Friday, January 15, 2016

David Bowie, Epifanie, rue de Bretagne Map

I know I've been M.I.A. this week. I've been UNDER PRESSURE.

My niece came in from Philadelphia last weekend. On Friday nite at this time 7 PM,

We stopped in Notre Dame

There was a service going on with lovely music, incense 

Next morning, Saturday (my niece slept in with Jet lag) I went to the annual Escoffier Chefs charity sale

100s of Galettes des Rois in front of St. Germain.

A plethora of top chef's galettes onboard for tasting and bringing home

There was a chefs party was going on. Head chef, Jean-Pierre Biffi of Potel & Chabot and formerly president of Disciples d'Escoffier. I'm not looking at another galette till 2017!

At the same time I'm working on the January map - rue de Bretagne/Marche Des Enfants Rouges in upper Marais

Its a hotbed of ethnic and ever new epiceries and patisseries popping up. A don't-miss street.

A year ago I took a terrific Context Tour with Alisa Morov in exactly this area. First stop J.Barthouil, excellent Sud Ouest purveyors of all things foie gras, duck and smoked saumon on 41, rue Charlot.

On the facing corner at #42, Caractere de Cochon, specialist of superb hams

And superb ham sandwiches changing daily.

There's a new patisserie at 57, rue de Bretagne, Bontemps

Try their passion fruit-filled sable cookies...well they're my favorites. And their lemon cake is divine.

My cousin emailed me of David Bowie's passing Monday. This week has been full-time immersion in his music - the perfect background for drawing.

I discovered we were joined at the hips in two ways ( I would love to have his hips).
Bowie said "I'm a 'grasshopper' hopping from thing to thing".
I grew up being called a grasshopper at home. My father thought I should be a 'squirrel ' collecting acorns for the future instead. Dad also said, "You're going to end up in a garret with a bunch of cats" if I continued with art. He forgot to mention the garret might be in Paris.

Bowie said he created his lyrics using a 'cut-up technique' (like poet Williams Burroughs) scissoring old journals, ending with scraps of paper. Out of this he pulled together lyrics in around 10 minutes.

I too use the 'cut-up technique' to create the the Paris maps.

I just haven't figured out how to pull the scraps together in 10 minutes. It takes me FOREVER. The finished map is on Etsy.
Do you have a favorite David Bowie song?
There are too many to choose from. I'm working my way through his catalog. I'm crazy for Ashes To Ashes, Ch, Ch, Changes, Wild is the Wind, Modern Love, Heroes, Rebel Rebel, 9/11Where Are We Now...

Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
Though nothing,

nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, for ever and ever
Oh we can be Heroes, 
just for one day
I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing will drive them away

We can be Heroes, just for one day
We can be us, just for one day
R.I.P. Star man


  1. Hi Carol, ARTE has David Bowie on this week... in english here is the address. For Ziggy Stardust... In french they also had a great show about his different styles through the years...

    1. Cathy, Thanks! I discovered ARTE by chance. I saw the Styles show and the Pennebacker ZIGGY documentary there. The BEEB is also loaded with DB programs.

  2. Very tragic week this week w/ the art world..David Bowie..Alan Rickman..René Angélil..

    and right before Christmas..a lady I just loved and didn't know..lived up the streeet then turn and turn..60.
    Knock your socks off gorgeous and nice..suddenly..Dec 21rst..

    Your niece ..waht a smile:) Map is looking great..
    fantastic grasshopper pic..
    and a tear or two to my eyes going to the post about your dad..loved the pics..the letter..wish I had one!

  3. The obituariries have begun to strike close to home...even the pastries seem sad, like the teardrop shaped ones by the hearts.

    1. Let me reassure you the pastries do not taste sad Jeanette.
      Not one bite of them. :)

  4. I have not put on any mascara all week, I keep bubbling up in tears over my sweet David Bowie... my fav song ???? thinking... I must say its an album Hunky Dory... my best song on it Kooks... the whole album !
    THEN Alan Rickman, I loved him in sense and sensibility ! wonderful actor for for sure ! now I feel so so bad for my fav Quebecer, Celine loosing Rene is so sad ...
    seeing your email a few minutes ago brought a smile to my face, you always make my day... enjoy your visit and a little cake, xxxx hugs

    1. Oh boy, you've got me balling again. Pass the kleenex pls. This is the 1st map I've drawn thru tears :)

  5. Dear Carol, thanks for this post with its artistic range. A brilliant smile in Notre Dame, a chef's party, sweet ingredients for a charming map, the gift of a link to, and a heart felt tribute to Mr Bowie. There are way too many wonderful tunes to pick a favorite, but Heroes is a great choice.

    I first became aware of Alan Rickman's talent when I saw him play the lead role in the Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Wow.


    1. I loved Rickman in Truly, Madly, Deeply.
      These people become part of us don't they

    2. That's a fine film, Carol.

      Yes, certain folks really do connect. Perhaps that even happens to some of us in blogland. xo

  6. Such a beautiful post, personal and touching, on so many levels. Your art...the most delicious, indulgent pastry...worth every bite. Angela Muller

    1. Thank you Cleo/Angela..this was my week. The challenge of bringing it all together.

  7. It's been a horrible start to the year, hasn't it? For me, a couple of deaths closer to home as well. Can't wait to be back in Paris in less than a month, it's always a consolation.

    Thanks for the Rue de Bretagne rundown. A cousin lives nearby, so I'll budget extra time when I'm in the neighborhood. I'm especially eager to visit the sandwich guy in the Marché des Enfants Rouges, but it's a little chilly.

    1. Ahh...the sandwich guy in Marche des Enfants Rouges...I wanted to draw him into the map. so man goodies on that street. Impossible to show everything.
      Bowie's loss, because his music brings back so many memories. Where was I when I heard Last Dance the 1st time?
      Plus wonderful stories surfacing on the NET of people who worked with him. And a grand review of some spectacular music.

  8. Geoffrey10:32 AM

    Love your post, moving through the week, the different places, your niece (didn't I meet her?), your father's prophetic advice, all the way to Bowie. I liked him and his general originality and intelligence, which resonated with me more than his music. Still there are plenty of very memorable songs that formed part of the soundtrack of the 70s and 80s (by which time I was hooked on NYC). I was surprised how his death touched me when I read the newsflash, before the huge outpouring in the media.

  9. cyndi from SD11:08 AM

    Okay,I am adding Rue de Bretagne on my must do list for this year. We just booked our flights,and apt for the last two weeks in March.I love being in Paris for Easter. I am trying to remember the website that you have told us to go to find events in Paris. I will look back through your posts. Thank you Carol. I am dancing around the house right now with my Paris mug.

  10. Suzanne11:54 AM

    Thank you Carol again and again for your ever-joyful voice and eye !! Happy 2016 from NYC !

  11. Sad about all the losses for us all. Can't wait for the January map - we missed Marche de Enfants Rouge last trip so it's at the top of the list for 2017.

    1. The Marche des Enfants Rouges has been around since 1615, so its not going anywhere. They just celebrated their tri-centennial.

  12. Good for you for having the wisdom to not give up on your passion! The world is full of people who did the opposite and who may not have found the contentment you have. Long may you live in your 'garret' in Paris!!

  13. Thanks for your lovely post today, and the tributes to

    David Bowie. I went to his concert in Boston, in 1972,

    while I was living there. I can still remember that blue

    suit he wore, and was so sad to hear that he had died.
    I had lots of favorite songs,

    including- Suffragette City and Rebel Rebel
    Looking forward to the next Paris Map

    1. Oh you lucky duck! I saw Elton John back then How I wished I'd seen Bowie

  14. Carol – one of the most moving Bowie moments I have ever seen was his opening of the Post 9/11 concert in NYC where he sang America and then Heros. Here is a link in case you were interested in seeing it.

    Thanks for all you do

    1. Thank you Timothy so much for these links!!!

      Even though I'm an Absolute Beginner at discovering Bowie since Monday (with a few exceptions) this means a lot.

      What a giant of a human being.

  15. Fun way to do maps. I tend to make a rough sketch then a finished one that I ink and paint. A lot of erasing and drawing but always interesting.

    1. Thanks Margaret, I'm an Absolute Beginner at making maps
      It's still like paper dolls for me..

  16. Christine B4:43 AM

    Oh yes, we celebrate Bowie and his art.
    He broke all barriers before we even thought anything about barriers . I've been listening too all week while going about my stressful little Events and CHANGES in my life. Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts & comforting Words..

  17. Thanks for all the Bowie stuff. He is,a fascinating guy

  18. Wonderful post, Carol. One of the best.
    Not much else to say, except I love the photo of the chef (& everyone on the street)looking right into the camera :) Very nice photography!

  19. What a beautiful artistic tribute to David Bowie, Carol. I love Alisa Morov - she also introduced me to the market at Les Enfants Rouge - fabulous treat. Enjoy your niece in Paris. She's lucky to have you show her around. Have fun!


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