Monday, July 13, 2015

Jean-Paul Gaultier et les Cerises de Juilllet

Last Friday I sailed through the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibit at Grand Palais
If you were in Paris this Spring and missed this get right back on the plane and come back. You have till 3 August.
Sailed is the right word. Attendants were paying homage to J-P wearing their navy marinere T-shirts.
More blues in the multi-media show room
On to the full fashion runway show with revolving models
And the requisite star-filled audience sitting in the little gold chairs.
Gaultier's Urban Jungle looks
Patterned and deeply sensuous
Talking sensuous, no one does wild crazy lingerie better than Gaultier.
Fabulous photos are integrated into this retrospective of his fashions covering 1976 through 2014.
A corseted Marie-Antoinette bien sur..
To the ultimate in sexy corsets
J-P's costumes for Madonna hold the spotlight
These two were well-paired off

Gaultier's signature parfums
Mirror his iconic cone bras.
Sunday at the marche Bastille when I saw these same cones
There was no stopping me.
I had to have this cherry-red zipper bag.
July is cherry month in Paris and at PB headquarters. Eat as many as possible while they last.
You can get lasting Paris cherries if you subscribe to the Sketch Letters a toute suite.
Hurry up!


  1. Is it allowed to take pictures in the exhibition? That would be new ;-) I'm coming to Paris tomorrow and I surely will see this expo!

    1. Picture #3
      I'm taking a picture of someone taking a picture.
      Look again.

  2. I thought you should be the first to know: After watching those delicious French stripes on PB for at least 4 or 5 years, I finally bought my very own striped t-shirt!

    1. Bravo J
      On my to-do list. Trip to Agnes b.
      I just have to lose a few more...

    2. PS It will NEVER go out of fashion. I see stripes everyday high and low fashion.
      A classic

  3. Neat! Love your bag and your aquarelle:)
    He's an amazing too have 4 striped things now..I am sure because of you..3 striped t's and a dress.;)

  4. Very, very sexy! I like the Urban Jungle "wrap around" top & of course, Madonna's corset pic :)
    His perfume bottles are cute, too.
    Very sexy, Carol, and a mini-masterpiece of a photo essay! Unbelievably well arranged and the blue theme is terrific!

  5. This is funny because I woke up with a stomach ache... Due to eating too many cherries last night. Happy Bastille Day... Our transatlantic flight is tonight:)!

    1. I know I shouldn't be laughing Cyndy
      This has happened to me too many X ;)
      Bon Voyage!!

  6. Wow, wow and WOW!

    I just can't pack my cone bras and do them justice, so will have to settle for my usual boring ones on trips!

    Thanks for this terrific stroll!

    1. Why I picked the 'cone' cherry red purse Vicki

  7. Fantastic!!!

  8. Carolyn1:11 AM

    Love your new red purse! Just looks like you!!!


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