Saturday, July 25, 2015

Crowd-Sourcing July's Berthillon Map

It seemed a natural.

I live on Ile Saint-Louis

So obviously my next map should be rue St.-Louis en L'Ile. Easy peasy no? NO.

I live on an island full of ice cream-seekers (even though Berthillon will close it's shutters on Monday 27 July for vacance, there are many other providers of their excellent glace to dish it out. Le Figaro says Berthillon has the absolute best Vanille in town, in case you're womdering which of the 57+ flavors to order. I say go with the benchmark.

Ha. I saw this poster at the Sunday marché Bastille.
The title of this months map, 'the lure of the ice cream cone'

I enjoy gazing at the long lines

Meanwhile back to drawing maps. I belatedly discovered I prefer drawing round shapes (apples, cherries, tomatoes, DESSERTS )

To the straight lines you find on most maps. In fact I am allergic to straight lines.

I picked up this wonderful book, A Map of the World, while researching/procrastinating drawing my Ile St.-Louis map.

Usually I'm dependent on the boys at the copy shop for art feedback. One frown from them and I'm back to the drawingboard for a redo.

This time I decided to 'crowd-source' for instant feedback. 
I put my horribly busy, desperate map sketch on FaceBook and asked, SOS!

One more thing I was dreaming of including on the map was Berthillon's wonderful Salon de Thé.
Bear insisted
I asked for opinions. Mostly everyone felt as Bear did. They loved tea salons. Fortunately one voice in the wilderness (Felicity) said keep it simple (commonly referred to as KISS).
I skirted the issue by adding La Seine.
A side note, while procrastinating I read Audrey Hepburn was so nervous about meeting Cary Grant in 'Charade' she spilled her wine on him. They added it to the movie but turned the wine into ice cream.

So I added in an homage to Audrey and Cary...sort of.

Adding blue water helped bring me closer to the finish line while still dithering over tea salons. Yes, I know it should be LA not LE Seine.

I Finally Felicity's comment on Facebook and doggies saved the day.
Enfin! Finished after weeks of blood, sweat and too many ice cream cones. Your JULY PARIS MAPS went out yesterday subscribers.So that is How The West Was Won and rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile was conquered.


  1. Love the finished product! Author of The Map of The World book please?

    1. Sorry, I will add a link.
      Full title:
      No author


    3. That book looks fascinating! Thanks for link! :-)

  2. Carol, it's fascinating to see how you are developing these maps. They are looking so very good.

    (Thank you also for the sweet photo from Charade.)

    Still looking for my own first ice cream cone/cup of 2015. Perhaps tomorrow might be the day. I might have to take a photo.


    1. Hahaha. They are getting ready to launch FALL here soon.
      Ice cream will be gone soon...

  3. Michelle11:55 PM

    Excellent! Is rue Jacob long enough to warrant a map? I meant to vote for it earlier. I love the history of the street... important things have happened there and so many interesting people have lived (and do live) there! And there are GREAT SHOPS! Even a LADUREE!!!

    1. I LOVE rue Jacob!!
      I am mainly doing Foodie streets though and rue Jacob is not a foodie street malheureusement :(

  4. WOW.

    How wonderful this is. Great design.

    Especially love the drippy little ice cream cone.

    Great sense of humor, my dear.


  5. Susan Hochbaum2:11 AM

    Lovely!!! It's a wrap.

  6. Abou from the Copy Shop2:18 AM

    I am not sure but I believe that Orlean takes an "s" at the end but I may be wrong

    1. Whoops!
      trop tard
      You darn Copy Shop people!!

  7. Looking at the line of people, they do not look like sophisticated French dressers but very much American casual.

    1. Probably all Frenchies on the Berthillon line. Most Americans go to the shorter, faster lines at the other places. The girl in the polka-dots with long hair? Very French.

  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Carol, your blog has brought me endless joy and ideas for how to spend my precious vacations days in Paris. Have you thought about doing a map of rue des Abbesses in Montmartre, which leads to rue Lepic?

    1. I was thinking more Rue Lepic..
      I must explore!

  9. You have gotten through this beautifully even without my help :-) I will be watching for the mailman!

    1. God only knows what I'd be without you....
      Bom, bom. bommmm, ba bommm,
      Bom bom ba bommmm

  10. This is the BEST drawing - I love it! Are you going to do one for different areas? Rue St Honore would be fab! Or, do one for each arrondissement and bundle them together as Carol's Paris?

  11. Suzanne1:49 PM


    Map charming witty colorful ...
    you make Bear proud!

  12. DeeDee1:51 PM

    A million thank-yous for today's gorgeous blog!
    We are Californians who treat ourselves to a trip to Paris
    as often as we can. After checking into our hotel, our first
    stop is always the incomparable Berthillon. They make the
    world's best ice cream! No one else comes even close.

  13. Linda D1:52 PM

    I love your maps! Hope that sometime in the future you will consider having them published as a book!

  14. Ruth S1:53 PM

    I was sooo excited to see this! My all-time favorite of Berthillon is there sorbet abricot. It's all I have ever eaten. I had it first in 1986 and it was and still is just like the fruit. Miam miam....

  15. Fantastic!!
    And Yummmmmy too!!!

  16. You suffer for your art!

  17. I love the way you put this post together, a lot of work, and great artwork. Humorous, too.
    First class, Carol!

  18. Took me a while to come back to you, earmarked it and now WOAWWWW; this is beyond precious. What a job you had and so much fun! Thank you, merci, grazie, Danke, gracias
    :) Kiki


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