Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gifts from a Broad

Good things come to those who wait.

Well if your leg's in a cast you'll be doing a lot of waiting.

The lovely boxes that turned up on my doorstep were much appreciated while I was house-bound. Every single Japanese stamp ever created was on this box from Kat.

Kat blogs about what she eats. We were chatting how rare Yuzu is in Paris. Kat decided she must send me some yuzu jam and candies. Out of this world wonderful! Arigato Kat!!
I can't bare to toss the box or the paper bits inside...
 From 365 Creative Dresses blog.Too perfect no?
Visiting French friends wanted me to immediately put on the chocolate masque from 365. Hello?
And the packing envelope is perfect to paint washes on top of. 365/Jeanie says I'm like a cat or a kid, more interested in playing with the box then what's inside. Haha
PB reader Emily formerly from New York came by. When I showed her a weird French bulb I've been carrying around  in my purse for MONTHS she insisted on finding it for me! WOW
Emily returned with the bulb and her ebonyist friend who, like a surgeon, repaired and replaced the bulb. 
Grand Merci Emily and P !!! Tres gentil.
From Chris and Steve in California I received a Marie-Antoinette pillow (for Bear) and great wads of American Kleenex, which is surprisingly much better than the French stuff, when you're painting watercolors. Who knew?
Brought me cherries that got the cherry painting obsession rolling.
Coco (looking like she stepped out of a Vermeer at my desk) asked what she could bring over?
As soon as I mentioned I was dreaming of Picard's little pots of lait d'amande ice cream, Coco finished my sentence. She too is addicted and also eats 2 tiny pots at one go. Coco arrived with SIX pots of almond ice cream! WOW! I never eat the griottes/cherries in kirsch inside. Coco being from Franche-Comté, where les cerises griottes are made and much prized got doubles.
My gift to myself -this haul of Monop salades YUM
I have to buy good supportive running shoes by next Wednesday or my PT/kine will whoop me upside the head. Never having worn these before, you kind advice is sought dear PBers.
THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your suggestions, stories and tips during my healing. You've been just wonderful!!!
As Kat's card says"Enjoy Life" ;))


  1. What fantastic friends you have. I too am looking for some comfy shoes/trainers for walking, which I need to do, to help my back heal . I've never worn trainers as they hurt my heal, but those you showed look like they don't come high up on the heal.

    1. it's just a picture from Google images.
      I'm clueless too...

  2. Tenderness.
    All the way.
    Love it.

  3. Diane DS4:05 PM

    Friends' are so fortunate...and now ...thanks to Coco...i will start eating LAIT D'ALMONDS...yikes..I've always looked at Picard as if it were a best favorite thing is PERLE DE LAIT YOGHURT, COCONUT FLAVOR...on fresh strawberries for breakfast. It's made by Yoplait...

    1. I eat Perle de lait nature everyday...
      Now I must try the Coco!
      it must only be the 2 little pots that come in a set.
      Not the box of lait d'amande's not as good and has almond bits in it...
      too sweet too :(

  4. On the shoe front: all that matters is that it's comfortable for walking for miles--and that it suits its purpose...walking on granite sidewalks...and speeding across cobblestones...
    Make sure the TREADS suit this purpose and have a lot of grip and grab so that you power past the Louvre and can quickly walk down steps without a concern about a slip...look to the treads first, oh, and the heels...are they stabilizing your stance, and how does the feel of the heel as it hits the ground feel right.
    I just bought a couple new pairs...New Balance, very simple style, classic...and had to try on many shoes to find the right one.
    Look also for padded that it is soft on the top of your foot...

    you'll find a great pair in Paris

    1. GREAT advice on the shoes Diane!!!
      You're the TOP
      Me thinks my racing around days are over. Not taking chances any more!!
      Except in the pool :)

    2. Yes...the word is TREADS...
      Check them out before you do anything...
      some of them really GRIP and others are useless...
      Also, heel support...nice and tight and no heel or ankle...

  5. glad you enjoyed it :) take care!

  6. Seriously, you need to find a store that will watch how you walk, and recommend the right shoes for you. They make all the difference. I have a very high arch, a straight walk, with no protenating. Nike Air suit me very well, but other brands not at all. It is a matter of trying on many pairs. You'll know the right ones when you put them on in the store. I even wear men's once in a while---the colors are less pukey---and they fit fine if you get the right brand. The right brand is whatever is best for you. Jeff swears by MBTs and before that he loved Mephistos which hurt my feet.

    1. Oh boy ! Complicado
      I wonder if there's a place in Paris where you can returnthem?

    2. MBTs?
      I suppose they must have shops like that here...since FOOTING is so popular people must care about fit.

    3. Mephistos were started as a French company, so they are all over town. The MBT store is at 5, rue de l'Odeon. Also there is a store on rue Cler, not sure of the name, and "Conforts Pieds Sensibles" near Hotel d'Ville.

  7. And absolutely save the stickers on top of the Japanes jam jars!!!
    Don't know how anyone could tell much about your walk with the cast on! But that is how the best shoes are fitted. I can tell you that if you have very narrow heels (my problem) the brand that fits best is Ryka. Funny that a French Physical Therapist would know anything about "hitting upside of your head". Perhaps that is not how she put it....? :-)

  8. I have a hard time with sneakers, as we Americans say. On much advise I ordered a pair of New Balance and have been thrilled ... So thrilled, I ordered the same second pair in case they quit making them.

    I'm sure there is a New Balance store in Paris. Mine are 990's and the top of the line for a reason. They are so comfortable.

    Good luck and congrats on your progress.

  9. Looks like you're doing alright!
    You have some really great friends :)

  10. Like the cheeky Groucho-esque title, & your watercolors capture French insouciance to a T. As for shoes - it is tempting to live barefoot on a tropical island to avoid them. Best wishes!

    1. I already live on an ISLAND...just nor very tropical. Going bare foot on Ile Saint Louis could be treacherous indeed :)

  11. New Balance are not pricy and have good support

  12. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Regarding sensible shoes--my podiatrist recommends
    * New Balance of *Brooks "Addiction". They have
    straight lasts which he says are important. I hope you
    heal quickly.

  13. Anonymous11:08 AM

    The last post should have read *New Balance OR *
    Brooks "Addiction"

  14. Emily returned with the bulb and her ebonyist friend who, like a surgeon, repaired and replaced the bulb.

    I do know the term Ebenist -which in Quebec is a woodworker. What is an ebonyist?

    1. Oh I can't spell to save my life. You got it!

  15. I wear Nike Free shoes often because they are so light. Never in white though, always black or with fun colors.
    Yes, your friends are just amazing.

    1. NK YOU Marilyn !!!

      Very helpful for a non-runner type

  16. It appears that you have been very well cared for during your recuperation.

  17. Another wonderful post,Carol!Especially like the message on Kat's card to ENJOY LIFE!!
    Wonderful words!
    You have good friends to share life with!
    (Is that CoCo Jobard who looks like a Vermeer?)
    I need support shoes and switch from New Balance to San Antonio Shoes (can buy them mail order).Both are great.
    Really like Michelle's Italian ones but no way could I get my tootsies in there(!)

  18. It's now been 8 weeks since my broken wrist - (seems like last week -) Time Flies - It will for you, too, Carol !
    You have many dear friends - some from as far away as Japan; you will be amazed how quickly your foot will heal and you will be out and about before you realize it!

    Love your watercolors, love your writing, and love reading others' comments, too!

    Mary in Oregon

  19. Yep, you've some phenomenal friends! I'm sure you knew that before the caravan of gifts began . . . but extra nice to be reminded in this way!

  20. What amazing friends - and even going out to get that halogen bulb? I wonder if Emily could find me one too - I keep forgetting to replace one in the kitchen and use a lamp instead! Lazy, eh?

    Good luck on the change tomorrow and with the new shoes. Hopefully you'll be running around again in no time, Carol. BTW, love that almond ice cream too, but that's coz of the macarons in it. Well, no. It's the boozy cherries, really. Chocolate mask? Looks decadent. Yes, enjoy life! Well said.

  21. P.S. That title had me in stitches.

  22. Good afternoon all, glad to find this website interesting as ..

  23. Glad you're getting some treats! You deserve it after the bother of being housebound!!!


  24. With a little help from your many friends around the world, I'm glad to know you are making a speedy recovery. The Nike shoes actually look pretty good. I understand they have finally come out with a pair of walking shoes that do not look like you are wearing boats on your feet and are very light weight and comfy. This may very well be a pair of those. I recently bought a pair of very comfy shoes by Reiker that are great for walking, light weight leather, and without a big blaring logo on the side.

  25. Nice page and i like blogwalking

  26. "Good things come to those who wait." In my French class we were given the proverbe:
    "Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre." (I have a class in Rockland these days with a great teacher from France.) (You should come to Rockland for David's class this year ~ just kidding...Maybe David & the folks should come to you in Paris!) PS Is that boite aux lettres a toy or a coin bank? I'm curious how much it is...As you would say, I "covet" it!


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