Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drees van Notan/Berber Femmes de Maroc/musée YSL

Two fashion exhibits closely related in my opinion - The Berber women of Maroc at Musee YSL - I've been passing in the Metro now that I'm back on three feet and Drees.

With all your encouragement you have me sketching like a Banshi. Wonderful small show at the YSL-Pierre Berge Fondation.

Weaving, potter, jewelry, clothing of Berber women of Northern Morocco from the museum on YSL's Jardin Marjorelle in Marakech chosen from a collection of over 400 pieces. It's easy to see how these influenced St.Laurant's designs in a deep, inspired way.

The exhibits at the Fondation are usually small but elegant and inspiring. Plus they have a terrific, affordable little gift shop upstairs - I always find something to delight.

A multi-media presentation of traditional clothes and adornment. beautiful objects—carpets, cloaks, woven belts, necklaces of amber and coral, silver brooches.

Berber women wore intensely decorative clothing

With a geometrical twist reminded me of Calissons d'Aix candies.

And layered effects just like the Haribo bonbon stand at Odeon.

Over at the musee arts Decoratif the Drees Van Notan exhibit (extended through Nov 2) has it's Moroccan and bonbon tendencies.

Pattern on pattern, embroidery and sparkle thrown on top.

Rock influences and a slew of contemporary painters plus other fashion designers are on display at Decoratif.

Vivenne Westwood's famous 'Happy' hat for Pharrell Williams.

Dior's 1947 New Look will be forever, shown here again next to a Yves Klein blue nude.

Pinched-in waists

Were picked up and carried on when YSL took over the Dior Maison.

The forever bow/noed at the waist

More baubles and beads 

Cherry red dresses remind me of...the July Paris Sketch letter and eating cherries nonstop for a month to get in the mood.
Yesterday robsmelbatoast asked,
"Paris Letters? Do tell please!"
You can read all about it on Etsy. Meanwhile I'm playing with my new yellow La Poste truck. Someone is "going postal'!


  1. Annabelle4:02 AM

    LOVE, love, love your fashion posts!!
    To die for lush.

  2. Nice! Glad to hear that you're back on three feet and tripping the light fantastic!
    Another YSL/Maroc connection: the Yves Klein nude is painted Majorelle Bleu, the intense blue invented by Jacques Majorelle for his famous garden in Marrakech (now owned and operated by the YSL-Pierre Berge Foundation). The architectural features in the Jardin Majorelle are all painted that color. Although Majorelle took the secret formula for Majorelle Bleu with him to heaven when he died, Yves Klein is well known for having come up with the closest match.

  3. Love your fashion aquarelles..Esp.TM 1979 robe de soir..Love those high necks..and that lovely YSL rouge.Ther's a bow..what's not to love?
    But the last ..the girl looks like she is holding a beautiful bunch of cerises..she is:)Did you do the tower?

    Is Souvenir a stamp?It's perfect!

    1. Yes it's the Cavalini rubber stamp and the July Paris Sketch letter !

  4. Of course you know that I love your fashion posts, too! Merci!

  5. FANTASTIC !!! KEEP IT UP !!! LOVE IT ! Looking forward to more ! Your sketches are soooo FUN !!! Wonderful !!! Wish I were there too! So glad you can share all of this with us! Have Fun!!!

  6. What a feast for the eyes! I always like seeing what you see.

  7. I LOVED the Dries Van Noten expo, and was also moved to sketch to Dior ensemble from 1947. What beauty, what glamour, and what a hoot to see it combined with the Yves Klein blue work. And what fun to see your mind wander from fashion to Haribos. Merci!

  8. You draw a shoe like nobody's business.

    1. I was a shoe designer for gawd knows how many years Bugs

  9. I follow Parisbreakfast, it is about time I subscribe to your letters. I so enjoy visiting Paris through your eyes.

  10. Rosemary Flannery11:11 AM

    really gorgeous sketches Carol, bravo, magnifique!

  11. Lovely sketches of fashion and SHOES! And, I do love to see where your thoughts end up when you attend these events - from fromage to fashion! It's all fun when I'm here at my home and you're in PARIS!!!! I'll be there next year so that's okay!

    Mary in Oregon

  12. Jacquelyn10:32 PM

    FABULOUS,MAGNIFIQUE....BON! YSL really put African colors/some styles.... on the Euro map

  13. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Mmmmmm... candies in Paris letters... theres an idea! Your sketches - truly divine.

  14. You really outdid yourself on these photos and sketches :) Very, very colorful; the available light ones are almost abstractions - very nice!

  15. Carol, these shows look like great fun to visit. Thank you for taking us stay-at-homes there via your very fine photos and truly marvelous drawings. I can definitely tell that your feeling for shoes is still going strong.


  16. thank you for these posts!!!


  17. Tina M2:49 PM

    I so LOVE this post, the sketches, watercolor work, and presentation; it feels like I"m there in person!
    Beautiful images, fabulously vibrant and so alive..., a real joy to read. :-)
    Thank You,

  18. Oh my! So many things to love at the Dries exhibit! Wish I could see it in person!!!


  19. I love seeing through your artistic eyes, Carol. Now, who would have thought about Calissons with the dress shape?


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