Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Andre Le Notre in Perspective Exhibition, Versailles

If you're going to  move to a part of town.

Where every building has a plaque declaring it was build in the 17th century.

You better dive into the deep end of French histoire. Particularly architectural history of Louis XIV. Last Saturday I went to see the soon-ending exhibit of Andre Le Notre in Perspective at Versailles. It’s just a 20 minute TER train ride from Gare Montparnasse.

Andre Le Notre was the son of the former king's gardener.

He was a great deal more than a gardener.

He plotted each jardin à la Francaise on a grand scale.

Saturday was a lovely, sunny day with few crowds at Versailles.

Andre Le Notre was born right in the Tuileries gardens.

Does it get more perfect than that?

The exhibit is large and detailed.

Louis XIV on a charging horse.

I wondered if I should be painting PBers astride galloping horses?

Quite an impressive man, Andre Le Notre. He amassed a huge collection of art as well as studying 5 years with painter Simon Vouet.

Have they saved ever line he drew ✏️ 

Witty topiary sketches. The man worked 7-days a week as artists tend to do.

Enfin the gift shop! One needs a few 17th century items doesn't one?

Lovely garden mats for a mere 5 euros.

An irresistible plate only 11 euros.

We resisted the Marie-Antoinette T-shirt but very mignon we thought.

To-die-for cups but they were 29 euros... triste

The town of Versailles offers plenty of temptations

Gateaux M-A could have munched on.

A bombe aux marrons !

Gorgeous macaron boxes that double as décor non? Back in Paris scented candle-maker Diptych had topiary in their vitrines...to swoon for. I think I'm entering my 17th century obsession period.


  1. Gorgeous!
    You get to seenthe best things. Thanks for sharing

  2. Yes get out the fan and the hoops and go all out 17th C!!!

  3. Love, love, love! This might be my favorite of all your posts---so far. Can you have them hold over the exhibit until April?

  4. Carol, Whenever you share your trip to a museum I know what a treat it will be; you would make a wonderful Museum guide! A post I adored., subject matter and your choice of views to share,
    and yes, 17th is the pinnacle!

  5. ps you might just have to go back for a tee, I think you should have one; and I hope you did succumb to a plate or two!

    1. ;))
      I so easily succumbed to 1 plastic plate, 2 mats and matching paper napkins.
      Then I bought a pastry box at the Patisserie (3€) with scenes of Versailles on it.
      Happy as a clam.

  6. I am in complement agreement with you on the cups - both that I must have one and that I am scandalized by the price; therefore I will not have one!
    Where do those fab raspberries come from this time of year - from Chile like ours? Only much more premium looking...

    1. There is probably a part of France equidistant with Chile...

  7. I love your photos :)
    The doorway with the plaque, the fabulous shot down the Metro steps, and the last shot, where the green just shouts at you.
    I love the exhibit shots, too - perfect photos......

  8. You always make me go back and take a second look ;))

  9. Jeanne in Paris11:57 PM

    I've always loved Le Notre. The precision, the geometry of the gardens, his drawings. Just very appealing to me!

    1. interesting.
      They are hard for me to wrap my head around. I think I prefer the British messy way of Gertrude Jekyll...the wilder, free gardens and wild flowers too.

  10. Hemingway12:49 AM

    You're taking the best photos I've ever seen from you now!

  11. fantastic piece on Versailles and Le Notre! Love love love it. Yes 17th century. Bring it on!

  12. Sally in PA9:40 AM

    That green in the last picture! Longing for spring in snowy PA.

  13. Love le Notre's work and the garden he designed at Vaux le Vicomte - wasn't it the garden Louis was so jealous of that he stole le Notre to design Versailles?

  14. Nice to linger in the 17th century for awhile. Just don't trip on those long dresses and remember to carry your

  15. Lynne C1:04 PM

    Loved this set..the topiary pictures are amusing...the mugs are super...and of course the desserts....I

  16. Carolyn12:50 AM

    Carol, you must stop tempting me with the photos of the tarte aux framboises. I am truly getting desperate to have one. Love your post today. Love le Notre! Born in Tuileries gardens???? In a basket by the lavender? :))))) (Did you catch the right train :)

    1. I took the real train from the train station not the wrong RER going the wrong way when we went together. takes 20 minutes. But there is one that takes just 13. I missed that one.
      No lines!!!

  17. All I can say is that I am soooo happy I had some raspberries in my refrigerator after reading your blog!!

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  19. This have been a real tour of France, your pictures are so beautiful !!!!!!!!! <3


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