Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ciel Bleu

Paris is very much 'ciel bleu' /blue skies these days and the temperatures are right up there.
I thought I'd stroll over to Paris Plages - the summer 'beach' along the Seine created with real sand but no waves to get your feet wet.
I was surprised what fun it is! Near me at Pont Sully loads of Parisians are lolling on blue and white stripped mats on the grass and having picnics like mad.
By Hotel de Ville there are outdoor cafes, water fountains, ice cream stands, you name it.
Who could resist?
I had a cooling lemonade in the shade.
There's a Batobus stop right by the café. I decided what the heck. 
The Batobus hits 8 different Paris monuments on it's route along the Seine.
One of you asked if Parisians are wearing flip flops dans la rue? At the pool yes.
But in the street jamais. All manner of sandals are de rigueur.
Quite a few PBers sent me the link to Lindsey Tramuta's story in the WSJl on the top 5 trending Paris pastries. Thank you! Naturally I felt obliged to taste the little sponge cakes at Japanese patisserie, Ciel 4, rue Monge 75005
Plenty of exotic flavors like Basilic and of course Thé vert matcha.
I peeked in the back fascinated by the mini angel food cake molds. Did your mom make this cake too?
At Ciel they offer a little lunch tray of sandwiches plus a passion fruit miniature sponge. Are sponge cake and angel food the same thing? Inside is mango cream. Light and refreshing. Airy.
Outside Ciel has soft-serve ice cream - thé vert and fleur d'orange.
Who could resist? Not yours truly. I was going to do August's Paris Sketch Letter on ice cream but I decided against it. Someone has been eating too much ice cream! Oink Oink.
Hope you're having a fun summer too PBers!


  1. Have the same sandalwood fan ---
    Paris in summer, sunny for a change, and you are obviously having a ball!

    1. It was a lucky break I picked up that little fan in tourist shop Judith.
      A hand fan is a summer essential in Paris.
      No one tells you.

  2. I think sponge cake, at least in the U.S., is made with the egg yolks folded into the whipped whites, while angel food is only egg whites. The flavors in Paris look amazing. I could sample them all and be quite a content "Porky".

  3. Paris Plages looks delightful! A small compensation for the Parisians who must stay in the city. I love angel food cake, and yes, Joyfulartist is correct: sponge cake is similar but contains the entire egg not just the whites.

    1. It runs from the Louvre to my pont Sully so it's pretty big and varied.
      Renoir had it right when he painted Parisians by the water.
      They are addicted even if it's just sitting on the walls dangling thir feet

  4. Love the Plages, and your shots of the things to do along the banks of the Seine.
    The tour boat looks like fun, too.
    Of course the pastries look fabulous.
    Hope you are getting up & about with more comfort now!

  5. Your Parisian summer in the city looks like a whole lot of fun and filled with goodies!

  6. The Batobus was a life saver when we had walked our feet off it was such a wonderful find last time, only time, in Paris.

    1. Ohhhhh...what a good idea Penny.
      A boat break instead of a cafe/coffee break. Yes very relaxing and serene.
      Did I say I bought a season ticket?
      They were on sale.
      Who could resist?

  7. Mademoiselle..tes photos sont sublimes!
    I love the whole new look!

  8. Carol Anne12:18 AM

    I must let you know I am enjoying my monthly letters very much, thank you

  9. Love your post today! You are si funny! Puts one in à good mood des le matin!

  10. what a beautiful sky!!!!

    and scenes of paris-when-hot!!!


  11. I am a little obsessed with cake molds. Who knew?


  12. Ice in Europe? I can't believe it. While traveling in Europe, I couldn't get ice anywhere.

    1. Hey this is Paris!
      They were bringing cups of it to the table next to me.Cocktails are very big in Paris. For that you need ice.

  13. Love that blue sky with white fluffy clouds - they always look so much better in Paris. Have always wanted to see Paris plages. Love the little sandwiches made with cake.

  14. Sponge cake uses egg yolks ( and maybe one whole egg), while angel food uses the whites. Neither have any added butter or milk, just sugar and flour and maybe a little leavening. So, they are the same but opposite! Love your posts! Visited Paris for the first time in 18 years for 8 days last month. Your posts got me prepared.

  15. Angel food cake is mostly egg white, sugar and flour. Sponge cake uses the whole egg and is usually flavored but the mixing method is basically the same.
    I live n Alaska and your blog is like a mini vacation every morning!

  16. Switchboard2:58 PM

    do remember the Angel Food pans. My mother often made our birthday cakes in them, and they were delicious!
    P.S. Thanks so much for the lovely Cerises sketch that you sent. So lovely.
    We PB’ers always know that there will be something great in your envelopes from Paris!

  17. Summer in Paris and once again you have transported us away!
    Wonderful post,as always,Carol,filled with everything to capture our imaginations.
    At the top of the list is that pink pig!

  18. Looks like a wonderful time!

  19. I saw that WSJ article this week too- and immediately thought of you! I'm so glad you're out there trying out these new things for us. I like the Ciel cake idea, not so sure about the sandwiches…How fabulous to get a season ticket on the batobus- we make a trip each visit to Paris, it's special. We caught the first few days of Paris Plages last year. I've just spent the last few weeks on the couch watching the Tour de France, and dreaming- always dreaming.

  20. There is no thing as too much ice cream. I'm just sayin'...

    Looks divine and a fun way to be in the city. Almost tropical!

    The cherry watercolor arrived yesterday and it is already framed and looking rather lovely! Thank you -- what a treat!

    Happy day!


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