Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dimanche Paris

Sunday turned into another 'Tourist Day' but sometimes when you're on a trip, things don't go exactly as planned...hmmm. A lot of you ask how I find out what's on and could I please tell you what to do next September when you're planning to visit. Honestly I get most of my ideas from posters in the Metro. On Sunday musée d'Orsay was having quickie 'free' concerts in their atrium...not so free by the way since you have to buy a ticket to get inside, hmmm. Still the Orchestre de la Garde Republicaine was playing at 11:00 am.

I live near the Garde Republicaine on bd. Henri IV. Every now and then they come out in full regalia on horseback and parade around stopping traffic. Very exciting.

On Journée du Patrimoine I watched them curry the horses etc.

They have an excellent somewhat secret museum inside worth a look if your into toy soldiers or real.

Sunday I raced over to the Orsay

Once inside...big disappointment ;((

Exactly SIX guards beating drums.
That was it.
 This is not an orchestra in my opinion.
C'est la vie. You don't always get what you want.

Last day for the Femmes Photographes 1839 - 1945 at the Orsay so I might as well catch it


Historic photos

By intrepid women. Doesn't this dark, moody interior shot

Remind you of Degas' painting called 'Interiors'? He often used a camera to set up his paintings.

Still feeling a tad disappointed if not in tears.

A hop on the Metro to catch a Sunday matinee. If you want to learn how to tie your scarf, do not be afraid to ride the Metro! An excellent place to pick up Paris fashion trends believe it or not.

I decided to see CAROL but I had an hour to kill before the show.

Very nearby - the oldest restaurant in Paris, Le Procope since 1680 on 13,  rue de l'Ancienne Comedie 75006. I've never been and always wanted to try it. I bet some PBers have been here.

I ordered a soupe d'oignon

Plus a salade mixed. Perfect for a pre-matinee lunch. L'addition came to a mere 17,50€
I was surprised how much I enjoyed CAROL. It's atmospheric and filmed like a painting from start to finish. Did you see it? Did you like it oui o non?

Walking home 'tourist mode' kicked in. 
I rarely go inside luxury chocolatier Patrick Roger, but I have to do research for your February Valentine letters right?

I walked out with just 3 chocolates inside their gorgeous signature turquoise bag. Damage done = 2.90€. 
What have I been waiting for? An affordable luxury for sure.
Only trouble is I ate the chockies before I got to paint them :(
Same ole...same ole. Now I have to go back for more chockies.

Walking home a flash mob of skaters took over boulevarde Saint-Germain
That's what's great about Paris. Even when things don't go exactly as planned there are lots of fun surprises.
By the way here is my 'garret'(a top-floor or attic room, especially a small dismal one, traditionally inhabited by an artist) minus 'the bunch of cats' predicted by my dad as my future home. This is the back view. Pas mal non? Mille Merci Dad! ;))


La Table De Nana said...

I'd like to see it..the lunch looks delish..
I can always go for French onion soup and a salad..
I could swear you painted les gardes standing up.

Ardent Fan said...

A Lovely Lady with a Companion Extraordinaire Like Sir Bear has no need for Cats.

And if I could live in Paris I would take any accommodation.

judithm said...

How refreshing a view on a dreary grey day in Indiana.

cyndi from SD said...

Looks like a pretty wonderful day to me.
Procope is now on my list.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I don't think you can go wrong. Sure there are tourists but plenty of French families eating on a Sunday afternoon.
They are open 7/7

Parisbreakfasts said...

French onion soup and a salad is a classic good for any meal.
I bet you can rustle up a mean onion soupe when you want Monique!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Actually you wouldn't want to live just anywhere in fact...some places can be quite seedy and depressing (not to pop your balloon). It's no fun living with no heat for example. I know from experience :))

Julie said...

I love the serendipity of wandering alone - you just follow your nose and transitory inclinations!

Sue said...

What a perfect Paris Sunday! Sigh. Thank you for the tip about the Garde Republicaine...next time!

sukicart said...

That lunch loooks delicious & your garret (always sounded romantic to me) seems fine - but which window is yours? The scarves always look so natural on the Parisienes but look and feel clumbsy on me.

Parisbreakfasts said...

It's all in the twist plus they are lighter weight wool.
I am making a BIG study of them...even reduced to stalking scarf-wearers and shooting on the Metro!!

Mary H said...

Pas mal, INDEED!!! Paris, Carol! You lucky duck
Guess I'll have to schedule a trip to the cinema to see CAROL! Merci pour ta recomandation. Your words "filmed like a painting" put the film over the top for me!

Wendy said...

I loved seeing your colorful blog today. It's just what we

PBers' needed, since so many of us are surrounded by piles of

snow, at the moment!

Peggy said...

A garret on L'ile Saint-Louis? Pas mal indeed!


PS. Thanks for more swanning around. ;-)

Lynn S said...

Yes, I saw Carol. And yes, I liked it. The cinematography especially. I agree with you, it was like sitting through a painting that moved!

I loved the visuals.

I also understood the repressive times of the 50's.

Normajean said...

I would have eaten the chockies too!..... so sad that you have to go back for more..... but it is the price you have to pay for being an artist...... chuckle!:)

sukicart said...

Love it - will you then put together a map of scarf tying?

Beverly said...

I loved CAROL. Glad you enjoyed it too. If BROOKLYN is playing I recommend it; a very moving story.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I eagerly awaiting it. No signs yet.
The BBC read the novel on BOOK AT BEDTIME during the summer.

Fan Ann said...

You probably know that 'orchestra' also means band, right?
as in orchestra de rock

Parisbreakfasts said...

Er... actually I didn't but 6 drummers?
no, not even a band for me :(
I want the Full Monty pls.!!

~Suzanne~ said...

Simply loved today's post. I enjoy your "my day in Paris" posts. You seem to cram so much in. I would have been greatly disappointed with 6 drummers as well.. Next time we will have to go into the Garde Republique. I have a whole Pinterest board for tying scarves and I still can't get mine to look 'real'. Not much use for scarves here in Fla. but I have a closet-full anyway.
Thank you for a lovely day!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

A lovely post. I will make a point of seeing Carol. And as I can't dine quite as elegantly as you have (living in rural Nova Scotia Canada), I will treat myself somehow and add some good quality chocolate to my day. Thank you.

Nikon said...

Some great photos (as always), Carol.
I especially liked the Women Photographers exhibit, & your low-angle shot of the flash-mob skaters.
The onion soup restaurant looked like a beautiful little spot.

PiscesCafe said...

Carol was beautifully costumed, the cinematography was gorgeous, and Cate Blanchett was perfection. I was not thrilled with Rooney Mara's performance. Watch The Talented Mr Ripley and you will see the most perfect film version of a Patricia Highsmith novel.

We had garrett rooms in the hotels we stayed in during our May 2014 visit to Paris. They cost a pretty penny (over $400 a night!), but they still let us into the breakfast room (heh...), and our room at Hotel Powers (#68) had a view of the Eiffel Tower. Yippee!!!