Sunday, February 02, 2014

Rupunzelle - French Hair

What are they wearing in Paris? You’re wondering.
Very simple. HAIR.
Lots of it.
Morning, noon
And night. You can not go wrong with long straightish hair.
Injections for your hair? Why not?
Or curly? Doesn't matter.
If your hair is on the short, thin side, extend it with a matching fluffy fur collar.
Even if it is long a fur collar can't hurt. Divide it into 3rds so you're covered fore and aft.
Long hair as insulation UNDER your scarf.
Tousled ringlets? Perfect for your wedding. I hope to hit this show today.
I hope to see this movie too next week. Have you seen The Book Thief.
Loads of hair is nothing new in Paris. Degas painted it in red. Matisse owned it.
Little French girls get a head start growing their tresses for future benefits. I'll never catch up. I've got short locks from the get go. Wanna be a French girl? Grow your hair till you can sit on it. Or get a small long-haired pet to carry around as a substitute. 
C’est comme ça.


  1. Never had long hair, most girls who do are continually stuffing if behind their ears ,or twiddling with it. Short & neat always looks smart.

  2. Pressed publish too soon, great photos, and the painted sketch is great.

  3. Lucille B1:42 PM

    The French seem to have very good hair!
    Is it the water or genes or treatments I wonder...

  4. My hair has gotten way too long in the last year~
    Oh well..

    Cute to see the Starbucks sign.. my of them ..quite likes it..I just made some cookies of Starbucks w/ an Italian recipe that turned out well..

    Love your hair Barbara..all natural and your length..Carol too..
    Maybe one day..
    After all I am totally over the hill~For all

    Aquarelle is so cute..the poses of the right~

  5. Carol, we had some warmer weather today, and I got to leave my hat a home. Not quite a good hair day, but so much closer than the days of January.

    HAIR, give me hair, etc. Remember seeing that show in its first B'way week, when Hair was a political statement.

    Well, now I am fortunate to have a Sassoon trained stylist who knows how to give me a bob that conceals lots of my fine hair, cow licks, etc. challenges.

    This same stylist is an expert in the art of extensions.

    Over here in NYC, there doesn't seem to be such a current hair length/style trend.

    This week Laduree will open just over the W B'way from the shop. Hoping that the newcomer to the Soho neighborhood will flourish.


    1. Oh I have wretched fine hair too ;((
      A nightmare amidst all the ponytails here..

  6. Great pics. Thanks for the "heads up."
    Nice looking models that you found!

  7. Oh, I love that post - very good observation talents here.... I can't go out much in this foggy weather, my curly hair looks within seconds as if I had put my fingers in the power socket... LOL (that's what my son used to say when he was small.... or: Mum, you look like a parsley plant....)

  8. Hair!!! I have eavesdropped on woman-to-woman conversations at restaurants both high and low. And every conversation involved something about hair! It's such an issue for us!
    I am closer to acceptance of my fine, super-straight, wispy locks but I think that is because I don't get out much in my retirement! :-)

  9. All that hair! Easy way out---short hair requires more maintenance but less "product." The poster is for "The Book Thief," and I'm reading the book right now. 75% of the way and I'm wondering what is so special about it.


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