Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hotel de la Marine, Palais-Royal

 Yesterday was the perfect day to visit the newly renovated, Hotel de la Marine. Plus PBer Ga in Dekalb has been gently nudging me. Feel free to nudge me if there’s something in Paris you’d like to see. 

I didn't get there till 4:30. I chose the shorter visit (45 minutes for Salons & Loggia - 11€) so I could enter immediately. *Note you need printed proof of vaccination to enter. 

Here is the Hotel de la Marine viewed from across Place de la Concorde back in the day.

You receive a headset that talks to you as you enter each room. It reminds you to look up or here or there. No numbers or dials to fiddle with. Accompanying Baroque music was perfect.

Who knew Hot pink was hot 250 years ago?

So many exquisite chandeliers. My head was spinning. 

Interactive devices stationed hither and thither tell you stories and history through your headset. There are no lengthy explanatory wall labels with viewers bunched up trying to read every word 🤸🏾‍♀️Yay

Loads of Empire period decor! Memories of Napoleon come back. All those  neoclassical Roman and Egyptian details. 

The winged Sphinxes are my favorites. 

If you’re wondering what to wear to such a grand place. Not to worry. Overalls or anything else will do. C’est comme ça.

On the way home on ligne 7, I got off at Palais Royal park to come back down to earth after so much elegant grandeur. 

Just before the park gates, Cafe Nemours beckons. Love the oh so casual throwback to Audrey Hepburn - w
hite tailored man’s shirt + black fitted jeans + simple strappy leather sandals. What do you think of an Audrey in Paris map next? Tipoff - listen to today’s song!

Someone was surprised that citron tartes also come poofy or dome-shaped. In fact the lemon curd is poured into silicon molds to set. Then added to the sable cookie base. Easy as pie. This tarte was seen at Muscade inside the park. I resisted miraculously.
Look at our favorite Paris park chairs in Palais Royal. They are bonded together, facing each other, with snippets of poetry cut out of the backs, including Emily Dickinson lines: “Que c'est bon - d'être en vie!  Que c'est infini - d'être”.
"How good it is to live, how infinite it is to be".  
Bon Dimanche PBers 🌻🐝🍒🥮🐻


  1. Mussee de la Marine look glorious - it's at the top of my list. The headphone guide seems like a smart idea and love that there is music. I had dreams of being Audrey Hepburn when I grew up (didn't all of us).

  2. It is glorious Suki. And Very clever the way they’ve set it up.
    I will go back and see the other floors. I’m sure I missed a lot (Part 2)
    Yes…Audrey got inside a lot of people’s heads.
    I was sure if I somehow found those gold hoop earrings she wore in Sabrina, I would turn into her.
    And now they exist on Etsy! Just search for them :))

  3. Sybille2:23 PM

    Yes please, an "Audrey in Paris map
    Lovely idea amd nice to add to my Coco map!

  4. I'm glad Da nudged you:)
    Spectac photos!

  5. 👏 Happy you made it! Yes yes to the Audrey in Paris map! I am amazed at how you come up with these ideas…looking at a woman in a cafe made you think of Audrey Hepburn! Just watched the video which was great. Thank you❤️

  6. Jane Gabon4:11 PM

    Tell me why…
    Bonjour, Paris!
    Is it real? Am I here?
    …why was I teary at the end of this video?

  7. Ga I’ve been gobbling Audrey docs on youtube nonestop lately
    It seems a perfect match…if I can donit.
    Coco was easy. Audrey…maybe not so easy.

  8. Oui Audrey!
    Yes yes yes! can never get enough Audrey and if you watched Halston on Netflix, "Liza" sang this song at the battle of fashion at Versailles...tres Bon!!
    I love being your loyal subscriber and keep at it!

  9. As I will never have the means to stay at la Marine’s twin next door, le Hôtel de Crillon, it will be a thrill to stand out on that terrace overlooking Place de la Concorde. What a view! Will definitely take this tour, Carol. Stunning building and furnishings. Thank you for taking us along.

    Oui to anything Audrey…she has such a strong association to Paris with the many movies she filmed there…and of course her famous quote: “Paris is always a good idea!” ❤️

  10. I have a special feeling for the Palais Royal. When I have the dog pictures I would like your pet portrait done there. Chairs & trees.

  11. Stunning photos, Carol! Can’t wait to go to la Hôtel de la Marine. Glad to hear tour headphones have advanced technologically.

  12. "I got off at Palais Royal park to come back down to earth after so much elegant grandeur." This comment of yours made me chuckle. You know you've been living in Paris for awhile if you think of the magnificent Palais-Royal and gardens as "down to earth." In any other city....
    Would love to see you do watercolors of Audrey. Coincidentally, I was wearing a blousy white man's style shirt and black jeans yesterday - but not thin enough to channel Audrey! I really miss seeing her. She was an inspiration when she got older and became a U.N. Humanitarian Ambassador.

  13. Oh, what a hotel!! I love those interiors! Thanks for pictures!

  14. Seahorsey196:23 AM

    I loved this post- I felt as if I were there with you in person. More like this, please.

  15. Bonjour Carol! I would love to see an Audrey in Paris map, we share a birthday (along with Keith Haring and Loulou de la Falaise.) Givenchy fashion et beatnik chic? Also, have you been to Stationery store
    Mélodies Graphiques? It's splendid -
    10 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris


  16. You’re a taurus Lisa,
    Me too :))
    I once saw, early days od course, Keith Herring doing a chalk drawing in the NY subway. For some reason I never forgot that. So he’s a Taurean too. And Louou!
    If you have any more ideas on the Audrey map do tell. She went to so many cliche places in Paris…looking for the unusual. Hmmm…but she is very fun to draw!
    Yes I know Melodie Graphics very well. I took a class there.

  17. What a good idea KIWI…watercolors of Audrey!
    Yes her work for UNICEF is so extraordinary. Her empathy resonates.
    Fortunately Youtube has some terrific docs, many with her son Sean speaking and quite a few very good French ones.
    She made many movies here and was strongly connected through fashion.

    As for Palais Royal, its a very relaxed place even if très elegant and astonishingly beautiful.
    On saturdays there is dancing and music in the square in front of the theatre.

  18. This is simply dazzling. (And I loved the hot pink!) That view with the tower in the background is a stunner. (I'd like the Audrey in Paris map, too! One glance at the fashion sequence from "Funny Face" and you have half of it right there!

  19. Thanks Jeanie! The hotel’s setting is stunning. Hard to get a bad shot.
    Yes Paris def loves Audrey as much as the rest of us and she spoke French very nicely even with a bit of Belgian accent.

  20. Empress E.3:30 PM

    Great minds… ….think alike!
    Your yummy and beautifully-designed recette for cherry clafoutis came earlier this week. Then, in today’s Washington Post weekly Food section, a recipe for cherry clafoutis was the front page feature. I’m no longer inspired to bake one, so will have to enjoy one vicariously, via your delightful letter.

  21. Hotel de la Marine.
    ...Now on my list ! Merci ! Love the hot pink. Napolean not a fav. design motif pour moi, but every era has relatable stuff.
    Merci !


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