those huge canvasses & they are more effective from a distance, I think. I love immersion in pink and the hollyhocks are charming - love your aquarelles of them.

  10. Thanks for sharing this fun exhibit. I just received the 3rd Eiffel Tower letter yesterday. What fun these are. Now I need to get them framed.
    Thanks for sharing your life in Paris and your talents through your art.

  11. Hirst’s paintings are BEAUTIFUL…the size of the canvas…the way he applies paint…the many colors that you don’t see from afar…loved the video. Amazing what some people accomplished during the pandemic, while others of us (🙄) mastered the art of wearing sweats! Your cherry blossom Eiffel and your hollyhocks are equally as beautiful. ❤️

  12. Jane Gabin10:17 PM

    I like your pictures of roses and cherries better than that guy’s . . .

  13. I am a cherry blossom fanatic... (I went to college in DC and had many a romantic stroll through the national mall during cherry blossom season!! :)) I love love love your Eiffel Tower cherry blossom letter.

  14. I would love a painting of Hurst's cherry blossoms.. or at least a large print that I might afford!! Lol. Any suggestions how I might purchase one?

  15. There was a nice catalog at the show.
    Do they ship internationally is the question !?

  16. Love the paint pots!!And your aquarelles and hollyhocks:)

  17. Anonymous11:05 PM

    That exhibit is very impressive. Not just because it is lovely but also the sheer size of it. Beautiful.

  18. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Beautiful post. Thank you. SV


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