Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Les Temps des Cerises - July Letter

It's been pouring cats and dogs in Paris the past 5 days. I got drenched head to toe yesterday and decided it's time to graduate to one crutch/bequille and one umbrella instead of two crutches and NO umbrella.
Meanwhile inside it's been raining cherries/cerises for the July sketch letter. If you want to see the full art please visit Etsy. Some people like to be surprised.
The cherry guy at marché Bastille was wearing a pairs of joined cherries on his ear and giving them out liberally.
Coco Jobard sent me this picture of the perfect heart-shaped Summit cerise she found at La Grand Epicerie. They arrive after the Burlat and remain for the rest of the season. Juicy and sweet.
I've always been a cherry fan. As a kid I used to bite into each cherry and check the color inside. The blacker the better. Here they're called 'Noir'.
Don't wash your cherries before stashing in the fridge (in a plastic bag) if you have any left to stash.  Wash just before eating. Cherries are easy to freeze but the pitting is no fun.
Dalloyau made a nice fuss over cherries this month.
Natch I went to check them out.
The tarte had my name on it but I thought the religieuese would be different. Crunchy on the outside and creamy, custardy inside with more intense cherry in the middle. Nice but I should have gone with the straight up cherry tarte. C'est la vie.
Spritz yourself in Guerlain's Cherry Blossom perfume(200€) least at the BHV counter.
I was so focused on the white rabbit I completely missed N2 Nérédies nice red cherry earrings at Galeries Lafayette.
If your going nuts over cherries why not a shirt full of them? I found this in a thrift last year. I hope I wear it some time.
This bag is at BHV right now(15 euros) for cherry nuts. Hurry up!
For the winter months there's always Haribo jelly cherries. Not as tasty as the real thing but in a pinch.
I stopped in the cute bistro Les Temps des Cerises for lunch (formule 14.50€) and they were serving cherry clafoutis for dessert. Very yum
31 Rue de la Cerisaie, 75004
For subscribers whose 6-month sketch letters are up after this month, there's a bonus watercolor (approximately 4" x 6") waiting to go out to you when you re-subscribe.
Just let me know
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I hope you're all eating lots of cherries rain or shine!


  1. Oh! Bistro Les Temps des Cerises! I dragged a friend there in 2007 on the recommendation of an old boyfriend who used hang out there! Nice to see something familiar! I think they've gotten fancier since then but nice to see it still looks the same!

    1. I forgot my ipad camera :(
      I'll go back and take pictures. Not so fancy price-wise I didn't think
      Very cute décor and good solid bistro food imho.

  2. my first comment here....

    so sorry you are on crutches! -sigh- -sigh- -sigh- -sigh- -sigh-

    but your photos and words are very delicious, even if you are "traveling under duress".

    gentle hugs,
    (upper north east of us)

    1. Thank you Tessa
      but I'm over the worst of it. No more cast or gladiator boot.
      And now I have a free hand for umbrellas. What more could you ask for?

  3. I am loving the added stamps on les aquarelles..I've always loved that!
    How cute are those earrings?
    I am afraid my lobes would hang to my shoulders now though..Big mistake when you get your ears pierced in your teens..make sure they pierce them HIGH.
    Alice is so cute..
    Wear that shirt tomorrow!
    Un beau coeur la cerise de Coco.
    Cute bistro..and the pastries..I would have picked #2 je pense.
    I have been enamoured with your cherry art since day one..~

  4. Everything you do is SOOOOO polished and perfected, Carol. So French and completely delightful!

  5. We were in that rain last week & were looking for you but no luck. My daughter & I stayed at an apartment on Quai Bourbon. We also were in Provence & Giverny. A wonderful trip!

    1. Haha...reminds me I once went looking for Sarah Turnbull of ALMOST FRENCH on rue Montorguiel...

  6. I have made cherry clafoutis for many years - Julia Child's recipe. Now when I have a bounty I freeze cherries whole - so much easier to pit thawed - and to have in the deep part of winter. My favorite flavor though is pear clafoutis marinated in a little gran marnier.
    Wear the blouse! It will cheer(ry) you up!

  7. Rain ,rain, go away, come again another day (childhood chant ) but as always you've managed to bring colour and humour into your post. Love all your cherry paintings.

  8. Love the idea of a straight-up cherry tart!
    Cherries are more or less all picked around here, though. Apricots from the Danube Wachau Valley are coming in now. "Rose Apricots" - you'd love them!
    Pushing some of our blue blue sky over to Paris,

  9. Le Temps des Cerises was one of the "hot" restaurants a couple of years ago. What a great name---did you eat something with cherries? I've always preferred tart cherries, but maybe I should try some other varieties, non? And I agree with the commenter who said wear the shirt today!

  10. Carol, excuses for not commenting more - and a huge, huge THANK YOU for this July Cherry Letter..... :)
    I have two cherry trees in my garden here next to Paris and I didn't have one single cherry... the birds had them all and when they were really ripe I was abroad - shame.... and the problem of course is that the branches of cherry trees are extremely instable, they break at the least occasion so one has to be utterly careful when approaching the 'récolte'....
    I do love them so and your Paris Letter looks delightful!
    Wishing you a lovely summer - it will get better again, I know it!!!!! :)

  11. That bistro is just gorgeous. I am jealous of your rain. Southern California is desperate for rain.


  12. I caught a glimpse of the July sketch and WOW... best one yet.

  13. Carol, I brought home some delicious cherries from the Union Square farmers market yesterday. There are still just a few in my fridge, saved to savor later on today.

    Lots of rain here yesterday evening. Humidity reigns today.

    I do like the look of that cherry blouse. Do wear it! xo

  14. i love cherries just few days ago i made a souce for vanilla choccolate ice cream let some very sweet boiling with a little brown sugar untill juice is like syrup...amazing add some sponge or fingers biscuits and chantilly on top the dessert is ready!!}

  15. French Girl11:58 AM

    Ouha... I love the July newsletter...
    It s very nice!
    After the strawberries ... The cherries!
    Ha ha ha!
    The post today is perfect
    Le temps des cerises is also a jeans brand!

  16. Margarete12:17 PM

    What a delicious post!!! Glad that you are on the mend getting out and about a little better. I've been buying cherries like crazy over here. (Canada) They were quite expensive last week but this week are on special. I carefully work my way through the piles and pick only the dark, hard cherries that I know will deliver a good satisfying crunch when I bite in. Now is the time to enjoy them and savour eat drop of that deliciousness and then sadly say adieu until next year

  17. Great looking cherries!!
    Your view out the window looks nice, rain or not......good luck with the foot!

  18. Carol,wow(!) these cherries have me drooling!(and your sketches captured them perfectly!) Cherry season here at last! Yay! Like you,we love them fresh
    and(always) in patisserie(YUM)but I also make sauces with them(my favorite is with roast duck).
    The pictures from your window are wonderful!Also of the many great places you visit to eat!
    Thank You!

  19. I got my letter today! Love it, love it, love it. The cherries like balloons are especially charming. Thank you!

  20. Wowsers is all Buster and I can say!
    Cherry time here too but not nearly as super as in PARS!


  21. What a gorgeous July sketch and great photos!
    The kitchenware company OXO sells great pitters, we can get them in NL so you might find them in Paris too. Handy for clafoutis making!

  22. Oooh your cherry July letter looks scrumptious!!! Lucky readers!!


  23. It's cherry season here, too and I'm overindulging. This is not always a good thing. Let's just say, I eat my cherries in bulk, in private and stay out of crowds until -- well, until the cherry effect has passed. I don't care. They are SO good. I must take a page from your sketchbook and give sketching my batch a try! It is the best season ever!


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