Friday, January 22, 2016

Ai Weiwei at Le Bon Marche and Cha Ling

Tuesday night I reluctantly ventured out into the chill night to attend a cosmetics launch of Cha Ling l'esprit du thè at Bon Marche.

A few weeks earlier I noticed excitement going on in Bon Marche's windows - The biggest installation ever in Paris of Chinese artist, Ai WeiWei is on from 20 Janvier - 20 Fevrier.

I managed to catch a shot of Ai Weiwei's diagrammatic sketch.

Look at the wildly energetic results seen Tuesday night.

Ten windows with different poetic, mythical themes.

Inside Bon Marche, a new other worldly sérum infusion called Cha Ling l'esprit du thé is designed to hydrate your dry skin in the chill air.

Made with rare organic forest tea leaves plus red algae. The scent is wonderful, exotic yet not heavily perfumy.

Samples were expertly smoothed on hands
Chinese artifacts in exquisite still lifes

I suppose part of the Chinese promotion throughout Bon Marche.

On hand artisans

A calligrapher to paint your fortune

Taste tea made from the same leaves in Cha Ling skin care.
And of course gelato served by Il Gelato del Marchese
The guests of honor, Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain creative director

Hovering over the head of the president of Cha Ling and Guerlain, Laurent Boillot, swirling and dipping
Ai Weiwei's terrific mythical creature-kites Bet they'd love to swoop down for a glass of Veuve Clicquot.
Bon Marche's atrium is the perfect environment for these floating creatures.
At eye-level silvery fish swim in big tanks in the cosmetics department.
I have absolutely nothing to wear to these events. I went back yesterday for more shots. Wish I had mythical, floaty pink hair, perfect for tea cosmetic launches.This swath of Chinese red cloth worn on the wrist is so chic for French soirées (only for employees of Bon Marche and Cha Ling).
Don't miss the Ai Weiwei installation at Bon Marche if you're in Paris!


  1. Very impressive exhibition and lush cosmetics!

  2. What a special evening!
    Good thing you didn't let the chilly weather keep you at home.
    Thank you for taking us along on your glorious adventures in Paris!!

  3. Look at his daughter-in -laws legs:) Wow.
    I would have no clue what to teas..
    many sport pink hair these days:)

  4. I always enjoy your posts, but this one was particularly wonderful! Thank you for swaning around Paris and keeping us in touch till we are back next summer.

  5. Cathleen9:36 AM

    I love love Paris Breakfast.
    This one in particular has me wanting to be in Paris again. I was there the month of September and can not wait to return.

  6. Carol, I admire the way in which you've incorporated a gentle, sophisticated, and witty transition amongst varied topics in this post. Those suspended paper sculptures look quite lovely floating in that open atrium space.

    (It's also amusing to see Bon Marche having a Chinese moment while world markets are diving as oil prices and Chinese economics lead the way.)

    Really lovely to visit here! xo

    1. Thank you Frances!
      High praise coming from you.
      We dyslexics like to jump around grasshopper-style..

  7. I agree - those mythical creatures look like they have expensive tastes!

    1. Hanging out in Bon Marche has a way of doing that to you.

  8. Love those windows and paper sculpture kites ans I'm sure I would love the serum, but am sure it's very expensive. Just received my January aMap and love it. Not sure I can hold out until fall 2017 as I need a Paris fix now.

  9. Beverly3:57 PM

    I am glad you are not a tourist again........I love seeing your artwork!!!

  10. Bonnie3:58 PM

    I am on sensory overload from this gorgeous blog went on and on and every photo and message just got better and better...

    Thank you and thank you,

  11. Jillian1:27 AM

    Another exquisite, funny, besutiful post from you Carol

  12. Susan H.2:09 AM

    What a great life you live!!

  13. I so wanted to go to this Carol. Looked super - and finishing it all off with some of my favourite ice cream in Paris too? Wonderful.

  14. LOVE those air bound sculptures! And I am in desperate need of some cha Ling!
    Did you get a chance to watch the Chinese painter work? We had one in red=sdience for a few weeks last year at the art museum and it was spellbinding to see!


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