Monday, June 29, 2015

Glace, Ice Cream Lines, Carnaval Tropical, Jacques-Henri Lartigue

When it's hot you want ice cream
Especially on a Sunday. The pink one is peche lavande by the way
I'm back at Une Glace À Paris
Has every Parisian read my post? The line has grown out the door.
They put a flavors board up outside! Bigger type please + pictures?
The cones are lined up inside. They are 'fait maison' and 2€ extra FYI.
When I leave the line has grown exponentially.
There were ice cream lines all over Paris.
Berthillon owns Ile Saint Louis.
I make a nice Greek yogurt ice cream. Hmmm...
Pozzetto 2 Gelato opened a new shop on rue Vieille du Temple around the corner from rue du roi de Sicile Pozetta 1.
You can get lunch too.
Other lines were forming in the Marais.
It was le Carnval Tropical on Sunday
You could not cross the street. Fortunately there was ice cream available on both sides.
An orderly ice cream line showed up in Maison Europenne de la Photographie
The Jacques-Henri Lartigue exhibit is a Summer Don't-Miss
Romantic Summery photos transport you to another era...
5/7 rue de Fourcy - 75004 Metro:Pont Marie
I almost forgot to shoot my ice cream - melon, Matcha, Vanille du Mexique.
I was thinking I could be ice creamed out for a while, but tomorrow there's a tasting of crème Chantilly. What goes better than a dip or two?
And temperatures are rising exponentially.


  1. Anabel8:57 AM

    Eating ice cream all summer in Paris is tough work,
    but someone's got to do it.
    Bon courage!

  2. You are a little ice cream afficionado!

  3. Carol, what fun I've had with this ice cream catch up! Can you imagine that I've yet to have my first 2015 scoop here in NYC. Some of my favorite ice cream places have closed in the past year, and so I must begin some fresh research....
    Perhaps you will be creating an ice cream map.... The Parisian flavors you've shown us along with those delicious photographs are far, far beyond anything available over here.

    The vintage photographs are also so beautiful...those hats are just my style.


    1. An ICE CREAM MAP!!!
      Wouldn't that be Heaven/torture to do...Yum Yum

    2. PS Whatever are you waiting for Frances?

    3. Carol, here's a funny update. It's not just my imagination that ice cream has better sources in your beautiful Paris. In my neighborhood, I have ... Haagen Daz. A bit further uptown is Ben & Jerry's. Over on Amsterdam is a branch of another chain,Emack & Bolio's.

      Apparently, nouveau, hip and trendy ice cream is to be found in Brooklyn. Truly, so the media tells me.

      Think that the nice place on Madison Ave is still scooping something delish. Hope so. xo

  4. Yum! I may have to come right back soon!

  5. love Lartigue’s photos


  6. Carolyn1:11 PM

    So what are those white cubes in your first photos?? Looks like tofu but can't be. Little squares of pound cake? Hmmmm. Better go back and try some of those:). I too, love those vintage photos? Ice cream lines -- primarily tourists or locals?

    1. Those are guimauve...marshmallow.
      Locals mostly vut who doesn't love ice cream?
      It's international love affair!

  7. Carolyn1:13 PM


  8. I just learned about a new one, opened by Elizabeth Bard and her husband. Scaramouche. They have one in Provence already. Would you make the sacrifice and try it out for those of us state side that can't get there any time soon? :-)

    1. Leslie in Oregon11:56 PM

      Scaramouche Paris: 22 rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris (Montmartre, 18ème). Artisanal ice cream and frozen yoghurt. Anyone who has read Elizabeth Bard will flock there as well as to the original Scaramouche in Cereste. Artisanal ice cream is big in Portland, the best of it approaching (IMHO, and I never thought I'd say this) the taste of very good French ice cream. Cheers, Leslie

  9. I have nine gelato containers in my four jars of Fran's dark chocolate sauce so I don't run out!!

    1. And I have room for ONE tine ice tray :(
      No wonder I am out hunting up ice cream...

  10. Amazing amount of folks following in your footsteps! You should get a lifetime discount :)
    Looks like it was hot there, too.
    Cute little shop!

  11. Oui! Oui! Oui to the ice cream map - and I don't mean as in "this little piggy cried...."
    It is absolutely nice ream season here, too!


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