Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Shangri-La Hotel Tea Time

Tuesday we were guests for tea at Hotel Shangri-La in their fabulous La Bauhinia restaurant. 10, avenue d'Iena 75016 
One must study the menu at length like this Vuillard painting.
I decided, after much deliberation, Bear should order the Tea Time Classic and (moi) would pig out with TWO desserts. 'The best of all possible worlds!' as Voltaire said.
In the Celadon green serenity of La Bauhinia
Calorie counting goes out the window.
Carpe Diem/Seize the day!
The helpful tea sommelier suggested an infusion of rosehips and hibiscus flowers for me. Bear was enticed by rose et a la vanille.
Desserts were a lovely surprise. A witty transformation of traditionally classic French pastries. This charlotte aux Fraises is unlike any charlotte I've seen before but all the same ingredients - soft strawberry sponge cake, strawberry jam and yogurt mousse.
Light as a feather with the cake hidden on the inside
An unusual Flottante.
The 'floating islands on top, lightly anointed with caramel - delicate and leger/light.
The 'classic tea time' has 3 plates. One of mignardises
Miniature French classic pastries like an éclair, a cannele, a mini chocolate mousse and paille.
One mustn't forget the very English scones, one is Bergamot.
Star pastry chef Francois Perret came and chatted with us. If you're in France these days you'd have seen him on Qui sera le prochain grand Patissier? last week. Just the hottest show in France (with the hottest chefs).
We both agreed his miniature 'paille'/meaning straw is one of France's best traditional pastries.
I've eaten more versions of this palmier-like sandwich filled with raspberry jam than I can count. It's usually covered in enough powdered sugar to leave it's mark down your front. This is why French people wear scarves. in my opinion - a bib for munching outdoors.
After our luscious tea we took a little spin around the historic side of the Shangri-la hotel formerly owned by Bonaparte's nephew Rolande.
The hotel's signature orchids are everywhere.
While the La Bauhinia was quiet (we started tea at 5) the terrasses were buzzing. Many Parisians were enjoying the gorgeous weather on the hotel Shangri-La's three terrasses - one has views of the Eiffel Tower. Stopping in for tea is a lovely way to experience this deluxe, historic hotel in Paris. and by all means wear your white Rabbit ring for afternoon tea time!


  1. Looks heavenly and a much deserved treat after being house-bound for so long!

  2. I LOVE the portrait of Janice & the Vuillard portrait. In my youth I loved this artist's paintings in The Phillips Gallery in Washington. I love your portrait of the pastry...This is an elegant place & I'm glad you are getting back out there...Hey, PS. I HAVE been painting swatches, if not blobs, sans encre...Merci, ~R

  3. I was going to say what Rita said..I love the comparison between Janice and the Vuillard!
    Trop cute!
    Your charlotte is so spot on ..but more charming..
    I had tea at The Ritz in Mtl once..lovely experience.
    That bunny is so cute.I love your costume jewelry.
    A kid at heart you are.

  4. how completely decadent !!! those desserts are to die for ♥

  5. Elegant and lovely. I must agree that Janice could have posed for the Vuillard. Perfect comparison. I've never had 'paille' but think perhaps I should remedy in November. I'm glad to see you on-the-go again.

  6. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I so envy your experiences with Paris and all its' wonders. I hope every day finds you healing and feeling better.

  7. White Rabbit ring.
    Brill !

  8. What a wonderful way to celebrate walking around again, Carol. Sweet Charlotte painting - and a matching cup of tea for teatime too. Canelés and bergamot scones (oh, so British) ... yum! Also love that staircase!

  9. Carol, this tea time looks so very elegant. It's grand that the talented and very handsome pastry chef was able to chat a while with you and Janice. His creations really are amazing in their appearance. How reassuring that they also taste so good!


  10. Can you tell me where I could buy your white rabbit ring? I love it.

    1. At Galeries Lafayette
      N2 Bijoux - They did the little red ridding hoods and dancing ballerinas...all adorable irresistible stuff for me.

    2. You might be able to order it online here:

  11. Rosemary F12:58 PM

    great post, and I'm not even a dessert person but now would love to go there - I vote for the champagne tea!

  12. Leslie2:07 PM

    THIS is on MY bucket list! WOW

  13. A very beautiful place! Great photos, Carol. I especially like that shot of Janice studying the menu. The pastries look great, too :)

  14. The only thing more beautiful than that hotel is those scrumptious(NO other description fits!) pastries!
    (Canneles!Palmiers! OH LA LA!!)
    All savored with such heavenly tea!
    What a fantastic experience!
    Also enjoyed seeing you at Janice's book signing!
    You two have the market cornered on fun!

  15. How delicious...the pastries and the pastry chef too!

  16. and what about saying all that but in French? hehe

  17. It doesn't look nearly so charming as many spots but with pastries like that (and a cute pastry chef on top of it all), who needs charm? A tad elegant for me but I could work with that for such treats!

  18. The ring is charming!
    The flowers are so beautiful I want to pass out
    Star pastry chef Francois Perret-marry me!
    'Janice studied the menu intensely like she was preparing for her SATs' -hahaha-no, no, no! Have one of EVERYTHING! I always feel happier having read your beautiful blog!


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