Friday, July 23, 2021

Take me to Paris


After my almost daily trips to la Poste, I walk along rue Saint Antoine in the Marais. Yesterday  I bought a bunch/boite of sunflowers🌻/Soleil.

“Where are they from?” I asked.
“The Midi”. 

“Oh Provence or the Riviera?” remembering my trip to Cannes 2 years ago. “No, the Midi” which basically means the South including Spain. There are some things you don’t argue about in France. I wanted only one sunflower 🌻 Not allowed. Buy a bunch or nada 👎 “Do you have any less open?” “No, these just came in today. And before I could ask,”They will last a week.”

It turns out all Parisian flower shops have AC. We had a high of 84 today, which is nothing compared to the West coast of course. If it gets hotter, there will be more flowers at PB. I wonder if I could sketch onsite all day? Or sleep with the flowers?
On rue Saint Antoine I get to see what people are wearing. Now that I recently discovered my entire life has been spent revolting against print dresses, I’m thinking its time for a change? I could test one out perhaps..

Remember that filmy sheer skirt? A PBer said she bought it and loves it.

I love this country goose sitting out in the street in front of the très elegant truffés and foie gras shop.

The Summer solde/sale T-shirts are always so attractive at this time of year, but you can’t buy them for neither for love nor money. I’ve tried. Do they appeal to you? Probably not.

All the Paris cafes look so enticing in Summer with their red umbrellas/parapluies and the sun splashing through leaves casting delicious shadows.
I’m seriously in love ❤️ with these red Café Richard cups☕️ They go perfectly with the green rattan chairs. I tried painting🎨 some☕️. I may need to paint a few hundred more. You tell me.

Another long-standing, Paris ongoing love❤️ affair is with Sabre’s red checked tableware. If I’d bought just one piece when this whole thing started, by now I’d have enough for a banquet dinner party. Its on 4, rue Quatre Vents. Are you in love with a Paris spoon or fork or some other ridiculous little thing that makes your heart ❤️ go pitter, patter when you look in a shop window?

Pastries are included merely for color coordination. I, like 20,000,000 or so other post-confinement folks out there, am trying out the 8/16 IF regime 🙏🤞Pastries are off-limits in the 8 hr window when you’re can stuff your face. The odd thing is you lose you’re appetite for the most part. But it def helps not to spend to much time window gazing in patisseries 🥮

Last Sunday I got on a near empty bus for a quickie ride and fell ❤️ for this spaniel, who looks ancient but is in fact only 2 years old (so theoretically he should not be sitting in the ‘oldie’ seats in the bus). Sweet as pie and no one minded. I’d love to dog-nap him but the owner being right there was not the best opp.
Yesterday, Parisians were doing their Renoir thing along the Seine as usual/comme d’habitude. My fav song this week is Take me to Paris. Stay cool dear PBers 🍒🤸🏾‍♀️🇫🇷🌻💋🐻❤️


  1. I love the pieces of Paris you have shared today. I almost feel as if I am there. I think the goose would look cute in a print pinafore.And you should give a print a try.🌻

  2. i learn so much from your blog. when you highlight something, i click, and go straight to google. today i learned about the midi. thanks so much.

  3. Martha3:41 PM

    Fun to walk in your shoes on an average day in Paris and see the street scenes, cafes, coffee cups.
    Thanks for taking me to Paris today! A change from Oakland

  4. Nice to hear Zen Zone.
    I learn a lot doing the posts I wouldn't learn if I didn't have to explain it to someone else
    The Midi is a term I’ve heard many times yet just took for granted I knew what it was. Go figure

  5. This post made me beyond homesick for Paris as we stayed right off rue St Antoine and walked it every day during our last 3 trips. Thanks for making me feel like I was there for a few minutes. Hugs to your and Bear.

  6. Funny that you can't buy half-opened, you can hardly ever find a full open bunch in the stores. So I planted my own. Finally my sunflowers (one kind anyway) are blooming! It's the very shaggy all yellow ones.

  7. Lovely slice of a summer day from Paris, Carol. I love Sabre, too! I have a blue check/stripe/dot 3 piece cheese set but covet everything in their shop. Bravo on the IF…don’t know how you have such self control surrounded by so much temptation. Bonne chance.

  8. I've always disliked prints, too. I'm living in black right now.
    My big question of the day is, why in your photo of the girl in the print dress (which actually looks quite nice) is she wearing 2 different shoes? Is that a thing now?

  9. Very observant I hadnt noticed, but they look like the same pair of sandals to me

  10. Haha! I tried to buy the soldes tee shirt in 1983. Asked where it was on the rack and was told it was only for the window. Now I know I’m not the only one with the idea!

  11. So happy to hear I’m not alone in my T-shirt quest Cindy

  12. Bravo to you Jeanette, always so resourceful!!
    I wanted unopened sunflowers so they would last longer or so I thought
    I did see a potted one in a flower shop..which hadn’t occurred to me as an option 🌻

  13. Great joy I have got my Paris Breakfast back
    I did miss it so!
    All good wishes and thanks.

  14. The cafés made me happy❤️Sunflowers always do too!

  15. What a wonderful, newsy, happy post. Soldes! Oh, what fun. And cafes and sunflowers. What a wonderful combo. Loved your painting -- yes, lots of flowers, please!


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