Thursday, July 02, 2015

Maison de la Chantilly, Ines de la Fressange, 4th of July

Tuesday was whipped cream tasting day at MAISON DE LA CHANTILLY
Gorgeous little mouthfuls of just the right amount of Chantilly whipped cream gathered from special French cows (FYI they do not reside at Chateau Chantilly but rather mid-France. Each one was personally interviewed and selected).
Their soft caramels made with Chantilly cream are 2-die-for I kid you not.
The Chef was on hand to fill your little cookie cone.
Not just any whipped cream can call it self 'crème Chantilly' by the way. There are rules just like Champagne. It is strictly regulated and requires a minimum of 30% fat. Who knew?
They have real Fontainebleaux and Pavlovas (I had to taste one). My first.
On Maison de la Chantilly's website they offer strawberry soup. I'm going back!
Strawberries make you think of shortcake. Red, white and blue July 4th coming up this Saturday.
The best, newest place to get your 4th outfit is Ines de la Fressange's shop on 24, rue de Grenelle 75007
Once an old bronze fixtures factory, the black- painted display cases are original and stunning
As is all the merchandise.
This is her concept store with something for everyone and their maison.
It's hard not to love her casual taste and superb eye.
Fressange's ebullient spirit is ever present.
I loved ❤️ everything in her store.
Especially the bits and pieces on her inspo board. Ines as a petite fille?
Fun, fun, fun! A don't miss shop with prices in all ranges.
Who knew there would be a Fourth of July Street Food festival in Paris?
I fell for cerises/fraises 🍓earrings in a shop window on rue Saint Louis en L'Ile. Cerises 🍒 are cute too.
This weekend I'll be painting strawberries at Chateau du Petit Thouars Independence day celebration.
Any PBers who show up will get the latest July Cherry 🍒 Sketch Letter  free. Y'all come.
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  1. Anabel7:26 AM

    Irresistible yummies to eat, wear and do for this weekend.
    Mille Merci!

  2. She is so very the little posie on the gingham shirt and shoes ..just enough whimsy and charm to make me like her store..You are thebravest camera girl I know!
    One of my fave aquarelles of yours...the little turquoise basket,les belles fraises et les confitures..
    I just had my confitures on a bagel half..and Jacques is aving it on Croissants..(2!)
    When you showed the earrings..I thought: "Carol".
    Il fait chaud à Paris ?

    1. Aujourd'hui c'est mieux
      (Today is Much better!)
      Low 90s

  3. I wish I could be there. I would turn those earrings into a pin. So cute.

    I did not know Paris celebrated the 4th.

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I am very interested in "Chantilly whipped cream". I have been trying to find out what sets it apart. It is so amazing . So what do they add to it to make it so yummy? It starts with special ,regional cows and then is it special what they feed those lucky cows? There's a lot more to it than just going to the store in Oregon and buying a container of "whipping cream". The vanilla? The powdered sugar? What do you know about what gets added to make it even better? Thanks for your great blog!

    1. The answer is on their site I above

    2. I think the cream is slightly fermented, so there's a tangy, almost nutty note that balances the richness.

      A little bit much for this heat wave; I'll content myself with checking out some of Carol's ice cream suggestions this weekend.

  5. That whipped cream looks very buttery and golden.

  6. Real whipped cream is one of my favorite treats but the Chantilly cream I had in Paris was definitely the creamiest, dreamiest one I've ever had. Wish I could be there now!

  7. Love the earrings! I guess they celebrate the 4th of July kind of like we celebrate el cinco de mayo here in the states. Any excuse to celebrate! We arrive in Paris on the 12th and our place is on l'ile Saint-Louis. Perhaps we will run into you -- or look you up for a nice espresso.

  8. Lynne C4:50 AM

    Omg is he handsome!!!i would love to have one every morning...and have handsome e greet me....the store reminds me of Ralph Loren stores.very nice

  9. Kathleen4:52 AM

    OMG - think I gained 5 pounds just looking at that first photo - hah!

  10. Sally V.4:53 AM

    inspiring...happy...I love Ines also...

  11. A lovely post. I must say some of your young chefs lately look as tasty as the treats. LOL

  12. I want everything, especially the darling cherry earrings!

  13. Wonderful post! Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour! :)

  14. Wonderful post! Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour! :)

  15. Your comment about 30 % cream sent me to wikipedia to see what's in our cream...light cream is 18-30% fat, light whipping cream 30-36% fat and heavy whipping cream is 36% or more. Now I wonder what I buy....?! It's all whipping cream to me! Then my eye fellow the lists for other Australia they have "double cream" at 48-60%! Whoa!


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