Friday, July 18, 2014

Le 68 Guy Martin Tea Time

On Wednesday I took my Angel of Paris, OK one of many, Rosemary Flannery to tea
At the newish Le 68 Guy Martin at Guerlain 68, Champs-Elysees
While upstairs they're creating all kinds of beauty magique
Downstairs at Le 68 you can taste magique
The restaurant and tea area is fashioned in the style of fabulous 40s artist Christian Berard.
He painted the doors up on the second floor
Plus his fashion sketches are well represented at the 50s Galliera exhibit.
The dining salon is elegant
But first do stop for a look in the pastry case.
To make a big study.
Of what's on for the day.
Decisions do not come easy here
Miam Miam (yum yum)
It was so hot out I got the terrific bubbly water you can only find in Paris' best restaurants, Chateldon.
Here Rosemary demonstrates how to drink it. Her divine shirt is from Anne Fonataine by the way. She got the Shalimar tea from the Guerlain perfumed tea menu.
Choices, choices.I decided, being the dessert expert, we should share three pastries and a few caramels.
The 'Petite robe noir' was the most intensely chocolatey dessert I've tasted in a long time. Again, as in most of the best Paris desserts, sugar was barely noticable.
The tarte citron was right up there with all the top prize winners in my opinion. Love the Italian meringue topping that is practically melted marshmallow.
You're surrounded by wonderful 50s artwork At Guerlain. A good place to come after visiting the 50s show at Palais Galliera and only one Metro station away on the No.9 to Franklin Roosevelt.
Post-tea you can buy a 50s arty postcards to send to a friend or yourself at Guerlain's own postbox and with Guerlain's own signature stamp for all of 3,50 euros and perfumed before sending out. Our tea cost all of 32 euros for two. A terrific bargain in this town. A well-kept secret. No reservations required for tea time at Le 68 Guy Martin, though lunch and dinner are packed.
All around a delicious and arty experience. Do visit.


  1. I have enjoyed every blog you have written. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  2. gold leaf on the lemon divine...
    I love VEGA perfume and some of the really old ones (VOL DE NUIT is one of the greats...).
    How fabulous...and I adore Guy Martin...wonderful.
    I must go there...

  3. I too love the gold leaf..your aquarelle and Rosemary's top!:)

  4. Guy Martin! His influences are perfect. This was a very "pinnable" post.

    1. Parisbreakfast8:41 AM

      Very pristine
      I love his designs

  5. Thank you, Carol, for the most elegant treat I have had in Paris in a long time! Beautiful surroundings and delicious desserts all shared with a lovely friend. Merci beaucoup, Rosemary

  6. I am once again inspired to paint my dessert. The stripes on the tarte match Rosemary's stripes. Jolie!

  7. I love to go with someone that will share tea, but I have to say the lemon would have been my fave. I like trying a little taste of everything.

    btw, I now receive your post the same day you post.


  8. Another feast for the senses, merci beaucoup, Carol!
    Overly sweet pastries are a waste of calories, what better way to sin than the French way.

  9. Great post! Going on the list of places to go next visit. I'll be it will be lovely at Christmas time, too! Love Rosemary's blouse! Stripes and ruffles---perfect.

  10. I feel an urge to paint all the doors in my house a la Christian Berard!
    What ever am I looking at in the 4th pastry sticks out of the round white cup and looks like a medicinal capsule?? It's in other shots, too. Some kind of syrup that you pour out? A lolly?

    1. Those are verrines - little desserts in little glasses. There is a little squeezie thing maybe with rumor fruit coulis sticking out of it.

  11. Another one for my growing list!

  12. Anne K9:24 PM

    Oh my goodness. Thank you!!!!!!

  13. LuLu LoLo9:27 PM

    how fabulous does this place look--next time. LL

  14. Barbara K9:29 PM

    Where did Rosemary get her great chemise?

  15. Love your opening sketch and the fabulous photos from inside the Guy Martin store.
    The 50s artwork is great, too!

  16. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Carol, your posts and art have nourished me for some years now. I just subscribed to your Paris letters and each one is delicious and inspiring. I feel as if I am sharing your own intimate and individual love of this wonderful city and all the life it can barely contain. Thank you for the photos, the paintings, the viewpoint that is uniquely yours. I love the Paris letters!--Nora M

    1. THANK YOU Nora M!!!!
      Wow nice ;))

    2. Paris Letters? Do tell please!

    3. The Paris Sketch letters are monthly illustrated letters posted from Paris and in my shop on Etsy. Links are on the blog and in the sidebar

  17. Dear Dessert Expert~
    Top notch~ as always.

  18. What a treat to visit vicariously! I'll put it on my "must do" for next trip!

  19. Anonymous11:50 AM

    OH MY! Now an 'excuse' to spend even more time at that heavenly place! I rank this Guerlain with the museums of Paris for its beauty and history (and crowds haha!) Thank you so much for taking us to this tea, Carol ... Best, anne-craig

  20. Those doors are in-cred-ible!!!!! That and the meringue have put this place on my list for my next Paris trip! :-)


  21. Anonymous2:49 AM

    This is a divine post. Mouthwatering. Rosemary's shirt prefect. Thank you for the introduction to Christian Berard. x

  22. Love this place. Now that's an address for teatime, indeed, followed by a spray of Shalimar. Decadently delicious.


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