Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cheese Day Pavillion Ledoyan, L Maison de Couture

The week I attended L Maison de Couture's show at Circle de l'Union Interalliée.
A fabulous collection Made-ro-order evening gowns Calling Joan Crawford...
Each gown takes well over 300 hours to create. Even more for the embroidery alone.
Lush flowers the perfect accompaniment.
A stunning lineup for L Maison de Couture. And a rave review in Vogue the next day.
Artistic director, Isabelle Moser, an alum of John Galliano and the Christian Dior atelier, comes out for a round of thrilled applause.
More L Maison de Couture show photos on Flickr.
My brother-in-law's nephew, Rudine Mottaghian, a co-founder of L Maison de Couture. Why do I have no lace dresses to wear to couture showings?
More fashion photos on FLICKR.
Monday was the 1st ever held at Pavillion Ledoyan along the Champs-Élysées 
So many to taste
I would not be surprised if all of France's 300+ cheeses were represented in one room.
We were given large, empty platters, a knife, and wine glass.
Let the tasting begin!
A lineup of Calvados apple brandy from the lightest to the most intense with companion cheeses.
All you can eat and drink of wine and cheese for 15€ from 11am to 11pm.
I'm sure will be back next year. Plan your trip accordingly.
Quite a few PBers have requested to buy just one letter.
Now you can.
The Paris Sketch letter of your choice will ship out in a large flat cardboard envelope. No creases and frame-ready.
Single Paris map letters can be had too. Plus Parisian souvenirs included with both.
End of a wonderful day, the cheering lineup of Russian singers in Concorde Metro.


  1. Diane M8:12 AM

    Simply FAB!!
    Your blog give me a sense of being there and keeps me au courant.
    Love having the chance to own single letters!
    Mille Merci

  2. Georgia8:14 AM

    Very Swanky!!
    The fabrics are divine

  3. You must have loved it..that girl in white should be in the movies..:)
    Even your envelope is exciting eye candy..I love an envelope that gets to me..that stands out and says I am special.

  4. What a life you lead!

  5. Thank you! As always, you buoy my winter spirits with so much beauty. In Vermont we do have excellent cheese but fashion and luscious store window displays, not so much. I was especially impressed by Wei Wei birds.

    1. But you do have Vermont CHEDDAR!!!

  6. The cheese expo must have been made in heaven!!
    And glad you are past of the French fashion world too!

  7. the clothes - oo la la

  8. Allison C1:00 PM

    LOVE this last post!
    The sketches are wonderful!!!

  9. Fantastic adaptation of those accordion pleated decorations! And the cheeses have given me the proper appetite just in time for if only I had some on hand!

  10. Peggy M12:56 AM

    How I enjoyed this !!!

    The cheeses and was a great shot.

    Thank you for taking your fans with you on these fabulous adventures !

  11. Cheese and pretty fashions.
    That's what I want!!

  12. Beverly1:02 AM

    The cheese and brandy pairings look so interesting. How do I find out more about them????????

    1. Beverly I found this:

  13. Denise1:34 AM

    So glad you decided to offer the option of 1 Paris Sketch letter!
    I'm one of the people that have been asking for this.

  14. I love the idea of a single letter coming in a larger envelope so you do not have to fold your fabulous art. Will be great for all who want to frame your work!!!! Fashion show looked like fun!

  15. Carolyn I3:23 AM

    Love your fashion show drawings!
    You are so talented!!
    The clothes looked wonderful!!!

  16. SVP, can I live your life?

    1. Yes please Becs!
      I have some envelopes for you to fill ASAP!!
      How are you with stamps?

  17. Jean-Louis Floch1:59 PM

    Tasteful life !

  18. i love french cheese but italians are the best Pb come to taste them ..Parmigiano and Gorgonzola first then all the others with a glass of red wine or Passito why not

  19. The fashion show - and your sketches - look great, Carol.
    I'm not crazy about cheese - :) I'm sorry!

  20. Oh cheese. Sigh. Tomorrow's our wine tasting day and Pat will bring the best cheeses. I can't wait.

    Nice idea about the individual Paris sketches.


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