Thursday, January 07, 2016

Paris Soldes - Merci

January 6th the Winter sales begin in Paris and end in February.
I was meeting an artist in front of concept store, MERCI, 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003
I went inside just for a look see.
No plans to take advantage of the sales.
These stunning 'open book' lamps were Not on sale...
But these bins of flat price items were.
More usually you do the math on the % off. By February they will be selling the tables too
Part of the fun is Bobo watching in the Upper Marais
I would have bought that red tartan wooly scarf if the price was right.
Downstairs housewares is always worth a look.
Bright and cheerful and pas cher.
If you live in Maine, your splatterware is very IN right now in Upper Marais..
Traditional French Duralex kitchen glassware is still a classic. I got a small salad bowl (2,90€).
The Cantine downstairs is terrffic. I usually get the salad plate with no room left for dessert.
Today I went for the apple-raspberry crumble.
It was NOT good...ahem
Leaving Merci I felt great not succumbing to the sales. Next door at kids store, Bonton I immediately fell victim to a red polka-dot Kath Kidson 50% off bag. Only 19,90€ and slightly lighter than the red polka-dot bag I bought in Aix last May. It's bigger too...and has a velcro closing...and...and...
I did not dare venture into Twins For Peace, even if these red shoes are on sale...
FYI grey sweat shirts are Very IN PBers!!!
So is the Galette de Rois for Epiphanie IN all over France.
This Frenchie is leche-vitrine (window-gazing)
At the pretty Galette in new Patisserie Bontemps on 57, rue de Bretagne.
There are rarely sales (soldes) in French pastry shops for some unknown reason..
C'est la vie.


  1. These pictures are lovely; I longed to be there shopping the sales. And I'm with you: I could not have resisted those red shoes. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I read somewhere, to prep for the sales, go the week before and try on stuff to know yr size etc. then just sweep in and grab on the day.
      I used to come over for the Sonia R sales.
      Everything was in boxes at ONE price, even cashmere.
      So much fun. The good ole days.

    2. What a good idea to make the best of the sales! I too liked the red shoes :)

  2. Cheer up about the apple raspberry crumble---it's at least 2 servings of fruit, n'est-ce pas?

    1. Hahaha I love yr POW jeanette
      I didnt even think of that!

  3. I just did the galette ritual..but not the great window shopping you did..Love the bag..Cath Kidston..and all those dishes!
    Not to mention the red Fiat.I think I would have been tempted by le crumble too.

    1. I am ALWAYS tempted by le crumble!!!
      They do it better here i think...the fruit combos are YUM

  4. Carol, it's fun to see the January version of Parisian sales. I've so far resisted temptation here in NYC, with the exception of some grid paper from Muji...not on sale, but very well-priced.

    Fruit crumbles...temptation i cannot ignore.

    From another blogger, based further south in France, I understand that some of this year's Galettes feature crowns and feves that carry a Star Wars theme. Shocking. I am very glad that Paris still does the tradition properly.


  5. Oh this is hard -- my first January missing the sales in several years. Maybe there will be leftovers in February.

    That crumble looks scrumptious. I have a freezer full of blueberries, must try them in a crumble, with granny smiths for some zing. But a red dessert in winter cheers you right up!

    Bonne année!

  6. Loved shopping at Merci & am still sorry I didn't buy an item I loved - would have a hard time during the soldes. The crumble looks delicious & so cheerful on a winter day.

  7. I always take their salad plate too!!! Love their salads <3
    That crumble pie looks very delicious though...hrm...feeling very tempted now baking one at home...

  8. I wish I had one of the "open book" lamps, Carol. Great idea.
    I like the shot of the cups and saucers, too - the "jump at you" colors.
    The window gazer is perfect :)

  9. Cute red bags :)
    Maria V.

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