Friday, February 14, 2014

Bonne Saint-Valentin

Bonne Saint-Valentin PBers !
Kiss kiss


More kisses
Covering your brollie/parapluie
It was raining this morning but that didn't stop a passerby admiring.
Pink meringue whipped cream hearts at Les Merveilles rue Monge.
More international kissing in Paris vs. New York
Red mini cars about to kiss in Paris.
Not all Valentines hearts are happy, happy.
Some celebrate their broken condition in chocolate.
Hmmm...some broken hearts are full of vengeance.
Some hearts are like an artichoke, hidden, layered.
On a happier note his and her or her and her or him and him matching LO-VE T-shirts.
With matching photos.
Nothing complicated about these heart-shaped desserts.
Miam miam
Repetto red shoes for the special day.
And for Spot? Matching baskets to wear in the rain or when ever from Dog And The City.
Only in Paris.


  1. Love today's post, Carol! I'm very interested to hear about Les Merveilles on rue Monge that you have featured. We own a place on rue Monge, but I'm not familiar with this shop and am wondering if it's the new place we saw under construction when we were last there in October. Is it on the west side of the street between Cardinal Lemoine and Pl. Monge?? It looks fabulous!!

    1. West side, east side I don't know. But heading up rue Monge away from St.Germain it's on your right. The 47 bus stop is right in front.

    2. Ah, I found it! 2 rue Monge. It's not the shop I was thinking (hoping!), but it's still not far from our place. I'll check them out next month. Thanks Carol!

  2. How beautiful, all these Valentines from Paris, merci!
    (Autocorrect insists on mercy - maybe they are right?)

    I wonder if the topping of the pink meringue whipped cream hearts at Les Merveilles rue Monge is made of those little pearls that pop so deliciously on one's tongue.

    Happy Valentine's Day from Vienna,

    1. Now that was an adorable CAPTCHA today! :-)

    2. It's a good idea to turn off the most annoying auto-correct in settings.
      The stuff on top is flakes of cherry-flavored white chocolate.
      They're doing it in the window so I know ;))

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Very Fun post today, Carol!

  4. Love your pretty. Thank you!!

  5. And your beautiful Valentine to Paris continues strong! Thank you, Carol!

  6. Toi aussi..!

    Super cute ton billet!

  7. Love all of those bright pinks!
    I hope that you had a great V-Day!

  8. Your water colors, photos, wit are by far the best!

  9. Doggie lace-ups? You are so right, Carol. Only in Paris!! x Katie

  10. Great post today. Love the kissing cars.

  11. Janice3:44 PM

    The French are so wise and such good marketers - covering all the facets of love.

  12. Lynne S8:31 AM

    I think you need Repetto ballet flats for Paris trip....might they come in orange.

    1. Repettos come in every color of the rainbow!


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